Ball sex lip: causes and treatment

Any changes of the external female genitalia need to be examined closely, because they can be a symptom of a serious disease. A woman needs to know what signs you should pay attention and, if necessary, consult with a specialist gynecologist. Particular anxiety can cause tumors in the form of a ball in the structure of the labia.

The ball (or lump) on the big or small sex Guba is a compacted area rounded. It can be placed as deep in the tissues and under the skin. Pathology can occur for various reasons, the correct establishment of which is extremely important for the purpose of effective treatment. The disease is diagnosed on the basis of parameters such as localization, size, mobility of the tumor, her tenderness. To clarify the origin of the bumps may require histological examination of tissue sample.

Reasons for the formation of a ball at the labia

  1. If the lump is located on a large sexual lip (or symmetrical bumps on both), the cause of its formation often is an inflammation or cyst of Bartholin’s gland.
  2. Small hard bumps on labia most often caused by a blockage and inflammation of sebaceous glands.
  3. Inflamed hair follicles can also grow to a considerable size, forming a lump.
  4. Tumors of the labia are sometimes formed as a result of infection of the body (particularly of the genitourinary system) pathogens, including sexually transmitted infections (gonococcus, chlamydia, HPV).
  5. Private sickness — congenital abnormalities of the external genitalia, urethra.
  6. In addition, the unusual ball in the structure of the labia may be benign or malignant cancerous tumors.
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The blockage of the glands and inflammation of hair follicles

Such problems usually appear due to improper hygiene of the genital organs, which leads to their contamination and infection. Inflammation also develops at the site of ingrown hairs; actively promotes ingrown hair removal and waxing bikini area. A blockage of the sebaceous glands can be caused by hormonal imbalance.

Treatment in most cases consists in local application of antiseptics and hygiene. It is recommended to wear comfortable underwear made of natural fabrics. In rare cases, surgical treatment is required. Do not attempt to squeeze or open the resulting ball — this can lead to infection and inflammation.

Tumors of genital organs

In most cases, the tumors formed on the external genitals are of a benign nature. Their appearance is due to abnormal proliferation (multiplication) of cells predominantly of the connective tissue.

  1. Fibroids and fibroids develop from the muscle fibers, localized mainly on large labia. The treatment is carried out surgically.
  2. A lipoma is formed of fatty tissues and is a large single ball on a thick stem or a few small nodules. The tumor is growing rapidly, in addition, possible complications, up to necrosis of the tissues. Removes the lipoma surgically.
  3. Hidradenoma — a rare type of tumor that develops from glandular tissue. These tumors have a cancer potency, that is, can degenerate into malignant.
  4. Cancer of the vulva. Cancers, unlike benign, can fester and bleed.

Bartholinitis and Bartholin’s cyst

Bartholinitis — the scientific name for inflammation of Bartholin’s gland, located at the entrance to the vagina. This steam iron is under the skin, in the fat layer, the bottom of the big labia. Her secret is excreted through a long duct at the inner surface of the small labia, providing its moisture. This feature is particularly important during sexual intercourse and delivery.

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Inflammation of the gland is called microbial infection. The penetration of pathogenic microorganisms inside it capsules contribute:

  • failure to comply with the rules of personal intimate hygiene (especially during menstruation);
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • injury and damage to the tissues of the perineum, rubbing the skin tight synthetic underwear;
  • reduced immunity of the body, including pregnancy; immunodeficiency;
  • hormonal disturbances.

The symptoms of inflammation

With the development of inflammation pathological symptoms become more pronounced. Ball Bartholin gland increases, sometimes to a considerable size. A woman experiences pain and discomfort during walking, movement, sex. The inflammatory process is accompanied by fever, deterioration of health. May be purulent discharge.

Blockage of ductless

The excretory duct of the Bartholin’s glands can get clogged for various reasons (excessive production of secretions, narrowing of the duct, infection). The result produced by the liquid is not displayed as it should, but accumulates in the channel and the body of the gland. At the accumulation wall of the capsule are stretched, forming a cystic bladder, filled with secret. Such a cyst is often painless for women, sometimes resolves spontaneously, but there is the likelihood of complications. In secondary infection of the cavity of the cyst develops purulent abscess.

Treatment of bartholinitis

Conservative treatment of inflammation of the Bartholin gland includes a course of antibiotics to destroy pathogens. In addition, can be used folk remedies as a maintenance and rehabilitation treatment. Patient recommended warm compresses and baths. In some cases, surgical dissection of the gland, remove plastic content and secretory duct. If the illness is severe and often recurs, is the complete removal of the gland with duct.

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Diagnosis and prevention of tumors of the labia

If a woman has found an unusual bulb on the external genitals (for example, during hygienic procedures), it is necessary to address to the gynecologist, to pass inspection and tests. Smear and biopsy will help to detect infectious or malignant proliferative process on the basis of what the specialist will prescribe the right treatment.

  1. Because most of the abnormalities of the external genitalia are the consequence of inadequate hygiene, prevention lies in proper intimate care.
  2. Comfortable clothes and linen from natural materials will prevent chafing of the skin in intimate places, and maintain normal temperature and humidity conditions of these zones.
  3. An active lifestyle will not allow blood to stagnate in the pelvic area.

Attention to the state of your body, a regular gynaecological examinations — a necessary condition for women’s health.