Askorutin nasal bleeding in children: instructions for use, dosage

Will Askorutin for bleeding from the nose in a child?

If your child has frequent nosebleeds, you need to contact the doctor to diagnose the pathology and purpose of medical treatment. In this process, are usually prescribed drugs that can have a beneficial effect on blood vessel walls and stop unwanted process. One of the best medicines is considered «Askorutin». The drug, which includes ascorbic acid and other active components that quickly affects porajennomu area and improves the health of the patient.

However, the elimination of bleeding with this drug, you must be familiar with the contraindications and side effects and also take into account the individual dosage. When used correctly «Askorutin», the treatment will be effective and fast.

When you use the «Askorutin»

«Askorutin» is a local drug that can strengthen blood vessels. In addition to treatment of frequent bleeding, the drug is indicated for the treatment of SARS and as a preventive drug for cardiovascular diseases.

In the «Askorutin» is composed of vitamins P and C which helps to strengthen the cells of the blood vessels and reduce their permeability and trauma. In addition, the drug affects the body in acute inflammatory processes triggered by the flu or the common cold, measles or scarlet fever.

Combined product, which includes vitamins and minerals, is known for its quick digestibility and performance. It affects the lesion and increases the functions of protective system. Thus, «Askorutin» not only speeds the healing process, but also strengthens the immune system.

For reference! «Askorutin» can be used in allergic airway inflammation, as well as in the case of infectious or viral contamination.

In addition to the main action, «Askorutin» normalizes the level of protein in the body that helps to suppress the development of toxins. If you apply this tool for prevention, you can expect to increase the level of protection of the body and reduce the risk of inflammation of acute respiratory diseases.

It is noticed that after reception «Askorutin» the child is much less likely to suffer from rhinitis. If the inflammation still occurred, find out how to cure a cold the baby is here.

In addition to the treatment of viral and infectious inflammation, «Askorutin» can be used for the treatment of frequent bleeding. The question is whether «Askorutin» bleeding from the nose, is still relevant.

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If a baby has fragile capillaries, the use of this medication allows to reduce manifestation of the frequent blood loss. The drug reduces the level of inflammation in viral and bacterial etiologies, as well as strengthens the walls of the mucosa and protects against dramatization of the nasal cavity.

«Askorutin» can be used in the treatment of rhinitis vasoconstrictor drops. These drugs reduce the protective function of the mucous, which becomes the main cause of bleeding. «Askorutin» in this case, it moisturizes the nasal cavity.

In addition, the tool is assigned with hormonal changes in adolescence. In this case, nosebleeds occur quite often, and «Askorutin» acts as a barrier and improves the function of the mucosa.

How to apply «Askorutin»

Instructions for use «Askorutin» for children nasal bleeding warns that the tool can be used only after a personal consultation with a pediatrician. If bleeding occur too often, and the cause of the pathology remains unknown, it is necessary to seek the assistance of the doctor oncologist, ENT specialist, immunologist and endocrinologist.

Important! To apply the remedy can be no more than three weeks.

«Askorutin» is available in the tablet form. In each package to be ten, fifty, or a hundred pills, so the patient can choose a convenient form.

To apply medication is needed after a meal, washed down a pill with a small amount of clean water.

The tool can be used from the age of three. Before this age the medication can be applied only after the appointment of the attending physician. This is because the drug, namely, vitamins and some additives can cause severe allergic reactions and cause deterioration of health.


Dosage «Askorutin» to treat children with nosebleeds the following:

  1. In the treatment of children from age three to six are assigned a half of a tablet in a single application. Per day permitted not more than 1.5 tablets.
  2. For the treatment from six to twelve years, the doctor will prescribe one tablet three times a day.
  3. If a child is over twelve years, the drug is administered three times a day, two pill at one time.
  4. «Askorutin» with nosebleeds in adults should be applied two times a day three pills at a time.
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Treatment frequent bleeding lasts up to three weeks. In some cases the course of treatment and its duration varies, but increasing the dosage can only be the attending physician.


In violation of the dosage of the drug, the baby can occur overdose. It manifests itself in the following way:

  • dizziness;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • severe pain in the head;
  • signs of intoxication;
  • dysfunction of kidneys or liver;
  • changes in blood pressure.

These signs of exceeding the recommended doses, it is therefore important to urgently wash out the stomach of the baby and to drink activated charcoal. At the same time, you should call the team «Ambulance».

Side effects

Noted that side effects of the treatment «with askorutin» are rare. Most often the signs of illness occur in violation of the rules of application, when due to the pleasant taste, a child uses more of the drug than necessary.

Side effects are manifested in the following way:

  • the disruption of the digestive tract;
  • loss of appetite;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • pain in the temples and head;
  • allergic reaction in form of itching and burning;
  • urticaria;
  • rash;
  • the formation of kidney stones.

The manifestation of any undesirable symptoms you should stop and seek qualified help.


The use of the drug may not be recommended in the following cases:

  • for treatment of babies up to three years;
  • with special sensitivity to active and additional components of the drug;
  • in the case of high platelets;
  • thrombosis with inflammation of the vein wall and thrombus formation which occludes the lumen;
  • when fructose intolerance;
  • in the case of urolithiasis.

Often patients wonder thins or thickens the blood «Askorutin»? It is important to know that the drug provokes thinning of the blood, and reduces swelling and inflammation in the vessel walls. Therefore, you should not use this medicine if you increased blood clotting.

In addition, «Askorutin» is strictly prohibited in diabetes.

«Askorutin» and pregnancy

This medication is strictly contraindicated in pregnancy. However, the ban on reception until twelve weeks. Subsequently, the tool can assign not only to stop frequent bleeding, but in the case of varicose veins or to prevent uterine bleeding.

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Use when feeding breast milk is not prohibited.


Feedback on the medication very positive.

Irina Gurieva: «I used «Askorutin» even in adolescence, when hormonal changes bleeding began to appear every day. The tool increased the immune system, restore the function of the mucosa and markedly improve well-being. After ten days of treatment, bleeding stopped. Now using the tool to maintain immunity and notice that it has become much less likely to get sick».

Valentina Grigoryeva: «When there was bleeding on the background of the experiences of the baby, the doctor prescribed «Askorutin». Took three tablets a day for one week. On the third day of treatment noticed mucous in my nose was less swollen, breath was restored and feel better. After a full course of bleeding is over.»

Olesya Grishina: «After a cold the child has a decreased protective function of the mucous, and I noticed her exhaustion. As a result, there was bleeding. On examination, the doctor prescribed the drug «Askorutin». Drank two tablets exactly seven days. After the course increased immunity, strengthen blood vessels, and blood loss is over.»


If you or your child plagued by frequent bleeding, it is necessary to seek qualified medical help. This pathology may indicate hazardous processes in the body, for example, the development of a tumor or cyst. In this case, medical treatment will serve only as an introduction, and the patient will schedule the surgery.

If the reason lies in blood loss weak immune system or hormonal changes, «Askorutin» will act as an effective means for treatment.