Antifungal ear drops for men — what are they and which one is better

What ear drops can help to cure the fungus?

The hearing is very vulnerable, they are prone to the mass of fungal type diseases transmitted from person to person. The disease may arise from long-term treatment of chronic otitis media antibacterial drugs, trauma to the mucosa of the ear canal. Good conditions for the growth of fungus creates high humidity and dust in the premises.

In modern medicine there are many antifungal agents designed specifically for men – the gels, ointments, sprays. But great popularity and ease of use are famous for a variety of antifungal ear drops. They do not cause allergies, does not interact with other drugs are contraindications, except individual intolerance of the main component.

Treatment of fungus in my ears

The first symptoms of fungal diseases may go unnoticed, but soon the patient starts to feel itchy in the passage of the auditory canal, the irritation, the feeling of stuffiness.

If you look deep into the ear, you can clearly see the fungus formation of white, grey or black shade.

To leave such pathology unattended.

Doctors recommend the immediate treatment at the first symptoms of the disease.

Fungal diseases are treated very long and quickly spread, affecting a growing surface, thereby provoking a more serious pathology.

In addition, you can be with this disease in society is not so nice. The curiosity of others annoying, and itching is gradually becoming unbearable.

In more advanced stages of the disease spores can be transported over the mucosa and appear in other unexpected places.

Drops to treat fungus in your ears

Absolutely all of the ear drops have the action of the local destination. They do not affect the work of other bodies, and their action extends only to the infected cells, neutralizing the synthesis of fungal spores.

Additionally, the use of such preparations allows to:

  • to remove inflammation;
  • to anesthetize;
  • to disinfect the treated area of the auditory canal.

Drops from the yeast fungus

Especially popular in the treatment of ear fungal diseases such as yeast are considered drops Clotrimazole.

The drug is inexpensive, sold in free access and has a high efficiency after 3-4 days of use.

The active ingredient imidazole destroys fungal cells, without exerting any effect on the healthy cells of the auditory canal.

Long-term effect of the active substance allows to introduce the medication into the ear canal only once during the day.

An important feature of the drug Clotrimazole can be considered that it can be used in the treatment of fungus in infants, pregnant women in the breastfeeding period.

Known analogues of Clotrimazole following drops in the ear fungus:

  • Canison;
  • Candida;
  • Antifungal;
  • Lotrimin;
  • Candide;
  • Amylon;
  • Fungicid.

Along with this may prescribe:

  • Fluconazole;
  • Econazole;
  • Kanesan;
  • Pimafucin;
  • Multiparin;
  • Levorin;
  • Sanguinarin.

Drops from moldy fungus

To prescribe certain antifungal medications in the ears can only be a consultation, given the characteristics of the causative agent. So when moldy fungus can recommend the use of

  • Naftifine;
  • Itraconazole;
  • Terbinafine;
  • The last time;
  • Kandibiotik.

Naftifin extends to not only molds and yeasts, but also on the dermatophytes. Local use of the drug allows in a short time to stop the growth of fungal cells and after a while completely neutralize them without re-occurrence after a certain period of time.

The solution last time is most often used to moisten the swabs that are put in the affected fungal spores ear canals. The tool is fungicidal properties.

It is not recommended to use this drug during breastfeeding and at the time of pregnancy. In other cases, fungal infection last time soaked cotton wool placed in the ear canal, replacing it with a new tampon twice a day.

Most often for treatment of fungal disease completely passes through the month. In severe cases need longer treatment.

On the basis of Chloramphenicol, Clotrimazole and Lidocaine made Kandibiotik. Drops are assigned in cases of subsequent suppuration, swelling and inflammation, except when fungal infection develops even more severe pathology.

One of the drops is considered to be a hormonal drug, which makes the product to humans are not always useful, so it can not be used without doctor’s recommendations.

Drops of itching in the ears

When fungal diseases there is a strong itching in the ears and the patient cannot endure, permanently tearing the affected areas, your doctor may additionally to the basic treatment to prescribe ear drops Cresylate, able not only to suppress the development of fungal diseases, but also to relieve irritation and itching.

Bury drops in the ear a patient about 4 times during the day, with course of treatment depending on the nature of the pathology varies from 2 to 3 weeks.

Application of ear drops

Absolutely all antifungal ear drops are used by a specific rule. The patient, placing it on the chair, slightly tilt the head sideways. The ear is pulled slightly back and top. Drops of a pipette I try to direct it to the wall of the auditory canal, so that they gradually flowed into the ear, letting the air out. Digging ear drops in the ear child ear draw it somewhat differently, first back and down.

Used drug should be pre-warmed to room temperature, so it is first kept in the heat or warm in the hands. The ear canal is cleaned by washing liquid obtained by cultivation of ear drops in the water (boiled and cooled).

It is impossible to determine which ear drops for fungal diseases to use. Leave it to the expert who took the tests will determine the type of fungus, and then prescribe the right drug. Along with ear drops may be administered additional medication.

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