Auditory pocket digital cameras — how to choose?

What is a pocket hearing AIDS?

According to medical statistics today, more than 60 percent of people older than 50 years of age partially or completely lose their hearing and also have health problems of the ears in General. To restore audibility of sounds it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive range of treatments. After this you need to choose a hearing aid.

However, the choice of hearing AIDS is quite a serious problem as a large selection of can enter into a stupor each. How to choose an individual hearing aid, so that it was convenient and comfortable, let us examine the present material.

The acuteness of hearing

Loss of hearing acuity in older age is seen more as a feature, rather than a physiological disorder.

The deterioration of hearing can be caused by various reasons:

  1. With the return of the human changes the structure of the skull.
  2. The increase in size of the tympanic membrane.
  3. Inflammatory and infectious diseases in the inner, middle or outer ear.
  4. Disease of the joints.
  5. Of concussion or other trauma to the head.
  6. Allergic reaction to long use of antibiotics.
  7. Dysfunction of the auditory ossicles.
  8. The destruction of cells in the middle ear.

If you notice these symptoms, immediately consult a specialist as the pain and the hearing loss cannot be ignored.

It is especially important to follow this rule, people of retirement age. As deep in return the treatment of inflammation of the ears is more difficult, because of physiological features. Therefore, any inflammation can cause serious complications.

It is known that the problem with the sensitivity of the sounds is fairly common among people whose age exceeds 50 years. It should be remembered that hearing loss can occur not only degenerative changes but also due to problems in the brain or spinal cord.

Hearing AIDS are not prescribed to patients who have pathological dermatitis or eczema on areas of the outer ear. In this case, a person requires different ways of treatment.

The selection of devices takes place individually, taking into account characteristics of the organism and the age of the patient. It is known that drugs and devices are appropriate for this patient 60 years old, is not suitable to the patient 80 years of age.

Devices to maintain hearing

These devices are necessary, subject to violations of sensitivity to sounds for a variety of reasons. This electronic device is only necessary if the fact that the medication does not produce results, but after researching the audiogram revealed that other methods of treatment no.

To date, the choice of hearing devices is huge in terms of sizes and models.

There are several types, which can make selection of the device.

Externally, the device might look like in three variations:

  • pocket;
  • inside the ear;
  • BTE.

The device volume can be handled in two ways:

  • analog;
  • digital.

Subject to full or partial hearing loss, the patient is appointed for hearing AIDS. In the modern world are very popular pocket digital hearing AIDS.

They are practical and comfortable compared to outdated conventional hearing AIDS. The feature of this fixture is that it has separate housing. It can be placed in your handbag or pants pocket.

Off wire, resembling headphones. It is necessary to enter in the ear of the patient. He the ear the apparatus is in the invisible region and does not cause the patient unpleasant symptoms.

It is known that pocket hearing AIDS differ from their predecessors.

First and foremost they are high-performance and differ in their power. It is much easier the patient’s life.

For lovers of an active lifestyle, hearing AIDS allow you not to limit yourself to sports or travel.

As with proper consolidation in the pocket hearing aid is firmly attached and eliminates the option of loss.

However, the main criterion in the selection of the unit is its convenience and ease of use and operation. Due to the fact that the device is used on a daily basis, pay attention not only on the material used in the manufacture, but also on the quality of the device.

On handheld devices

Pocket hearing AIDS reproduce pure sound, trying to bring it closer to natural sound.

Because of this, they gained immense popularity and have become competitive to the huge number of other digital devices.

It is worth noting that this machine enhances the sound of the low frequencies. In addition, he separates human speech from noise and independently adapts the organ of hearing to perceive sounds.

In addition, the drug levels too loud sounds down to medium, allowing the human ear to perceive a natural tone. This is a particularly important rule in the devices, as higher frequency sounds can harm the patient’s health and even destroy the eardrum.

With proper setting of the drug, the people around him do not notice.

Handheld devices convenient operation, does not occupy much space and have a reasonable cost.

A big plus of the machine is of high quality and reliable design.

The choice of apparatus

To choose a hearing aid for a person over the age of 50 should be carefully examined everything on the market drugs and consult with your doctor.

A hearing aid needs to fit the lifestyle of a person. In addition, remember that over the years the quality and sharpness of hearing only reduced. Therefore, the camera needs to amplify the sound waves, thus restoring the patient’s hearing.

Note the elements in the selection. It consists of:

  1. The amplifier, which transmits signals from the microphone to the device. Because of the amplifier and its quality depends the quality of the sound.
  2. Microphone. Its functions include processing of sounds, increase in too low frequencies and Vice versa.

In addition, the hearing aid for people of retirement age must meet a number of parameters. They include:

  1. The device must be fully electronic.
  2. Automatic volume adjustment.
  3. Long-term battery life.
  4. A strong power level.
  5. The suppression of noise and loud sounds.

You should consider that pocket-sized device reproduces the purest possible sound, but its performance depend on the pricing and quality of materials.

Keep in mind that an elderly person needs easy to manage device. Therefore, the choice of apparatus, it is preferable to take electronic than manual. So, the patient will be able to seamlessly adjust the sound because this device analyzes ambient sounds and adjusts them under the patient.

Today, professionals most often recommend to buy pocket hearing aid Siemens. It is believed that they are the most easy to operate and convenient to use.


Thus, it is important to choose the really easy-to-manage device, which will be a good addition and will convert all the sounds to the individual characteristics of the patient.

Remember that the purchase of the device must only be conducted in specialized stores and only after consultation with your doctor.

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