Antiviral nasal drops for children and adults: remedies for viral infection

What antivirals can be used for the nose?

Modern medicine can cure any inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. A huge number of drugs designed to combat acute inflammation in the nasal cavity, can quickly restore organ function of breathing. The main thing – do not make the wrong choice of drug, as pharmacies offer a variety of sprays, pills, drops, and other medicines. To take must be strictly following the dosage written in the annotation or specified by the doctor.

When choosing a drug should take into account all side effects and contraindications. Thus, you can avoid uncontrolled effects in the treatment of disease. Choose the antiviral drops in the nose of children and adults using a doctor or consulting a pharmacist. The second case is valid only at the initial stage of the disease when not needed acute intervention of modern medicine.

How to choose a product

Today in pharmacies, a large selection of various antiviral medicines in a short time destroy the source of inflammation and normalize the General condition of the patient.

The most popular antiviral drugs are considered as nose drops and sprays.

They are much easier to use than the pill and other forms of medicines.

In most of the sprays are compact and can be carried around in a handbag or pocket.

But not only for this reason the nose drops is widely known.

To get rid of the virus or infection in the nasal cavity should be as fast as possible. Otherwise pathogenic infection will spread not only in the nose, but also in the whole region of the respiratory tract, causing the otitis media or sinusitis.

Drops in viral infection is able to destroy the virus during the first use. And after treatment, which lasts about seven days, the patient noted normalization of the functions of respiration and stop the discharge of mucous secretion. In addition, the drops should stimulate the body’s immune system and destroy all the affected cells. Otherwise, the possible relapse of inflammation.

If immune stimulating drops has not had the desired result on the third day of treatment, you need to seek medical help.

A list of the best medicines

Among antiviral drugs to choose a truly effective tool in consultation with a specialist. In many ways, the effect of the drug and its classification should depend on the nature of inflammation and the individual characteristics of the organism. Will talk about among the best antiviral drugs.

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Best antiviral drug for SARS is considered «Grippferon». It comes in the form of nasal drops or spray. At the same time effective and safe drug for the treatment of inflammation in the Airways is able to destroy signs of acute respiratory diseases.

Apply «Grippferon» at any age, but without breaking the dosage.

Treated in this medication is possible in the case of pregnancy.

«Grippferon» is designed to facilitate the patient’s condition in acute respiratory disease, or SARS, and at the first sign of flu. This effect is achieved due to the high recombinant active substance interferon Alfa-2b. Penetrating into the body, the active ingredient prevents the development of viruses and infections in the nasal cavity, and destroys pathogenic bacteria in the Airways.

Patients have repeatedly stated the positive effect of «Grippferon» on the second day of use. After the first application of spray or droplets, reduced the number of mucosal secretions in the nasal cavity, as well as normal nasal breathing and improved General condition of the patient.

It is known that there are no analogues of the drug, so this drug is particularly common in Russia and around the world. Moreover, «Grippferon» has features that clearly превосходzт similar medicines. Tasks include:

  • blocking the proliferation and development of viruses;
  • maximum therapeutic effectiveness;
  • the performance when using the drug for prevention;
  • the almost complete absence of side effects;
  • no habituation effect;
  • non-toxic;
  • safe in the treatment of infants;
  • the simultaneous application of the drug with other drugs.

In addition, the drug almost immediately destroys the inflammation that leads to the improvement of health on the same day.


«Ingaron» is another medication that is effective in viral lesions of the body. It consists of amino acid residues that allows the use of the drug in acute respiratory ailments. Obtained by microbiological way, «Ingaron» has a strong antiviral activity on infected cells. It captures the viral cells and quickly removes them from the body.

The result of this operation, it is considered that «Ingaron» is one of the most effective medicines for immune interferon.

«Ingaron» is assigned with the defeat of the body such viruses as:

  • macrophages;
  • neutrophils;
  • natural killer cells;
  • cytotoxic T-lymphocytes.

Taking the drug for seven days, we should expect activation of the immune system.

«Ingaron» prescribed in the case of the following inflammations:

  1. When inflammation of chronic hepatitis C.
  2. In the case of viral lesions of the nasal area.
  3. In infectious inflammation of the nose.
  4. To prevent infectious complications.
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It is known that «Ingaron» has effective results, but it cannot be taken in the case of individual hypersensitivity to the active component of the medication. Better to notice the drug is the same as in the case of pregnancy, as well as in autoimmune diseases. Do not use the medicine in case of diabetes.

In other cases, must be taken strictly according to dosage. In each case it is individual.


Doctors at the inflammation in the nose can assign a «Derinat». This drug is known for their beneficial properties and an active effect on cellular and humoral immunity. The stimulation of immunity, «but» activates against fungi as well as viruses and bacteria.

Chronic administration of the drug observed stimulation of reparative and regenerative processes.

In addition, the active ingredient of the drug normalizes the condition of the affected tissues.

Thus, the drug not only destroys the virus but also has a healing effect on the affected tissue.

Therefore, use «Derinat» not only in viral inflammation in the nasal cavity, but also burns of varying degrees. The experts pointed out that it allows you to recover the skin and mucous membranes the skin without scarring.

«Derinat» is having a rapid impact on the affected tissue, and is rapidly absorbed and evenly distributed not only in the affected parts, but also throughout the body. Intensive intake, there is accelerated healing of the inflamed area. But this does not mean that you apply the medication you need in large quantities. Uncontrolled intake of medication overdose is possible.

«Derinat» is prescribed in the following cases:

  • during the development of respiratory inflammation;
  • for the prevention of acute respiratory infections;
  • in the treatment of acute disease of the Airways;
  • in the case of SARS;
  • in the case of acute or chronic sinusitis;
  • as medication for inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose or mouth;
  • chronic inflammation in the Airways;
  • fungal infections of the nose;
  • in the case of bacterial or infectious infiltration into the nasal cavity;
  • in acute or chronic rhinitis;
  • in the case of acute sinusitis.
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To apply the means necessary in accordance with the dosing.


Simultaneous antiviral and immunomodulatory agents – «the». In addition, it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action. The main effect of medication – immediate inhibition of viruses and bacteria, so the drug has gained wide popularity in the treatment of flu and colds, as well as inflammation of the nose.

Exerting antiproliferative effect, «the» is able to destroy the source of inflammation after the third application.

The whole course of treatment is seven days.

During this time, the active components of drug will have a stimulating effect on cytokines and specific enzymes.

Due to its ability, the drug for a very short time restores the affected cells and normalizes the General condition. Boosting the immune system, «the» is having a devastating effect on various fungi and bacteria and other infectious agents.

Assign «the» in the case of inflammation of influenza, acute respiratory infections, SARS, and respiratory inflammation. Apply medicine for chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. «Nasopure» allowed in the treatment of children, including newborns.

Important note: if you are often in contact with patients with SARS, use «the» as a prevention.


Find out what drops in the nose with SARS are considered the best in the treatment of viral or infectious inflammation, it is necessary to determine the dosage and duration of treatment. In each case, the course will be different and largely depends on the form of inflammation and characteristics of the patient.

To determine the allowed amount of the drug, seek the advice of a specialist.