Aqua Maris: a device for nasal lavage, reviews

How to use the device quickly begins to wash the nose?

Long known that sea water is very good for the mucous membranes of the human nose. It has been widely used in various sprays and drops. In addition, there is a special device for nasal lavage, and Throat.

It is convenient, absolutely safe and of course effective in the prevention of colds and also as an auxiliary treatment for many diseases of the upper respiratory tract.


Kettle Akvamaris for nasal lavage is a small plastic watering can with a convenient spout by which the solution of sea salt from the Adriatic sea poured into the nose. Since the solution gets into the nostrils natural course, not under pressure, the risk of falling into ear canals is minimal. And, therefore, the development of otitis media is unlikely.

Included with the kettle is 30 packets of sea salt. In some cases salt add the essential oils of Myrtle and Basil. Sea water and essential oils together give a truly miraculous effect. Try to understand it in detail.

A saline solution washes away well from the nasal passages and sinuses of congestion of mucus, viruses, allergens, bacteria, and ordinary dirt that accumulates during the day.

In addition, due to the content of micro and macroelements it is very moisturizing, allowing you to fight with dryness of the mucous membrane, helps produce the protective mucous layer. And esters enhance the bactericidal properties of the solution.

Recommended device?

First of all, buy a device for nasal lavage is recommended for those who often more diverse rhinitis. Shown it and those who work in hazardous work or sports. Daily toilet of the nose, Throat does not hurt and all the rest. Prophylactic rinsing with salt water allows you to forget about colds. Will help apply for a long time and in that case, when stuffy nose, no runny nose.

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Another reason to wash the nose – seasonal allergies. All the allergens that penetrate into the nasal cavity well washed out with sea water.

Device, Aquaris may be useful to those who managed to get sick with sinusitis, sinusitis or other serious respiratory diseases.

Of course, by themselves the washing cure such a serious disease do not help, but will greatly facilitate the patient’s condition and expedite recovery.

Who should refrain from using Aquamarine?

There aren’t too many contraindications for this procedure. First of all, is an individual intolerance of some components. It is not recommended to use the kettle Akvamaris children up to 5 years.

But pregnancy or breast-feeding obstacle for washing are not. Moreover, this is a great safe way to prevent the infection of SARS. In order to understand the effectiveness of the prevention of Throat, enough to know how the infection is transmitted by airborne droplets.

Counterparts Aquamarine

Because the main composition of this drug is a sea water, it is not surprising a large number of analogues. A big difference in the composition of the drug and the structure of devices of different companies there, so everyone chooses what they choose.

The most common ones are:

  • Other types of pain;
  • Oliva;
  • These;
  • Dolphin.

How to use akvamaris for nasal irrigation?

Pour into kettle, and Throat of sachets of salt, fill it to the level of cooled boiled water. Its temperature should be approximately equal to the body temperature.

Stand in front of the sink, tilt the head forward and slightly to the side. Exhale and hold your breath for a while. Bring the pot to the nostril that is currently on top, and slowly start to pour the solution into the nasal passage. Do not inhale or exhale the air at the time of washing.

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Without changing the position of the head, gently blow your nose to finally unclog the nose. Again, gently blow your nose already in the normal position. Then repeat with the other nostril.

Akvamaris nasal of nose: reviews

To find online reviews on the device from the Throat very easily. Many people enjoy them. And almost all are satisfied with the results. Moreover, regardless of the cause for which they had to use it.

Marina, 29 years old, mother of two writes about this device: «the watering pot I liked even in the picture: comfortable, with a hollow for the hand. Well, maybe not transparent, not always clearly seen, where there is a level to which you need to pour the water. Themselves rinsing is very effective, help to quickly. And to prevent good. Seven-year-old child copes with the procedure itself. Four-year-old daughter also tried, but the size of the nozzle is too big. Other contraindications no.»

Katja 35 years was also pleased with the Akvamaris: «tired of fighting with endless colds, I bought this teapot. True, the first long thought, to fork out, the price seemed high. But still decided, and do not regret it at all. For several years now about the cold I do not even remember».

As a secondary method of preventing colds you can offer humidification. Decide what humidifying the air to choose and qualitatively change your life.