Antiviral drugs in pregnancy: what can the pills

What antiviral can be used during pregnancy?

In the period of carrying a child immune system is weakened, so the frequency of colds and viral infections increases. For the treatment are antiviral drugs and Immunostimulants.

To treat colds must be very careful not to harm the unborn child, because it is important to choose the right drug.

Colds during pregnancy

In the first trimester viral diseases especially dangerous to the health of the unborn baby, because in this period is the formation of major organs.

The first trimester is marked by decreased immunity in women, and so any contact with a cold person can lead to the development of SARS.

To treat the common cold should be very careful, because some of the drugs used for the treatment of SARS, can cause impaired development of the fetus.

Often the uncontrolled intake of medicines leading to abortion, with serious health problems in women.

What antiviral can be used in pregnancy depends on the period. To prescribe drugs should only doctor.

In the first trimester treatment of colds SARS is drugs that do not have systemic effect on the body and not absorbed into the blood.

This is because the placenta is still not strong enough, and any medications taken by the woman, have an effect on the fetus.

In the second trimester the immune system grows stronger, so the risk of colds decreases. In that time, all major organs of the baby are already formed and begins the phase of active growth of the fetus. In the second trimester are permitted to receive specific antiviral drugs and antipyretics.

Treatment of viral diseases and colds in the third trimester is no different from therapeutic interventions permitted for use in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Treatment of SARS in the first trimester

Up to the 14th week of pregnancy can only apply to those medicines that do not have systemic effects on the body, and therefore not able to influence on the fetus.

The only safe antiviral in pregnancy 1 trimester – this Arbidol. This drug is active against most of the viruses causing SARS, as well as against influenza A and B. the Drug has immunostimulatory effects. Treatment Arbidola to minimize the risk of complications after suffering flu.

Important! Arbidol can be applied in the preventive purposes. Pills recommend pregnant women to avoid infection, for example, during the epidemic of influenza or in the case that close relatives have a cold.

The dosage and treatment regimen for the drug are selected by the attending physician. Medication can also be taken in breast-feeding.

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As antipyretic in the first trimester of pregnancy is only used Paracetamol.

It can be a combination of drugs, however, doctors recommend taking lots of paracetamol in pediatric dosage.

During this period measures are taken to prevent infection.

Therefore on prescription it is possible to use vitamins and natural Immunostimulants that are based on medicinal herbs.

The basis of the treatment of colds in the first trimester is to comply with bed rest and plenty of fluids. Permitted drugs are taken only in pediatric dosage.

The preparations approved in the second and third trimester

In the second trimester, the placenta becomes stronger and provides baby with the necessary protection, so the list of drugs for the treatment of viral diseases and colds growing. Starting from the 14th week allowed antiviral in pregnancy.

  • Viferon;
  • Anaferon;
  • Oscillococcinum;
  • Acyclovir;
  • Zanamivir or Tamiflu.


The medication in the suppository is quickly absorbed and quickly excreted from the body. This drug is active against viral and bacterial infections, including herpes, chlamydia and candidiasis. A drug prescribed to pregnant women in the second and third trimester.

Rectal Viferon candles are also used at the risk of intrauterine infection of the fetus by the herpes virus.

In addition to antiviral action, the drug has immunostimulatory effects, making it is prescribed for flu and pneumonia, to prevent the development of complications.


This is a homeopathic remedy used for treatment of viral and bacterial infections.

The advantage of the drug is its ability to potentiate the effects of antipyretics, so they can be taken in reduced dosage.

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The drug also has immunostimulatory properties and allows to avoid complications of the flu.

The drug is available in tablets of different dosage, the exact treatment must appoint a physician.


Another homeopathic drug, approved for use in the second trimester is Oscillococcinum. Medication is prescribed for the treatment of SARS and influenza, and as an adjuvant in viral and bacterial infections.

Synthetic drugs

Drugs Aciclovir, Zanamivir and Tamiflu used to treat pregnant women only if the risk of complications.

Chronic administration of the active substance accumulates in the body and can negatively affect the health of the fetus, so these medications are prescribed short courses and only in the case when the benefits of their reception exceeds the possible side effects.

Zanamivir and Tamiflu containing the same active ingredient and are prescribed for the treatment of influenza in pregnant women when there is a risk of complications.

The medicine is available in tablets, the dosage is chosen by the doctor individually for each patient depending on the severity of the symptoms.

Acyclovir is used to treat herpes infections. In the first trimester use of the drug is prohibited in the second and third trimester medication can only be applied in the form of ointments. In the local application of the drug, systemic effects on the mother’s body is not marked, so the risk of harm to the child is minimal.

Medications for symptomatic treatment

For the treatment of rhinitis, accompanying the common cold and SARS, can be used allergies, solutions for nasal lavage or cold inhalers of the type «pencil».

Drops contains only natural oils and extracts that are not absorbed into the bloodstream and does not affect the development of the fetus. The drug has no vasoconstrictor action, so it can be used throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

For the treatment of rhinitis is also possible to use Aqua Maris, which contains only purified sea water. The drug is used for nasal lavage. To facilitate nasal breathing allow inhalers of the type «Star». Hot inhalations and warming up during pregnancy is prohibited.

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When you cough in the second and third trimester it is recommended to use homeopathic preparations to facilitate expectoration of sputum. Often women assign Mukaltin.

If the cough is not very pronounced and does not cause discomfort, it is recommended to do with simple home remedies – warm tea and milk with honey.

As antipyretic during pregnancy regardless of the trimester is used Paracetamol tablets. In 2 and 3 trimester your doctor may recommend Panadol in effervescent tablets. This medication is used to reduce fever symptoms. Panadol is effective against headaches, but it is recommended to consult a doctor before starting drug treatment.

Common mistakes

Often pregnant women are trying to reduce the negative impact on the fetus, deliberately refuse medical treatment of SARS, preferring natural remedies.

You need to remember that during pregnancy is strictly forbidden:

  • soar feet;
  • to do hot inhalations;
  • put mustard;
  • make herbal teas in large quantities.

The influence of high temperatures promotes vasodilation and may cause increase in uterine tone. In the first trimester is fraught with abortion in the third trimester increased tone may provoke premature birth.

Some medicinal plants can also cause abortion.


We need to realize that a woman is responsible not only for their own health. Timely access to a doctor and treatment of SARS sparing drugs will cause less harm to the child than the possible complications of the disease.

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