Baby cough: what to do and why coughing

What if the baby coughs?

Periodic cough in a newborn scares the parents and is not just. Cough without signs of heat or cold inflammation is quite difficult to resolve because the reasons for its formation are quite different. To help the baby to get rid of the disease, it is important to have information about first aid.

What if the baby coughs must install the pediatrician, as not all parents know about side effects of all medications they plan to take. To facilitate the selection of the drug read this information and learn tips of the main children’s doctor of Russia.

Why newborn coughs

Cough is a symptom of colds, infectious or viral diseases. It manifests as a protective reflex in which the body tries to get rid of dust particles, dirt and other foreign objects in the respiratory system. If the immune system can cope with adverse environment particles themselves, the inflammatory process that occurs in the background of a cold or flu requires medical help.

The cough reflex is of several types:

  • adaptation or physiological;
  • infectious nature;
  • non-infectious form.

If in the case of an infectious inflammation, the cough is manifested as dangerous symptom, when the physiological process parents should not be afraid. It manifests itself as a natural process during which the baby gets used to the new living conditions.

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The reason for the formation of adaptive coughing lies in the anatomy of the respiratory system of the baby. Due to the fact that the process of removing mucous secretions in infants is not formed until the end, the baby often clears his throat. Thus, he tries to remove the phlegm that occurs in all people.

For reference! Every day an adult produces up to one hundred milliliters of mucus.

Cough under physiological process is not dangerous. Normally, the infant can cough up to ten times per day.

What causes non-infectious inflammation

If the baby coughs after feeding or coughing was formed against the background of excessive dry air, be afraid also is not necessary. These reasons include stimuli in the form of strong odors, allergic reactions and other household reaction.

Noninfectious inflammation indicates the adjustment of the child to environmental changes, but this does not mean that the child did not need medical assistance.

A cough can occur for a number of reasons. The main factors include:

  • overly dry air;
  • cigarette smoke;
  • foreign object in the respiratory system;
  • frequent exposure to the conditioning;
  • allergic reaction.

Interesting! Sometimes cough occurs due to the accumulation of saliva. In this case, the child should be given a large amount of clean water.


Sometimes the cough is formed as a result of colds or infectious lesions of the respiratory system. This point is usually diagnosed with SARS, acute respiratory infections, influenza and other inflammations. Cough on the background of acute respiratory disease manifests itself due to respiratory failure and accumulation of large amounts of mucus from the lungs or bronchi.

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Besides the fact that the child complains of fever, runny nose and other symptoms on the baby suffering from a debilitating dry cough. It causes severe irritation of the mucous part may cause hemoptysis and disorders of the throat.

In addition, cough may also occur on the background of otitis, which often occurs in children under twelve months. The inflamed middle ear of the baby causes severe pain, which the baby constantly cries and refuses to eat.

How to cure otitis media find out in this article.

Keep in mind that infectious cough is divided into two types:

  • dry;
  • wet.

In the first case, the disease is very hard as an unproductive process causes itching and irritation, vomiting and severe pain. To cure dry cough is quite difficult, because children can not spit out the mucus, and just swallow the phlegm.

In case of wrong or delayed treatment in this case, the child may be laryngitis, whooping cough or tracheitis. To get rid of calluses will help the various syrups and inhalations.

With a wet cough, the treatment is much easier. To get rid of inflammation of the baby are appointed mucolytic and expectorant medicines, and syrups and inhalers.


Treatment of non-infectious inflammation must begin with eliminating the cause. If in the case of cigarette smoke, the conclusion is clear and parents should get rid of the addiction, therapy for allergic reaction should take place under the supervision of a physician.

The first step is to establish the type of stimulus. These include pet dander, blooming, dust, certain foods, powders, cosmetics and so on.

How to cure allergic cough in adults can be found here.

In case of cough due to dry air, buy a humidifier. Before buying a camera, find out which one is best with this article. In addition, parents should not forget about the need for daily wet cleaning, airing the living room and removing rugs, pillows, and larger toys. Such elements accumulate a large amount of dust that often causes an allergic reaction in babies.

The most popular syrups for the treatment of children under one year are described in this article.

In the event of an infectious nature baby prescribed the following medications:

  1. ARVI child needs immunomodulatory antiviral drugs. The most effective is recognized as the drug «Viferon»
  2. If the cough is accompanied by high fever, give your child an antipyretic. To treat infants, you can use any syrups on the basis of «Ibuprofen» and «Paracetamol».
  3. During the development of inflammation it is important to eliminate the risk of complications. For this it is necessary to rinse nasal passages. If the child is more than a year, should undertake the rehabilitation using the «constant stress» or «Aqua Maris», but for the treatment of newborns should just clear the nose by using turundae.
  4. After the reorganization in the nasal passages to moisten nasal passages oil droplets, for example, «Ekteritsidom».
  5. In the course of treatment include the use of homeopathic remedies. For grudnikov usually prescribed syrup «Stodal». It has antitussive effect and has an expectorant effect.
  6. The humid nature of the cough the patient needed expectorants. It is best to use the following drugs – «Woken», «Bronchium», «Hamilton medical», «Doctor», «Geelix». Almost all drugs are made from natural ingredients and safe for the treatment of newborns.
  7. In addition, the child needed mukolitiki – «Ambrobene», «Flamed», «Fluditec»,»Mucosolvan», «Mucosal», «Travis», «Bromgeksin». They withdraw the phlegm and contribute to the improvement of the immune system.
  8. The next step on the road to recovery would be the use of cough medicines – «Paratus», «Senekot» and others. Before taking these drugs, please consult with your doctor, as the funds may be contraindicated in some cases.

Important! When treating babies it is strictly forbidden to use antibacterial drugs.

The advice of a pediatrician

The most famous children’s doctor of Russia Komarovsky advises not to ignore the methods of traditional medicine. To get rid of infectious inflammation is possible only with the help of complex therapy, so don’t risk the health of your own child. In addition, remember that babies can not be applied many medicines, so before treatment is mandatory to visit your pediatrician.

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Komorowski recalled that babies can’t give anything but mother’s milk and clean water. It is especially important to monitor the child’s diet if he suffers from fever.

To understand the correct amount of water you give your baby as the diaper. If it is not filled within three hours, the child should take more liquid.

Important! If the child is over five months the water can be replaced by decoctions of medicinal herbs.

Children’s doctor, speaks of the need of humidifying the living room, so follow the condition of the air in the bedroom. Normal air temperature should be between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. The necessary humidity in this indicator – from fifty to seventy percent.

If the child has no temperature, Komorowski said about the need of fresh air. Do not be afraid, if, immediately after walking, the baby began to cough harder. Thus stands out phlegm, which is useful for coughs.

In some sources it is written that in the complex treatment of cough is responsible for conducting inhalation. Remember that steam can cause irreparable harm, therefore, to carry out such procedures is strictly prohibited.

Komarovsky advises to hold the inhalation in the steamed bathroom. To do this, fill the tub with warm water and add a small amount of essential oils. Ensure that the child had no allergic reactions for the selected ingredient.

Interesting! When dry and nonproductive cough instead of aromatic oils, add water, baking soda and salt.


Treatment of the newborn should be picked up by a qualified doctor. The use of medicines without practical knowledge it is dangerous for your baby, so trust the professionals. Remember that alternative therapies are dangerous to the health of the crumbs, as well as ignorance about the side effects of medication.

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