An Earache in a child without fever — what to do and why this is happening

What to do when there is ear pain without fever in a child?

Shooting and aching sensations in the ears of a child can bring extreme discomfort, because children experience ear disease is much worse than adults. Therefore, if your child has an Earache, but no fever, should establish the cause of the disease immediately.

The pain can cause otitis media, insect bite or a complication of viral diseases. In all cases, it is impossible to ignore the disease, and should start treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise pain can cause more serious inflammations, and the baby will often sulk and cry.

How to understand about the pain the baby

In children, pain in the ears appear for many reasons. The main sign is often the anatomical structure of the auricle and meatus. It is known that the Eustachian tube that connects the cavity middle ear and nasopharynx in children is still not fully formed. Therefore, through the cavity in a kid’s body and plenty of germs that cause not only inflammation of the nasal cavity, but also on the ear.

If a baby has no fever, to calm down early, as this symptom may occur with otitis external ear or in the case of such serious disease, as perforation of the eardrum or inflammation of the lymph nodes. To ignore the disease is strictly prohibited, otherwise you can deprive the baby of the ability to hear.

Due to age restrictions, very small children cannot tell parents about a new pain. So they start screaming and hysterically crying. Figure parents what happened to the baby is possible by means of palpation. Gently touching the head and ears of the baby, it is easy to touch the tragus. If the baby cry you can understand about the beginning of the inflammatory process in the ear.

The delay in this case is impossible. Urgently consult a specialist and start the course of treatment.

Help with pain

Before you begin the procedure of drug therapy, it is necessary to establish the cause of pain. Mindlessly taking the medications and drops can be dangerous, therefore, analyze the state of the baby.

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Often the causes of ear pain in a child without fever is hypothermia, a disease of the nose or throat, the formation of otitis media.

In some cases, the cause of the pain is in the stagnant fluid in the ear canal. This happens most often after bathing.

Therefore, young parents are often reminded about the importance of wiping the baby after a shower or bath.

In addition, inspect the ear on their own. Can be in the ear canal hit a small object that caused the pain. And often you have to be a teething in newborn babies. Do not leave this matter unattended and, if necessary, administer first aid kid yourself.

However, to diagnose the child should not be alone. In any case, the baby should see the doctor.

In some cases, a visual inspection is not enough. In this case, be prepared to be screened with audiometry and blood research.

Injury ears

If the pain is a result of injury or insect bite, the doctor quickly get ahead of the problem and prescribe rinsing the affected area with Miramistin or Chlorhexidine.

It is important to wash the bite every day, otherwise the injured area to become inflamed and appear purulent discharge.

In this situation, the pain and the inflammation may move to an auditory canal, thus triggering more serious illness.


Often the outside of the vehicle is set cerumen. The excess tube can be eliminated in several ways. If the allocation of soft construction to bring the sulfur by putting Remo-Wax.

If the problem is more serious, you need to clean the ear salt solution or furatsilina. To do this at home is only permitted to adults, so the formation of sulphur deposits from a baby, it is best to consult an otolaryngologist.

Getting a foreign object

If you have found a home in your baby’s ear with the insect in the first place, it is necessary to kill.

Otherwise there is a risk that it will creep further down the aisle, bringing severe pain to the child. So first of all in the ear you need to enter any antiseptic or even water with dissolved soap.

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After the insect is killed, you must remove it with the tweezers.

If by the time he slipped deep into the ear canal, you should immediately contact the nearest emergency room.

These causes are quite common and eliminate them without leaving the house. But if the area of the ear was swollen and red, but the temperature is normal, inspect the child’s teeth. May be cutting the first teeth. Then you should help your child through this period. Strongly calm him down, lull, and in any case do not yell while crying. If the pain becomes unbearable give your child painkillers based on paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Runny nose

It is important to inspect the area of the nasopharynx, as even a common cold can cause severe pain. The kids in the most part do not know how to vysmarkivatsya and sucked the mucus back into the nasal passages. They fall into the Eustachian tube and clog the ducts. At this time, the baby can experience a sense of stuffiness and pain in the middle part of the ear.

To eliminate these symptoms drip into the baby’s nose vasoconstrictor drops. You should not introduce them too often. Therefore, before using read the instructions.


If during the pain the child had a mucous or purulent discharge from the ears, it is necessary to take urgent measures, as in the ear is formed a serious disease.

At this time, it is necessary to refer to the otolaryngologist for examination and appointment of individual course therapies.

Most often children are diagnosed with otitis media.

In this case, the treatment regimen the following:

  1. In acute disease baby antibiotics – Dioxidine, Sumamed, Augmentin.
  2. In the ears, you need to dig anti-inflammatory and pain medications. For children best medicine «Drops». It is prescribed for the treatment of even the smallest patients.
  3. Throughout the course of treatment monitor the respiratory tract. With a cold children are not effective, Ringstop, Cold Sensitive.
    For otitis of the outer or middle ear discharge without it permitted the use of alcoholic lotions. They effectively relieve pain and normalize the patient’s condition.
  4. At the closing stages, when the main symptoms of otitis media are gone, the child is assigned physiotherapy. It will restore the function of the hearing aid and to avoid relapse.

Throughout treatment, regardless of factors of pain, the baby should take a large amount of water and vitamins.


In order for the baby felt a good it is important to know a few preventive procedures. They will help to avoid many diseases. Therefore, experienced parents know what to feed the child in vertical position. So he almost spits up, and the food does not get into the middle ear or the area behind the ears.

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In the age of five years, the kid should not buy toys with small parts. They can get into the ear canal and cause severe pain, and perforation of the tympanic membrane. In older age the child should be explained about the dangers of matches and sharp objects.

Teach your child every day to wash ears. Thus, the sulfur will dissolve in the water and the baby to decrease the risk of the formation of cerumen. While bathing infants should be especially careful and make sure that no water gets into the ear canal.

If the liquid enter the ear, enter the ear canal turundas soaked in oil. It absorbs liquid.