Apricot oil nose: instructions for use

How to drip in a nose of apricot oil?

Treatment catarrhal inflammation takes a long time, since this sort of disease have a number of unpleasant symptoms and complications. Most often, the common cold, the common cold and flu are treated with medication, but there are several methods that have the same effect, but act in a more gentle way. We are talking about the use of apricot oil for the nose. This method helps to get rid of the inflammation in a very short time.

Furthermore, oil from apricot kernels will naturally softens skin and mucous membranes, restores the protective function of the body. Immediately after applying this recipe, it is possible to significantly alleviate the symptoms of the disease. An important advantage of this treatment is the possibility of using oil in the treatment of children in case of pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Structure of apricot kernel oil

Apricot oil in the nose to a child or adult can be a good means of prevention of various viral or infectious inflammation. In addition, a product of apricot is used to moisten the mucous membranes in the cold season or during the risk of inflammation of a cold or flu.

Product of apricot is used for the treatment of such complex diseases as acute or chronic rhinitis.

No matter how it seemed strange, but this method of treatment helps with abundant mucous secretions from the nose.

Medicinal component liquefies thick green or yellow snot, soft, protecting the mucosa and restores the natural function of the respiratory tract.

This effect is achieved thanks to the active components of the oil, which includes a large number of vitamins as well:

  • fatty acids included in the omega group;
  • steroid alcohols, which are present in virtually all plants. Their official medical name for the phytosteroids;
  • complex lipids, composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids and phosphoric acid – phospholipids. They are found in nervous tissue and eliminate different fats and acids from the affected area;
  • the complex of vitamins;
  • Tocopherols;
  • unsaturated hydrocarbon from the group of carotenoids;
  • the fats included in the list of the most important elements for energy recovery cells – triglycerides;
  • natural wax;
  • citric, malic, and tartaric acid;
  • natural compound flavonoids – quercetin. This component is responsible for antioxidant properties. Its application activates the protective functions of the body;
  • lycopene.

In addition, the composition of apricot kernel oil contains iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and other minerals.

It should be noted that apricot kernel remedy made from fruit, and seeds.

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This applies to a method of cold mechanical pressing, in which pressing the oil.

Cold pressed allows to save useful substances in the product.

Apricot product from the seeds is used not only for medicinal purposes, but also for cosmetic and other procedures.

The healing properties of the oil used in the treatment of tumors or cysts, loss of smell, hearing and sight, as well as in case of ulcerative lesions of the external ear. But there is a perception that it is best to apply the oil for treatment of rhinitis.

The effect of apricot kernel oil

Tool from apricot stones has many beneficial properties in the treatment of the mucous membrane of the sinuses, and in the case of inflammation of the larynx.

  1. The action of the oil helps to eliminate germs and other harmful organisms.
  2. The tool has antimicrobial and antibiotic effect, and also normalizes the condition of the affected tissues.
  3. In addition, the tool reduces inflammation, restores the natural color of the skin, decreases itching and burning.
  4. Promotes rapid healing of the affected cells.
  5. Relieves swelling of the mucous membrane.
  6. Has a vasoconstrictor effect.
  7. Moisturizes the mucous membranes of the sinuses.
  8. Prevents the formation of crusts.
  9. Positive impact on the organization and distribution of collagen.
  10. Nourishes the skin.
  11. Normalizes metabolism.

It is important to note that the joint application of apricot kernel oil with antibacterial drugs improving the effect of drug components.

How to use apricot oil

The main purpose of apricot oil – moisturizing mucous membranes in acute rhinitis.

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In the case of acute or congenital inflammation, rhinitis affects the nasal passage wall.

Over time, your nasal passages dry up and formed a solid crust, which formed a thick slime.

It becomes favourable flora for the development of viruses and bacteria, which after some time form a serious complications such as blockage of the Eustachian tube. This inflammation, in turn, leads to otitis media or sinusitis.

Manual for the introduction of apricot kernel oil in the nose is simple. To bring out mucous or pus it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive treatment. It includes medications and nasal rinses. In addition, the nasal passages need to moisturize daily. To achieve this goal, and used an extract from apricot pits.

It not only restores the natural balance of the mucous membrane, but also to remove the germs that caused the aggravation.

Immediately before instillation of oil in the nose, need to clean nasal come from the accumulated secretion. To do this, use any designed for these purposes, the medicament or use of warm salt water.

After this you need to enter the medicinal component of apricot pits. To start, warm it to body temperature.

  1. For the treatment of children is enough to introduce two drops of oil in each pass.
  2. For adults it is necessary to use four drops.

In case of discomfort with the introduction of oil, you can not bury the tool and moisten the nasal passages. To do this, dip your finger or cotton swab in a small amount and gently swipe across the nasal ways.

To drip in a nose of apricot oil is needed in the form of heat, so heat the product on a steam bath. Ensure that it does not become hot.

The product from the apricot will be even more effective if you add to the mix a small amount of vitamin A. This method of treatment will reduce inflammation, constrict blood vessels and restore its protective barrier.

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Before applying the oil you must know about possible contraindications.

Keep in mind that the apricot oil is not addictive and does not require adaptation.

So it can be used in the treatment of children and adults, including pregnant women and of people of very age.

But the course of treatment should not exceed thirty days.

Keep the drug you need in the dark in which can’t get children. Make sure that the temperature in storage did not exceed fifteen degrees Celsius. The shelf life of the oil from the apricot does not exceed six months.

In no case should not drink the oil. Therefore, make sure that when you use oil in the case of rhinitis, the tool does not hit in the throat.

When choosing apricot kernel oil, note its odor, color and structure. It should be thick, but it has a light tint. Natural oil emits a nutty smell.

Keep in mind that the product of the apricot is not cheap, as its production and manufacturing process is quite complicated. If you found one with low price, it’s probably a fake.


Treatment of apricot will help patients with many of inflammation. However, the product can be used in preventive purposes. To do this, apply a small amount of oil during a cold period or when the first symptoms of the disease.