Arbidol during pregnancy: instructions for use and contraindications 1, 2 and 3 trimester

Can I take during pregnancy Arbidol?

Pregnancy is a dangerous time. Time of a weakened immune system and increased stress on the body. Naturally, in this period it is much easier to get infected by viral diseases.

And this despite the fact that sick pregnant it is not advisable. The solution – prevention. For example, various immune modulators, such as Arbidol. But can I take during pregnancy Arbidol?


But the drug is relatively new, but already proven. Both doctors and patients reported that prophylactic administration of this drug significantly reduces the risk of infection.

In addition, if you start to apply it on the first day of the disease, it will greatly speed up the recovery.

Due to what? Arbidol directly affects the immune system at the cellular level. That is, by itself it does not fight off viruses, it just raises your own body’s immunity, who wins in the end, the viruses.

So far it looks like but it’s the perfect way to prevent infection of a pregnant woman. But is it?

Indications and contraindications

Arbidol is recommended to take during epidemics to reduce the risk of infection. And also in case of low immunity due to serious illness or stressful situations.

Important! Arbidol is sometimes prescribed after surgery to prevent infection weakened body.

Because the drug is not toxic, and side effects had virtually none, except that an allergic reaction in people with hypersensitivity to the components. Also noted cases of overdose.

It remains to mention only about contraindications:

  • the age of 3 years;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • pregnancy and lactation.
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So we got to the most important now analyze this in more detail.

Arbidol during pregnancy instructions for use

It turns out that Arbidol in pregnancy — contraindication? But many doctors quietly prescribe it to their patients. And how to understand this contradiction?

As already mentioned, the Arbidol – a new drug. And therefore not fully investigated.

It involves a ban on its use during pregnancy.

Trials of Arbidol was carried out only on animals, and no problems were observed, but people are not animals.

And the people, of course, such studies have not been conducted. And clinical practice is still small to make definitive conclusions impossible.

But evidence that Arbidol can cause some pregnancy complications, no. On the contrary, many women who took it, spoke positively about Armidale. Therefore, some physicians prescribe it but not all.

Important! The use of Arbidol during pregnancy is possible only if the risks associated with the disease exceeds the risk from the disease.

Arbidol on different stages

It is known that at different periods of pregnancy the body is different and responds to disease and treatment.

On what term it is safer to take Arbidol during pregnancy? The 1st trimester is the most difficult period.

It was at this time the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall, and to simplify this task, the body itself lowers the immune system.

Because the fruit is only half matches the mother’s body, and the second is a foreign body.

There is a risk that the immune system will reject it.

Important! Arbidol increases immunity, and hence the risk of rejection of the fetus during early pregnancy.

In addition, it is the most unpredictable pregnancy. That is why in the first three months, doctors do not advise taking any pills. Especially just for prevention. Another thing is that a cold treat is all the more necessary. This is precisely the question that sometimes risks from lack of treatment exceed the risks from taking drugs.

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Arbidol during pregnancy in the 2nd trimester have to take more safely.

However, taking these drugs without a prescription still not worth it. As in the third trimester.

So to drink or not to drink Arbidol during pregnancy at the 1st,2nd or 3rd trimester? The reviews about the drug are controversial, and the user is wary. It makes sense to rely on the advice of your doctor.

Every pregnancy is individual, and to assume in advance how all will proceed in a particular case is impossible. Doctors are also more attuned to the situation.

You can try to treat a cold and runny nose onion juice, put the garlic in the ears, or other traditional methods.


Olga: «Sick in the middle of pregnancy. The doctor prescribed Arbidol, twice repeated, as I read that it during pregnancy is not recommended. He reassured me, said that nothing terrible will happen. Helped the drug quickly and the temperature dropped immediately, the cold began to take place in the evening. And the baby nothing happened.»

Antonina: «at the very end of pregnancy was very cold. The doctor prescribed Arbidol, honestly cut. The relief felt immediately. Realized that tablets during pregnancy is not desirable, but if I had to choose between disease and treatment, on a doctor’s recommendations… And two weeks after treatment gave birth to a healthy baby.»

A few words on prevention

Remember that preventing a disease is easier to cure.

However, it is not necessary to take to prevent diseases transmitted by airborne droplets, any tablet, including Arbidol.

It is better to adhere to simple rules: not to appear in places with large concentrations of people are not in contact with an infected person, often ventilate the room and wash hands regularly.

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It is a good idea to have a humidifier.

Can also help folk remedies: onions and garlic, herbal teas, honey. However, one should not forget that many herbs can cause allergies and during pregnancy, increased sensitivity, including to various allergens.