As in house conditions to remove the ear plug by yourself

How to get ear sulfuric stopper at home?

It is known that the most common reason for visiting the office of the otolaryngologist is the formation of cerumen. Sulfur is a necessary element in the ear system. It performs important functions in protection from bacteria, infections, dust, dirt, foreign matter and small insects.

However, with improper hygiene or in the case of trauma, the ear of man may form excessive accumulation of sulfur will turn to sulfuric tube. To resolve this unpleasant symptom will consider the main question as to penetrate the ear plugs at home?

About the appearance of the tube in the ear and methods of disposal

The formation of cerumen in the ears is not an inflammation and dangerous form of the disease. This is a temporary phenomenon in which a person loses the short hearing and experiencing any discomfort. During the formation of the ear secret is sealed in the ear canal and, as a result, the person experiences certain inconveniences.

It is known that in Russia, five percent of the population annually experience discomfort in the ears due to excessive formation of sulfur.

In the structure of the organ of hearing is provided about two thousand glands, which accounts for the forms about twenty grams of sulphur.

This is a natural requirement of man, which helps protect hearing from harmful bacteria and ear infections.

Sulfur is eliminated from the body independently of the process of eating or socializing.

To maintain the hygiene experts recommend daily to wash the ears, and once a week to clean the outer ear.

However, in some cases, the sulfur builds up in the ear canal and over time hardens. In this case, it is necessary to wash the tube out of the ear at home or in a medical facility.

Unfortunately, to prevent cerumen impossible. It is therefore necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the ears. With the advent of home infant, inspect his ears every morning and evening.

Thus you will prevent not only the formation of cerumen, but also to notice ear infections or otitis education.

If you noticed that separation of sulphur began to increase, and in addition, you have decreased hearing and headaches — consult your doctor. The expert will help to professionally clean the ear from unwanted elements using the solutions of specialized syringes and drops.

If possible to visit a doctor in the near future, then read the following question: how to remove waxy build-up in ears on their own.

Symptoms and causes

Yourself to notice the tube is almost impossible. Thus, one should know the main symptoms:

  1. A feeling of stuffiness in one or both ears.
  2. A significant decrease of hearing acuity.
  3. Noise, squeaking, crackling in the ears.

The causes of the discomfort following:

  1. The impact of diseases of the ear cavity.
  2. Otitis of the middle, inner or outer ear.
  3. A long stay in a dusty room.
  4. Incorrect cleansing of the ear walls.
  5. Trauma to the ear.
  6. Pathologically increased production of sulfur glands.
  7. Anomalous structure of the organ of hearing.

Regardless of the reasons for the emergence of cerumen, this problem should be addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, with the growth of glands, the sulfur can clog the entire ear canal. In this case, expect serious human diseases including hearing loss.

In the case of the formation of small tube refer to main question, how to pull out the ear plug at home.

Tubes in the ears — home treatment

It is important to know that the removal of the tubes from the ear is quite frustrating. It is best to conduct this operation under the guidance of a medical professional.

If you are confident in their actions and know how to dissolve the ear plug at home, start cleaning itself.

However, before the cleansing of the ear is important to know that the tube can be removed if you have:

  • it was not an inflammatory disease;
  • you are sick with otitis media in the last two months;
  • no perforation of the tympanic region.

Remember, if the tube has gained a hardened look and has a bright brown color, cleaning in the home is prohibited. In such cases, a high risk of damage to the eardrum and as a consequence of the disruption of the structure of the ear. In this case, refer to a specialist.

Safely and without harm to health at home, the tube can be removed if it has a Golden hue and loose texture.

In this case, it is sufficient to use specialized drops «cerumen And», «Remo-wax» or «HHonors».

These drugs are gently and delicately cleanse the ear canals and do not harm the body.

Data ear drops are sold in all pharmacies are dispensed without a prescription.

Remember that just before the instillation into the ear of a bottle of liquid should be warmed. It is enough to shake her hand or hold it over a steam bath.

In this case, the cure will be faster for the auditory tube in the place of formation of the tube.

After instillation, the patient must maintain the posture of lying still for fifteen minutes. At this time, ear drops clean the ear. After the time expires turn over and lie down on the towel. All the liquid along with the tube will emerge on their own.

However, in the case of more complex tubes, these drugs can be ineffective. Remember that self-cleaning ends with success only thirty percent of cases.

How to soften the ear plug at home

For effective softening of the tube at another way. Removal of cerumen can use fitoveta.

Ear vitovice are considered to be effective way for many diseases of the ears, including for cleansing the ear.

It is known that they are made only from products of natural origin.

In addition to the purification of sulfur, vitovec normalize hearing, have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. This effect is formed due to the heat and the vacuum of physical therapy.

To use this method, read the safety precautions and the correct method of using fitoveta:

  1. For starters get at the pharmacy yourself candles.
  2. Then lay the patient on one side.
  3. Unpack a sealed package.
  4. In a sore ear insert pitovranov and ignite the tip.
  5. Follow the mark on the candle. Remove and extinguish the candle must not later the red line.

This procedure has a pleasant effect and a good cleaning. The result appears immediately after you use the candle.

Removal of the tube with additional methods

In case of fear of using this method is to remove the ear plug in the home, in addition to fitoveta?

Remove the tube from the ear using hydrogen peroxide. This method is used since ancient times and is considered one of the most common. To carry out cleansing at home with hydrogen simply and for any adult.

To implement this method purchase a three-percent hydrogen peroxide. A higher concentration of the mixture can lead to burn not only the ears but also fingers.

Next, lay the patient on the bed and gently drip into a sore ear five drops. Don’t be afraid of a sense of sizzle or burning.

Usually these symptoms disappear within one minute. However, if the symptoms only intensified need to put the patient on the other side and let the liquid flow out.

Then rinse the ear with warm water and dry thoroughly. Commonly pain appear in the case of perforations of the tympanic membrane, so it is important to consult ENT doctor for examination and diagnosis.

If no unpleasant symptoms, let the patient lie down for ten to fifteen minutes. Then turn the patient on the other side, after having put under a head a clean towel. At this time, perform the procedure with the other ear.

After the procedure on a towel you will notice a sulfur separation and dissolved tube. After completion, wipe the ear with a cotton swab.

Repeat the operation every day for three days.

Blowing at home

Another method of cleansing the ear is not often used, but is the place to be.

For this type of purification using a method of blowing off an ear. This procedure is recommended to implement under the strict supervision of the household.

Under this method refers to the ear blowing by introducing into the tympanic cavity air flow. It passes through the Eustachian tube and normalizes the hearing.

Of course, to carry out this procedure at home is prohibited, as this method is considered unsafe.

House specialists recommend samoopredelenie by the method of Valsalva. For this the patient needs to deeply inhale and hold the breath as much as he can.

The patient then must close tightly a mouth, and fingers to close to the wings of the nose. In this position, you must attempt to exhale.

Due to the fact that the air flow is restricted, he goes to the Eustachian tube, where it enters the drum area. At this time, normal hearing acuity, and presented cerumen.


After reviewing the question, how in house conditions to remove the ear plug, it is important to follow all safety precautions not to aggravate the situation.

To prevent the formation of cerumen, there are no methods of prevention. However, there are certain rules which ensure the normal secretion of sulfur glands.

While maintaining hygiene do not clean ear canal with cotton swabs. Thus, you can only strengthen the process of the formation of cerumen or to push existing tube further down the aisle.

In the case of diseases of the throat or inflammation of the ear is necessary to start timely treatment. Do not start the disease process, otherwise you face a more difficult inflammation and a long rehabilitation process.

It is important to maintain cleanliness and cleaning of the apartment. Always allow adequate humidity in the room where you rest and sleep. Besides, it is necessary to conduct daily inspection of the external ear and when the slightest symptoms of the disease refer to ENT doctor.

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