Ball (bump) behind the ear: what is, how to treat, causes

How to treat lump behind the ear and on the lobe?

If under the earlobe there was a lump, the patient needs to seriously think about their health. This symptom refers to serious types of disease in which disrupted lymph nodes. In the process of inflammation of the cervical lymphatic tissue and cause a variety of tumors. On palpation, one feels the seal in the ear. They can become enlarged and filled with pus, depending on the type of tumor.

If you have the earlobe ball, which hurts, you need to seek help from doctors. In this situation, no time to lose, since this deviation is quite dangerous and can cause serious consequences.

Bead behind the ear — what is it

Among the reasons for this phenomenon, which the world called a Wen or an atheroma of the ear, secrete a variety of factors. The main reason for the ball in the earlobe – clogging of the skin sebaceous glands.

As a result, behind ear there was a lump. In this case, the consistency of the lump is soft and consists of dead cells, fat and weight skin.

The formation of the atheroma

Most often these symptoms are observed in people who do not follow the rules of hygiene of the ear, and also with the deviation of the functioning of the sebaceous glands or metabolic disorders.

Another cause of atheroma of the ear in this case is not a proper diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and various skin problems.

Wen on the lobe of the ear may symbolize about the long influence of sunlight or frequent wearing of hearing AIDS, earplugs or headphones.

If you like to wear various ornaments on the ear lobe, do not forget to carry out their daily cleansing, as the atheroma may appear due to the penetration of infection through the puncture.

At the initial stages of atheroma is not seen and the person may not notice the formation of lump behind ear. The pain, itching sensation and seals are formed much later. Externally, the atheroma can be identified by the following factors:

  1. Seal skin behind the ears.
  2. The mobility of the seal.
  3. Palpation felt pain.
  4. Temperature Wen differs from the body temperature.

If you notice these symptoms and continue to not pay attention to them, be prepared to such consequences as the accumulation of a large number of pus in this region.

Since subcutaneous fat and the various secrets that are going in this part are not able to come out due to clogged sebaceous glands, is formed inflammation of the ear lobe. For inflammation the patient is experiencing a fever to 39 degrees Celsius, and also:

  • the increase in the size of tumors;
  • redness of the ear lobe and portion of the patient;
  • pain when touched;
  • dizziness;
  • the loss of sleep.

At this time, it is important to begin treatment and to seek help to the medical staff. Otherwise the lump may be transformed into a festering ulcer.


Another cause of atheroma – trauma to the ear.

In various skin lesions bumps are formed and seals the site of the lesion tissue.

In addition, to cause the formation of atheroma may be an insect bite, cuts, and even ear piercing.

At this time, the patient feels strong pain when touching the affected area. In the patient’s body produced a histamine which causes the discomfort.

At this time, it is important to the hygiene of the affected area, and use antiseptic drugs. This is necessary in order to avoid getting infections and start the inflammatory process.

Otherwise the affected area will greatly inflamed, produces various types of rashes, purulent discharge, pain when touched, and increase body temperature.

Epidermoid education

A lump under the skin may be epidermoid cyst.

In this case, in the human body in increased size are produced by the cells of the epidermis, which cause the formation of cysts.

It can be localized both at the earlobe and behind the ear on.

The formation of cysts can be confused with atheroma, because the first symptoms are inflammation similar. If not properly treated, cysts can be very large, cause severe pain, dizziness and purulent discharge.

With the emergence of various secretions, the patient must provide emergency hospitalization, as it is possible that in the ear of the patient, is formed of a malignant neoplasm.

Clogged gland

In some cases, tumors in the lobe of the ear or behind owe its appearance to the clogged glands. In this case, glands in the skin to form pus, which causes severe pain and inflammation.

It may be localized anywhere on the ear, and looks like red acne. Depending on the type of inflammation, the doctor prescribes individual treatment. In most cases this kind of disease amenable to medical treatment, and quickly.

Other signs

Other reasons for formation of lumps in the region of the ear include inflammatory processes in the body.

The most common of these are:

  • inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • hormonal changes in the body;
  • frequent sunlight;
  • hypothermia;
  • chronic types of disease of the organ of hearing;
  • reduced immune system.

Regardless of the root causes of the formation of lumps on the earlobe or behind the ear organ, the patient needs to provide comprehensive treatment. At this time, the doctor will do a physical examination of the entire body and takes the appropriate tests.

In the case of localization of tumors inside the ear ultrasound examination.

Symptoms of inflammation

As we have seen, tumors at the initial stage have little or no symptoms.

However, in the period of development of the ear is greatly modified to appear different seals, pain, redness of the skin.

In addition, it is noted the following symptoms:

  1. Visible seal skin.
  2. Soreness.
  3. Itching on the site of the tumor.
  4. The suppuration.

Was a situation when the inflammatory process begins a few weeks later after the formation of bumps. During this period, the tumor becomes solid and fluid and also starts to deliver a strong discomfort to the patient.

In the case of a healthy immune system, the patient is self-cleaning secret allocated from the education. In some cases, therefore, the lump bursts independently, and the ear heals quickly.


When determining the root causes of inflammation, the question arises, how to treat, if swollen earlobe and formed a lump.

The course of treatment prescribed by the attending physician after an accurate diagnosis of inflammation.

Most often, a lump under the ear lobe are formed due to infection in ear body.

At this time the patient is assigned antibacterial drugs, which reduce inflammation. In the treatment process, it is important to prevent disease recurrence, so the patient can prescribe additional tools, specialized for anti-inflammatory effect.

In the case of formation of the cyst, the patient may need to conduct complex surveys, since this inflammation there are several reasons.

Treatment of purulent secretions is very different from benign. So in this case you need to go to the doctor. In the application of anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics the patient should be attentive to your diet and avoid fatty and spicy food.

In some cases, when this inflammation the patient is assigned to surgical intervention. However, this method is required in case of ineffectiveness of drug treatment.

In the process of formation of bumps on the earlobe or behind the ear organ, it is necessary to ensure the absence of cancer. For this the patient has to undergo a special survey. During the course of therapy the patient is prescribed antibiotics and special solutions, as well as physiotherapy.


Remember that education behind the ear or organ of hearing should not be ignored. Thus, the body only indicates the beginning of inflammatory processes. To refer to the reasons and factors, you must consult a doctor.

In some cases, there is independent removal of the tumor. However, these situations are quite rare. Therefore, it is not worth risking your health.

Do not take independent decisions and do not use alternative therapies. Various grinding and application of tinctures can cause complications of the tumor.

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