As quickly cure a running nose at home folk remedies

As quickly cure a running nose at home?

Question about how to quickly cure a running nose at home, occurs when the disease with all its unpleasant symptoms changes the usual rhythm of life. Miss an important event, not to attend parties or just not to go to work – that’s what causes a cold. Not to change habits, not to lie 7 days in bed, you can try to cope with the main symptoms of the disease on their own.

How to lower temperature?

The fever is the main symptom of colds. If the temperature does not exceed 37.5 degrees, then knock it optional. But if improved performance significantly affects the health and well-being of the patient, it is necessary to try to bring down the temperature.

You can take antipyretic drugs, such as:

  • Paracetamol;
  • Ibuprofen;
  • Panadol etc.

If the pills at hand, you should resort to the help of people’s councils. Alternative medicine recommends drinking a few cups of tea with lemon and go to bed under the blanket. Active sweating helps eliminate toxins and decrease body temperature.

If you knock down the performance can not using fever-reducing drugs, treacherously temperature increases, it is possible:

  • Make a compress of vinegar. The medium is diluted with plain water, take the gauze, moisten it in the solution and apply to the armpits and feet.
  • Rubbing the body with vodka or alcohol. After the procedure, cover the body of the patient with a dense blanket, so that man sweated.

Important! Strong heat should call an ambulance, especially if the temperature is not reduced, despite the medication.

But not only the temperature disturbs a person sick with a cold, along with it can be other unpleasant symptoms: runny nose, sore throat, coughing and sneezing. Appear muscle pain, weakness, apathy, etc. – these symptoms indicate that the body is actively fighting against pathogens of diseases.

The fight against common cold

To cope with such signs of acute respiratory infections like runny nose and nasal congestion, will help:

  • lavage with saline sinuses;
  • moxibustion with salt or buckwheat;
  • the taking baths with essential oils.

To remove congestion, should as often as possible (every 30-40 minutes) to flush the sinuses with saline solution. It is easy to prepare at home, if you follow the proportions (per liter of water will require about 10 grams of salt and the same amount of soda). And also you can purchase the drug at the pharmacy.

The heat helps liquefy mucous secretions and eliminate them out. In a dry frying pan warm normal salt or buckwheat. Then collect in a small bag made of natural fabric and apply it to the nose. The procedure takes about 10 minutes the compress should not burn the skin, hurt.

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Take baths with essential oils can be used only if no fever, but runny nose is present. Warm, but not hot bath add a few drops of oil of eucalyptus, pine or menthol. It helps to soften the mucous and facilitates its recovery.

Attention! To get rid of a cold and will help normal vasoconstrictor drops that you can use from 3 to 5 days to remove the swelling.

Elimination of sore throat and sore

Sore throat and sore caused by irritation of the mucosa. To get rid of the unpleasant symptoms will help:

  • warm the milk and butter;
  • milk with honey and ginger;
  • tea with raspberries and lemon.

The milk is heated, add a small amount of butter. When the butter has dissolved and the milk has cooled to room temperature, drink it in small SIPS. Also to relieve irritation and sore throat will help a small piece of butter, it needs to be put in your mouth and wait until the butter is completely melted.

A liter of milk is placed in the root ginger, add a small amount of black pepper and boil drink about 20-25 minutes. Then the milk with the ginger and pepper is mixed with honey and drink in small portions throughout the day.

Folk remedies for colds are often include in the raspberries and lemon. If a sore throat hurts or sore, is to brew tea with raspberry or lemon. In tea you can add honey to spare this product is not necessary.

Important! Honey is a good antiseptic, it helps the body to fight viruses and bacteria.

Recipes of preparation of a solution for rinsing:

  1. In boiled or distilled water add 1 teaspoon of salt 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 2-3 drops of iodine. The solution was stirred, and then gargle 4-5 times a day.
  2. Of lemon juice, honey and Chlorhexidine will also get a good remedy for sore throat. A teaspoon of honey and juice of 1 lemon pour 150-200 ml of Chlorhexidine. Medication allow to stand for about 12 hours, then apply as directed.

To cope with the sore will help ordinary mints, which are sold in any drugstore. Mint suppresses not only the sore, but the cough.

How to beat coughs and sneezes?

Cough occurs when the bronchi bacteria, irritation and consequently coughing. Dealing with it will help:

  1. Warming. You can put on the chest pad, apply a warming ointment, and lie down under the blanket. This will improve the patient’s condition will help alleviate the cough.
  2. The decoction of licorice root has a mild, sweet taste and helps get rid of the cough. You can add in the broth and other herbs: camomile, pine buds, plantain, etc. This will significantly increase the effectiveness of the product.
  3. Inhalations of potatoes in the cold of the most popular recipes of alternative medicine. They are carried out according to the standard scheme.
  4. Banks and mustard is the same warming. The heat will expand the vessels and help relieve cough. But it is not necessary to carry out such procedure, if the body temperature rose above 37 degrees.
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There is another good recipe that will help get rid of the cough: it is necessary to boil pine cones in the milk. The tool is cooled to room temperature, the cones removed, drink warm milk.

If you suffer itching, sneezing, increased mucus, you can safely start flushing with saline. After the procedure in every bosom buried of warm mineral oil or olive oil. This not only helps to moisturize the mucous membranes, but also to mitigate it.

How to remove a cold sore on the lip?

The appearance on the lips of a cold — a sign of herpes. The viral disease leads to the appearance on the lips of bubbles, they are very itchy, then burst and formed ulcers.

To get rid of herpes help:

  1. Echinacea – this herb, it stimulates the activity of the immune system and contributes to viral diseases.
  2. Toothpaste. The product is applied on the location of the herpes and leave overnight. Toothpaste will dried the sores and accelerate their healing.

To get rid of herpes and cold will help of vitamin C. It stimulates the protective functions of the body and speeds up the recovery process.

Nutrition for colds

Treatment of acute infections requires a comprehensive approach. To increase the effectiveness of procedures, pay attention to food.

So, how to choose the right diet to quickly cure the common cold and rhinitis in adult and child:

  • to replace the usual dishes for salads of fresh vegetables and fruits, they contain many vitamins and useful minerals;
  • to include in the diet of sauerkraut, it is rich in vitamin C;
  • instead of fried meat or chicken is recommended nutrient broths: they are quickly digested, and the digestion process takes much less time;
  • even doctors advise to drink plenty of warm fluids. Suitable fruit drinks, fruit drinks, fresh juices. You can drink weak tea with lemon and mint, raspberry and ginger.

Attention! All these drinks have a diuretic effect, they help eliminate toxins from the body.

What not to do during a cold?

The principle of any treatment is «do no harm». It is necessary to adhere and during therapy at home.

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Acute respiratory infections doctors do not recommend:

  1. To take antibiotics. Antibiotic therapy will not help if agents of the disease are not bacteria, and viruses.
  2. Bathe or take hot baths. Overheating will lead to rise in body temperature.
  3. To drink alcohol. Alcohol will not help to get rid of the symptoms will only increase the overall toxicity of the body.
  4. Pour cold water. Hypothermia can lead to complications.

When medical care is needed?

Consult a doctor is highly recommended in the following cases:

  • at cold body temperature in a patient lasts more than 3 days and does not decrease (indicator drops below 38-39 degrees);
  • concerned about a high fever, sudden fatigue, there are symptoms of severe intoxication;
  • after a temporary improvement was again a fever or other signs of acute respiratory infections;
  • a cold sick child the first year of life or the baby;
  • ARD long or pronounced symptoms. This may indicate problems with the immune system, diseases of an autoimmune nature (HIV, systemic red lupus, etc.);
  • a cold sore the pregnant woman;
  • began to move away sputum with blood, having trouble breathing;
  • the patient can not swallow or eat.

Help. Do not forget that timely access to a doctor helps to avoid complications.


The cold seems to be a good friend and a very common disease, methods of treatment which have long been familiar to all. But you have to be careful. In some cases, acute respiratory infections lead to serious complications and can cause death.

To avoid this you need to constantly monitor the patient’s condition, to remember that the cold should last no longer than 7 days. But 3-4 days after infection symptoms should wane, the patient’s condition to improve. If this does not happen for one reason or another, you do not need to continue to be treated independently, it is urgent to consult a doctor.