Badger fat cough: application and treatment of cough and bronchitis

How to drink badger fat when you cough?

For diseases of the respiratory system it is important to receive timely treatment. When selecting a therapy, an increasing number of people prefer traditional methods, which allow to eliminate the inflammation without harming the health. Natural and natural components, as a rule, do not cause the formation of side effects and approved for use at any age. In addition, they can replace some synthetic drugs and antibiotics.

If you prefer to choose chemical drugs and natural ingredients note recipe fat badger cough. This product is able to deliver the patient from bouts of severe reflex process in the throat, and increase immune system. In a matter of days when milk eliminates the symptoms of inflammation of respiratory catarrh, bronchitis and laryngitis.

How does the drug

Pulmonary diseases are always accompanied by pronounced symptoms, which are difficult to get rid of. Therefore, for the treatment of such pathologies it is best to use traditional methods, which can not trigger the development of inflammatory process.

One such method is the use of badger fat when you cough. It can be applied at any age, as this ingredient has almost no contraindications and side effects.

The natural component is extracted by peretaplivanii internal fat of the animal. To buy this medication at any pharmacy item. The tool has a yellowish color and characteristic smell. The product is stored only in the refrigerator, because at higher temperatures it melts quickly.

Saturating human useful trace elements, vitamins and various acids, badger fat and boosts the immune system of the body. In addition, the drug improves circulation to speed the healing process.

For reference! The main advantage of the drug is the drug. The basis of badger fat are biologically active substances that are seamlessly absorbed by the human body.

Other beneficial properties of the drug include:

  • pronounced healing properties;
  • the suppression of inflammation;
  • improved protein digestion;
  • antimicrobial activity;
  • the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • increase local immunity;
  • quick healing of wounds and scratches;
  • the elimination of purulent processes.
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In the treatment of cough this product can eliminate seizures and improve the General condition of the patient. Treatment badger fat cough and bronchitis takes place in several stages, but the therapeutic effect is already apparent in the first week of therapy. Often this drug is given as a complex therapy of tuberculosis and pneumonia.

According to statistics, the drug reduces the inflammatory process in the bronchi, improves the flow of phlegm, liquefies thick mucus, eliminates pain with prolonged cough.

How to cure a cough using a comprehensive treatment can be found here.

How to drink badger fat when coughing

For proper use of badger fat, it is important to know the exact proportions and basic recipes. If you violate the rules of application, the remedy can cause allergic reactions and other undesirable symptoms.

To achieve a therapeutic result, badger fat used every day for one week. It is best to use the remedy orally half an hour before the first meal and last for hours before bedtime.

Analyze how to take badger fat when you cough adult:

  1. For the treatment of adults when milk is assigned to one of a large spoon.
  2. If the child is older than ten years, then to apply the remedy should, to the half tablespoon.
  3. For treatment of children six to ten years is assigned the use of one teaspoon.
  4. During therapy three to six years, you can apply half a teaspoon of the drug.
  5. If the cough came from a child up to three years, dosing should be clarified at the children’s therapist, because in this case the nature of inflammation, height, weight and exact age of the baby.

Badger fat is used orally only in molten form. To do this, dissolve the drug in a glass of warm milk or a decoction of herbs. To apply the product it in small SIPS.

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The duration of treatment should be not less than two weeks. Usually badger fat is used to eliminate all symptoms of inflammation.

Important! Apply the medication only on an empty stomach, otherwise the therapeutic effect will not occur.

If on the third day of treatment did you notice a result, the use of badger fat should be combined with traditional therapy.


Treatment badger fat is possible not only when the cough of an infectious nature, but in the case of bronchitis. In this case, the drug should be applied not inside, and RUB the tool on the chest or back.

Keep in mind that the same method is used in the treatment of children up to three years. At this age the use of badger fat in melted form can be dangerous.

For the treatment of bronchitis in children ten grams means should be rubbed on the chest, back and feet. When inflammation of the bronchi in adults are assigned to twenty grams of the drug for the application. For best results, badger fat should be used inside, as described in the recipe for the treatment of cough. After applying the tool does not wash off, so the procedure is best done before bedtime. The result will appear on the fifth day of therapy. The cough becomes softer, and signs of inflammation significantly less.

For a full treatment using this method should be not less than fourteen days.

For best results, some doctors recommend to combine the use of fat with aloe juice, honey or cocoa. For this selected ingredient should be added to the drug immediately before applying.

How to put a compress

Wrap with badger fat cough typically used in acute inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. Timely started therapy this method will help prevent the development of tuberculosis, pneumonia or chronic inflammation of the bronchitis. Furthermore, compresses are used to treat bronchial asthma.

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To use the fat badger in this context:

  1. The patient should be steamed. To do this, visit a bath or a hot shower.
  2. Then apply on the chest or the back protective layer in the form of cellophane or paper.
  3. Then apply a large amount of the drug to the inflamed area.
  4. Close a compress with cotton wool, then wrap the chest with gauze.
  5. Then wrap the patient in a warm blanket.
  6. Compress keep all night.

During treatment, the patient should not be supercooled, so close all Windows in the room and turn off the air conditioner. To cause fat, and thus a day for two weeks.

To provide greater benefits, compresses should be alternated with rubbing and use badger fat inside.


Unconventional methods for treatment of coughing can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, before use, apply a small amount of the drug on the bend of the elbow. If within thirty minutes on the skin no rashes, then the product can be used for medicinal purposes.