Badger fat during pregnancy cough: the therapeutic properties and contraindications

Can I use badger fat during pregnancy?

Cough the expectant mother prevents the flow of oxygen, improves the tone of the uterus, which is dangerous with fetal hypoxia, placental abruption, miscarriage in the 1st trimester, premature labor in the later stages of gestation.

Leave the symptom without attention is not necessary, because this condition is dangerous for the woman and baby. Come to the aid of drugs of plant origin, which do not have side effects. Among them badger fat. The article reveals the healing properties of the product, recommendations on when and how to use it.

Can badger fat cough during pregnancy?

Official medicine does not give a definite answer to the question, referring to the absence of clinical findings about the impact of substances on the fetus.

Environmentally friendly product does not contain chemical elements, and healthy natural fats in combination with vitamins, minerals, make it safe during pregnancy, adjusted for the fact that the use approved by the attending physician.

Product of animal origin intended for outdoor and indoor use. Time 1 to week 13 of gestation imposes restrictions on oral intake of the drug when there is a formation of vital organs and systems. Uncontrolled use of funds at this stage can provoke birth defects.

A woman who has reached the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, it is easier to stop a cough. The fruit surrounds the placental organ that serves as a conduit of nutrients and oxygen and protects the fetus from the negative influence of the outside world.

Therefore, from 12 to 24 a week use a natural product in different ways at a moderate dosage, in the absence of other contraindications.

Cough for 3 trimester is less dangerous than at the initial time. However, due to the aging of the placenta, increase its capacity, there is a probability of penetration of active components to the fetus, which can complicate childbirth, to provoke a toxic effect on the baby and the mother’s body.

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Is it possible to put some badger fat during pregnancy? Outer intake has no contraindications and restrictions, except for individual intolerance of components. To reduce the high biological activity before applying the product diluted essential oils.

Tip! When selecting the volatile substances, caution should be exercised, because they are characterized by high allergenicity.

The benefits and harms of fat badger

Why modern scientists are showing increased interest in the composition and properties of remedies? This is an explanation: the animal dwells only in clean areas, do not feed on carrion and spoiled food.

His diet consists of protein and plant foods. Animal before hibernation begins to accumulate reserves, which contain elevated concentrations of nutrients and minerals, so hunting store fat in the autumn.

The natural composition of the product determines therapeutic properties of the fat badger:

  • vitamin a has anti-inflammatory action, contributes to the dynamic regeneration of the mucosa;
  • stimulation of metabolic processes at the cellular and tissue level, activation of compressor mechanisms maintaining hormonal levels responsible vitamin;
  • antioxidants neutralize free radicals, prevent radionovna benign forms of cancer;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids contribute to the formation of local immunity, strengthen the cardiovascular and Central nervous system;
  • antibiotics of natural origin active against large number of pathogenic strains, including pathogens of tuberculosis. Components eliminate stagnant processes, transferred to a dry cough into a productive, facilitate the evacuation of sputum.

On the treatment site fat formed a kind of film which provides protection from aggressive exogenous factors, relieves inflammation. The advantages of medicinal product is the ability to reduce the burden on the blood system, it ensures free transport of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus.

For reference! When hypothermia or frostbite parts of the body rubbed with the fat badger, due to high heat transfer.

The fat badger has found widespread use in otolaryngology, as a cough remedy. With it cropped upper respiratory tract infections: laryngitis, pharyngitis, acute tonsillitis, pneumonia, obstructive bronchitis.

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Natural remedy at a time three exhibits therapeutic properties: destroys infection in the projection of the upper respiratory tract and prevents further spread of microorganisms, provides healing and immunomodulatory effects. In bronchial asthma reduces the frequency and intensity of the forced exhalations.

It is prescribed in the rehabilitation period after long fasting, with the aim of increasing the body’s resistance to infectious agents. Used as a healing ointment for burns, skin diseases, boils, bedsores.

The danger of the raw materials is individual intolerance of separate components. It is difficult to anticipate the reaction of the pregnant woman’s body, so treatment badger fat must be approved by the physician after analyzing the expected benefits and harms, taking into account the physiology of the patient, characteristics of pregnancy, the etiology of cough.

With caution prescribed to pregnant women who are prone to diseases of the liver and pancreas, the bile ducts.

The pattern of usage of medicinal product

In the sale of a medicinal product is supplied in recycled condition, packaged in glass containers. Modern farmaindustria is capsules and dietary supplements based on fatty substance with a lower concentration of the main component.

Kept at a low temperature. Before use it is necessary to measure the dose, leave to defrost, and put the jar back in the fridge.

For the treatment of cough due to cold take badger fat inside according to the following scheme:

  • 1 teaspoon of body weight up to 60 kg.;
  • 1 tbsp in the weight up to 100 kg.;
  • up to 2 tbsp for patients whose weight exceeds 100 kg.
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Use the suspension for half an hour before meals, daily multiple of three times. With chronic ENT pathology the prescription of the doctor, the dosage may be increased. The duration of therapy of acute conditions is continued until complete relief of symptoms.

When violations of the protracted nature of the course is limited to one month, followed by two-week break and repeat dosing.

Important! During peak respiratory viral diseases tincture of badger fat is used as profilaktirujut tool.

When the reception of the fat badger is impossible for some reasons pregnant women are advised to RUB the projection of the chest, back, neck. If redness of the skin, the appearance of itching and burning sensation you need to limit contact with the drug.


Badger fat the effective way to restore the respiratory tract in pregnant women, designed for indoor and outdoor use.

During the period of gestation, the doctors emphasize on the use of fat in pure form for grinding. This method minimizes the risk of complications, which is often manifested in the 1 trimester of gestation.