Badger fat cough children: reviews, Komorowski, instructions for use

How to treat cough in children the fat badger?

As a rule, colds and infectious inflammation cause dryness and itching in the throat. Such a process occurs because of respiratory system pathogens, or various irritants that are present in the environment. Among the methods of treatment of cough in children can be found a variety of methods, including the use of folk remedies. So, one of the most common ways of treatment is the use of badger fat cough.

Fat gets rid of inflammation and pain in the chest for a very short time. Thanks to its active ingredients, the attacks are becoming softer, and after one week of treatment do take place. But rubbing badger fat and the use of the drug in the patch is not always suitable for the treatment of inflammation of the lungs or bronchi in young children. Find out does cough badger fat and how to properly use it in this article.

When you can apply the tool

One of the most famous methods for the treatment of cough is the use of badger fat. Biologically active substances, which in large quantities are in the fat of the animal, help eliminate inflammation in the respiratory system.

Of course, before applying the prescriptions of this drug, it’s important to get medical advice. The therapist will determine the course of treatment and the degree of inflammation. Don’t always cough in a child can be cured by traditional medicine. If the inflammation is complicated, the kid is prescribed complex treatment with the use of tablets and syrups.

The most effective syrups for the treatment of children described in this article.

If the inflammation is not acute, and overall health of the child is satisfactory, the baby can assign alternative therapies. The fat badger in this case acts as the most powerful, but harmless drug. It does not contain dangerous elements that can cause side effects.

This tool is used in infectious inflammation of the respiratory system when there is a risk of developing bronchitis, pneumonia or acute respiratory inflammation.

It is important to note that the child is completely absorbed by the body. In the process of treatment badger fat enriches the blood active ingredients, vitamins and acids. As a result of this process achieved the following processes:

  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • the reduction of inflammatory process;
  • enriching the body with vitamin A and b;
  • reducing the risk of developing dangerous consequences;
  • the normalization of the vascular system;
  • improving the functions of heart and nervous system;
  • a functional recovery of metabolism;
  • to supply the body with fatty acids.
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Due to such structure and its effects on the body, the use of badger fat in the treatment of children allows to achieve the following results:

  • treatment of infectious inflammation in the respiratory tract;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • reducing the formation of catarrhal forms of inflammation;
  • quick treatment of wounds and suppuration;
  • the recovery of the body after prolonged inflammation of the bronchi;
  • improvement of health after surgery to the region of the larynx;
  • recovery of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the improvement of metabolism;
  • treatment of various skin diseases;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • therapy in non-infectious diseases in the respiratory tract;
  • the treatment of bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.

The use of badger fat can leave the inflammatory process in the bronchi and lungs, and also to withdraw the accumulated phlegm for one course of treatment. In addition, the tool softens the attacks of exhausting cough, and significantly improves overall health of the baby.

Despite the fact that you can buy badger fat without a prescription and doctor’s recommendations, before use make sure there are no allergic reactions. To do this, apply five grams of the means to brush the child’s hand and wait thirty minutes. If during this time the skin rash, redness, itching, or other signs of Allergy, the use of medication is unacceptable.

Usage instructions

Instructions for use of badger fat cough in children is reported that the use of the tool can only two years. When you cough in a child this age to treatment involves using other methods. Medications to cure cough in infants can be found in this article.

Usually badger fat is used inside. To do this, melt the drug in warm milk. If a child is lactose intolerant or does he just not like the taste of milk, the drug should be mixed in the decoction of medicinal herbs.

It is best to drink a solution of fat in one hour before meals three times a day. For the treatment of children is assigned to the following dosage:

  1. For treating children of ten years is granted to one big spoon of the drug.
  2. From six to ten years prescribed half a tablespoon.
  3. From three to six years are advised to use a teaspoon of medicine.
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The dose should only be applied in molten form. Drink the solution in small SIPS.

Important! To use the tool, you only on an empty stomach! Otherwise you will not achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

The duration of treatment depends on the form of inflammation. For children treatment is usually enough for ten days. If the cough during this time has not passed, should be re-diagnosis. As a rule, when milk is assigned in conjunction with drug therapy, so the doctor will either increase the dosage or change some medications.


If the child is two years old but the doctor prescribed the fat, it is important to know exactly how to treat cough in children the fat badger. In this case, the drug is indicated for rubbing.

Before the procedure the child should be in a warm steam bath. However, if the baby fever, cause fat without preliminary preparation. For grinding used from five to fifteen milligrams, depending on weight, height and age of the baby.

Apply the product should be on the chest, back and heel. Then the child should be dressed in warm clothing or wrap in blanket. Rubbing is best done before bedtime. In the morning wipe the baby dry and put on his clean clothes.

Important! Ensure that the room AC did not work and was not draft. Hypothermia can cause the development of inflammation.

Says pediatrician

In the treatment of cough famous children’s doctor Komarovsky suggest to determine the cause of the formation of the disease. The patient can start the treatment according to the medication only after a thorough diagnosis.

According to Komarovsky, treatment for babies it is best to use badger fat in the form of friction or compresses. How to use the product in the form of ointments described above, therefore to determine the mechanism of applying compresses.

  1. First, check the temperature of the baby. If it is normal, the application of the compress is justified. In case of high temperature, the fat should be rubbed on the skin.
  2. To apply a compress you should make a light massage of the back of the child. To do this, RUB the palm of your hand between them and gently RUB the baby’s back. After she is warmed up, apply to skin paper compresses.
  3. Apply a top fifteen grams of milk fat evenly throughout the paper.
  4. Then put on the poultice cloth and wrap baby in a towel or wrap the back of a warm scarf.
  5. Keep the compress suggest at least two hours, but, according to Komorowski, it is best to leave the compress on overnight.
  6. The next morning the child should not go outside for three hours.
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Compresses should be combined with grinding and application inside. The treatment usually last up to three weeks.


Reviews of the fat badger is very positive. All patients noted rapid action of the drug and feeling better already in the first week of treatment.

Elena Naumova: «When my son has a cough, I put a small amount of fat badger on the chest and back. The drug smeared across the chest and wrapped the baby in a blanket. Half an hour later the cough became noticeably softer. Repeated the procedure every day once before bedtime. The coughing passed quickly and without consequences.»

Catherine Borschev: «my daughter after the flu appeared dry and painful cough. She often awoke at night and cried a lot from signs of suffocation. Together with comprehensive treatment, the therapist advised to put badger fat and take it inside with warm milk. On the third day of treatment the attacks became milder, and in a week the cough was finally».


Get rid of the cough only listed methods can be used at the initial stage of inflammation. If the inflammation is complicated by pronounced symptoms, including pain ощущ0ениями in the chest and increased body temperature, should immediately seek medical help.