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How to flush the ears?

In cases of otitis media or with a large accumulation of ear wax patients should wash the organ of hearing. In addition, irrigation is recommended when a purulent discharge.

It is important to understand that this operation, like washing the ears is a complex procedure, which requires careful attention. If you are puzzled by the question of how washed the ear, read this material.

Washing the ears in the house

Washing the ears is a complex technique procedure. If performed improperly, the person may lose hearing permanently. Furthermore, the unprofessional approach may bring serious complications. So at home the technique of flushing the ear differs from medical intervention.

Method of execution of washing in the home differs from therapy in a medical facility.

So carefully examine the question of how at home ear wash.

For a start let us examine the main question: under what situations and how to wash ears?

You first need to establish the root cause of ear inflammation. So, if you feel pain, noise and a squeak, feeling of heaviness, or other discomfort – consult a doctor-otolaryngologist.

After external inspection and examinations, including audiometry, specialist diagnoses the disease and prescribes the appropriate treatment.

Ear lavage is prescribed by a doctor-otolaryngologist in many diseases. However, for otitis media, especially in the purulent form, or in the case of formation of cerumen lavage is necessary.

In order to carry out this operation in house conditions it is recommended first to undergo the procedure under the supervision of a physician. The specialist will teach you the parts in which the introduction of solutions for ear cleaning it’s safe.

The task of the patient to carefully monitor the intensity of the liquid and all the movements of the expert.

Remember, if you decide to start self-medication, you need to carefully study the question than to wash the ears, safety and possible complications.

If the treatment was initially envisaged as a home, purchase all related products in a pharmacy, and the clinic always ask how to wash the ear.

Once you have identified the root cause of the inflammation, begin treatment.

This procedure is recommended in the gloves, which you have to pre-purchase. For the introduction of the solution required a syringe for flushing the ear.

How to clean the ear cerumen

One of the common moments when the patient is assigned to a rinsing – the formation of cerumen. This problem can be people of different ages, and the accumulation of sulfur depends on the individual Constitution, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in General.

In case of problems, due to the formation of cerumen in the first place it is necessary to soften the sulphur.

  1. To do this, enter five drops of hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Heat liquid to a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.
  3. Enter in each ear, five drops of liquid.

Don’t be afraid if in the ear will start hissing or itching. This symptom passes quickly.

After the introduction of the peroxide, the patient should lie down for about fifteen minutes and then thoroughly wipe the ear canal with a cotton pad. After these simple procedures the organ of hearing is ready to rinsing.

Remember that when removal of cerumen is prohibited to use a cotton swab or other sharp objects. Not only can you push the tube further down the aisle, but also provoke the appearance of the perforation on the eardrum.

If your activity is associated with places with large concentrations of dust this procedure can be done as prevention. This will save you from many diseases.

Pre-washing is recommended to be performed with the help of the household.

  • to do this, purchase in the pharmacy specialized solutions with urea or fill the syringe with warm water. In addition, you can enter a three percent hydrogen peroxide mixed with glycerin and mineral oil in the ratio of one to one;
  • then remove the needle and gently insert the syringe into the ear;
  • pull the earlobe down. This will allow you to open the ear canal and facilitate administration of the solution;
  • tilt the patient’s head and insert the liquid into the ear canal;
  • keep your head in the same position for ten minutes;
  • then the head should be tilted over a basin or a clean towel patient’s ear down. Thus, the liquid itself will follow from the ear:
  • after the procedure, wipe every wrinkle with a cotton pad.

Remember that immediately after flushing the ear sulphur is not recommended to go outside. Therefore, this operation is best done before bedtime.

Many people are interested in the question than washed his ears in the hospital, in addition to hydrogen peroxide? In the ear canal can introduce such drugs as «Remo-Vaks», «HHonors», «cerumen And». In addition, in medical practice used solutions furatsilina or rivanola.

Repeat the operation three times a week and you will notice the result. You will increase hearing acuity, will be the discomfort and unpleasant noises.

Lavage with otitis media

In the case of flushing the ear for treatment of otitis media uses a three percent solution of hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Before the introduction of the solution liquid must be warm. To do this, RUB the bottle in your hand or hold it over a steam bath. Thus, you will facilitate the introduction of a solution and improve the effect of treatment.
  2. In a pre-prepared syringe type a few milliliters of liquid.
  3. Once you have removed the needle, gently insert into the outer part.
  4. Enter in each ear, one milliliter of the solution.
  5. In the case of the formation of purulent deposits, the patient can feel the sizzle and itching.
  6. Immediately after the introduction of lean over the sink and let the liquid flow out.
  7. Carry out this operation until until the pus has drained entire.

After washing, wipe the ears with a cotton swab and insert into the ear drops for ear vs otitis media.

Another direction for flushing the ears can be getting into ear canal with a foreign object. However, in this case it is best to visit the nearest emergency room, not to self-medicate. Because incorrect actions of the foreign object quickly fall into the middle or inner ear, thereby causing serious injuries.


Ear disease unpleasant, takes a great amount of discomfort and pain. So try to monitor the daily health and clean the ears every day.

In addition, remember that too frequent washing of the ears is not desirable because it washes away the natural protection of the organ of hearing. Don’t use too often, ear sticks. They can cause cracks in the delicate skin of the ear canal, thereby causing severe inflammation.

As prevention use turundy soaked in olive oil. Introduce gauze flagella in each ear once a week. Then you don’t get a problem such as sulfuric jams and other inflammation.

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