Apparatus for the treatment of rhinitis at home: a device for warming up the nose

What kind of vehicles you can warm up the nose at home?

One of the most unpleasant symptoms of colds is cold. Snot can appear in people at any age, including young children. With regard to the frequency of occurrence of the common cold, it is different: some people suffer from colds very rarely, while others tolerate the cold a few times during the year. It depends on the state of the human immune system and the impact of external factors.

Methods of treatment of the common cold, there are many. In addition to conservative therapy and folk remedies to get rid of these symptoms is possible with the help of special devices that are intended for use at home. All modern developments have the instruction manual. Buying any device, you can use it for the whole family.

What can threaten the common cold?

Cold in any case can not be ignored. If no action is taken, the disease can lead to serious complications, often manifesting in the form of diseases independent.

Untreated rhinitis leads to chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. In addition, can develop such diseases as:

  • otitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • pulmonary inflammation;
  • oxygen deficiency, which can affect the brain.

Apparatus for treatment of rhinitis at home

If you do not want to pursue medication, the use of special instruments is an alternative solution to this issue. With their help it is possible quickly and without consequences to cure a cold.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of devices, the impact of which is aimed at the destruction of infectious agents:

  • the machine Feya (UTL-01);
  • physiotherapeutic apparatus «Antinasmork»;
  • haloinhaler «GISA – 01»;
  • thermotherapeutic device «Teplon»;
  • inhaler «Miracle pairs»;
  • blue lamp.

In order not to make the wrong choice the description of each device it is advisable to consider separately.

The machine Feya (UTL-01)

The purpose of this unit is heating maxillary sinuses, the frontal part and laryngeal region. The instrument the «Fairy» provides a direct heat transfer, resulting in accelerated metabolic processes in the nasopharyngeal region. This leads to vasodilatation. As a result, the blood circulation becomes normal, and the mucosa of the nose heals faster.

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The procedure is effective in all forms of rhinitis, including emerged on the background of acute respiratory infections. The device is widely used in modern clinics and can be used at home. Using this tool, you can quickly cure the common cold, get rid of sinusitis and other respiratory diseases.

The principle of operation of this device is to heat certain areas such as the maxillary sinuses. Pathogens are killed at a temperature of 40 degrees, which in fact is the goal of treatment. In addition, the thermal effect increases blood flow in a nasopharyngeal region, which promotes quick healing of the mucous membrane of the nose. As a result, the passes and nasal breathing is restored.

The instrument the «Fairy» highly effective, convenient to use and is ideal for the treatment of rhinitis at home.

However, there are contraindications when using the device is prohibited:

  • skin diseases at the site of the alleged exposure;
  • increased body temperature;
  • taking alcohol before treatment;
  • active pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • tumor tumors;
  • active inflammatory processes in the nasopharyngeal region;
  • ulcers.

In all other cases the device can be safely used. The sessions prescribed, even for children starting at one year of age. In this case, you must be very careful, and not hold the device close, as the skin of babies is more sensitive than adults.

Physiotherapeutic apparatus «Antinasmork»

With the help of physiotherapy of the device under the name «Antinasmork» treatment and prevention of rhinitis, regardless of the nature of the occurrence. Treatment of manifestations is due to the light waves. The device for heating the nose is highly efficient, easy to use and convenient.

Thermotherapeutic device «Teplon»

Device «Teplon» represents a unique device, equipped with heating elements. The device is intended for the treatment of ENT-organs and many other diseases. The principle of its operation is to create arterial congestion in certain areas. As a result of thermal effects dilate small blood vessels and opens the sphincters, which provides blood flow to the affected organ and the mucous membrane heals quickly.

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Inhaler «Miracle vapor»

Getting rid of a cold using steam was known rather for a long time. By means of this device ensures the safety of the procedure by maintaining a constant temperature, which is equal to 43 degrees. Thus, when using the inhaler burns eliminated completely.

Based on the actions of the inhalation device a «Miracle vapor» taken ancient medical practice.

With regard to contraindications, they are almost absent, except intolerance of therapeutic vapors.

The treatment uses eucalyptus essential oil, sea-buckthorn and fir. Data evaporation effectively destroy pathogens and well reduce inflammation of the nasal mucosa.

Haloinhaler «GISA – 01»

Haloinhalation founded on the principle of a salt cave in which to create the appropriate microclimate. The device is intended for the treatment of respiratory. The therapeutic effect is achieved by using sodium chloride.

The substance enters the patient’s body through a special tube that connects to the mask. This unit has found wide application in otolaryngology. Can be used at home and hospitals.

Blue lamp

In addition to the above devices to cure a cold at home is possible with an ordinary blue light. Dry heat together with infra-red radiation is used for a long time.

The main advantage of this tool is the lack of contraindications. However, the use of lamp is not recommended for high temperature.


Valentina, 31 years old Saint-Petersburg: «we Have a house already for a long time there is such a device for heating of the nose — «Fairy.» The price for it to grow. We bought for 2400 rubles, now its price is around 3000 rubles. I would say that for such numbers it’s pretty obvious, though since Soviet times. In addition to the warm — dry heat — there are no additional options. The device has three modes of heating. What about efficiency, then there is no definite answer. At the initial stage of ENT diseases he is pretty good help in the complex therapy, but in the case of protracted forms of the disease without the advice of a specialist, it obviously should not be used.»

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Margarita, 29 years, Kemerovo: «Apparatus for phototherapy «Antinasmork» I found on the Internet and decided to try it in action. The device is small, convenient and very easy to manage. On the panel there is only one button that actually turns on and off the device. Session duration is several minutes, and after that the device automatically turns off with its characteristic squeak. My daughter (7 years old) easily agrees to «Shine the spout.» The device helps to effectively cope with the cold when he is only beginning. If the snot coming from the nose at full speed, a noticeable progress from the use of the device is not observed.»


All described devices allow you to quickly and painlessly get rid of manifestations of rhinitis. When choosing the right option, you must pay attention to contraindications and carefully study the instructions for use.

In some online stores selling medical equipment, you can find the testimonials of patients who are advised to read. Well, directly before the treatment is to visit the clinic for counselling.