Basal cell carcinoma of the nose: treatment, prognosis, pictures, and the initial stage

How to treat basal cell carcinoma on the nose?

Unfortunately, the recent frequent various cancers and more often to hear about such inflammation, such as basal cell carcinoma on the nose. The tumor may affect any part of the body but most often appears on the front of it.

From basal cell carcinoma of the skin mainly affects people of retirement age. Most often, this pathology occurs in men and women older than 65 years. It is important to cure this inflammation, as quickly as possible, as it quickly progresses.

About inflammation

Basal cell carcinoma of the nose occurs in people of all ages, but most of the victims are pensioners. This pathology is found in every second person living in the South of Russia, as the constant sunlight and do not maintain hygiene of face and form favorable conditions for the development of skin inflammations. Sometimes basal cell carcinoma affects people who live in the villages or often work in the cottages. This is due to the large amount of exposure to sunlight.

Basal cell carcinoma of the nose every year inflamed more often, so many people question what it is to avoid disease.

Basal cell carcinoma is the tumor cell carcinoma. This pathology occurs most often on the face or on the head.

This inflammation is often confused with various cutaneous inflammation purulent or tumors, for example, a boil or a cyst.

It is for this reason, patients do not pay attention to inflammation and not rush to the doctor. Unfortunately, this ignoring of inflammation is dangerous to human health, as the tumor carries a high risk to human health.

It is important to know that basal cell carcinoma on the nose – a malignant tumor that affects the surface layer of the skin. So the treatment of this pathology should act as quickly as possible.

For the purpose of treatment is necessary to clearly identify the root cause of the disease and to prescribe the form of the disease. Keep in mind that basal cell carcinoma is primarily a cancerous epidermis damage, therefore, delay the diagnosis is not necessary.

The tumor is dangerous to humans, but it does not have metastases. This does not mean that the tumor may undergo active growth. But its aggressive growth only happens when a wrong or delayed treatment.

Symptoms of inflammation

The initial stage of the malignant neoplasm occurs as the lesions of the skin.

On the nose this time, there is a small bundle of pink or red color. Palpation of this area does not feel pain.

After a few days the inflammation is covered with a crust and there is a special lustre.

If you pay attention to the outer edge of the basal cell carcinoma, you may notice the dilated vessels.

When you attempt to remove the crust formed heavy bleeding that is accompanied by painful sensations.

The growth of tumors occurs slowly, but within two months you notice a huge change in basal cell carcinoma. Edge the education edge is seen, which consists of many small nodules. That is why the are called basal cell carcinoma nodular inflammation.

In addition to the nodular formation, the patient may experience superficial basal cell carcinoma. It is characterized as a large spot of pink color, which has a strong luster. Most often this inflammation has a favorable outcome and easily treatable.

Flat basal cell carcinoma may resemble a plaque, which rises slightly above the skin. This form of inflammation consists of a number of small nodules. For a more detailed view on the inflammation note the photo of the initial stage of basal cell carcinoma on the nose:


The tumor on the nose – threat inflammation, which has certain symptoms and the cause of education. This files most often among the factors of the appearance of basal cell carcinoma of the skin note:

  1. Individual predisposition to neoplastic transmitted genetic way.
  2. A serious disorder of the immune system.
  3. Frequent stay in direct sunlight.
  4. Serious effects of radiation or chemicals.
  5. The action of the environment.
  6. Trauma of the facial skull or ear.

Keep in mind that this tumor can occur in different parts of the body, but is mostly formed on your nose, cheek or chin.


In the vast majority of cases, the prognosis of basal cell carcinoma of the nose more than favorable.

It is known that this type of cancer has no metastasis and is easily treatable.

In most cases, therapy of healing takes one week and has no relapses.

In the case of delayed treatment to the doctor, a possible repeat of inflammation.

The treatment of cancer

If you find a tumor on the face, you need to go to the doctor. The doctor will perform several examinations of inflammation, examines the mucous membrane of the nasal passage and will conduct a study of the skin. In addition, you want to view the status of the lymph nodes.

In addition to a visual inspection of the affected area, you need to take blood tests and conduct some additional research in the form of smears and scrapings from the affected area. After carrying out these manipulations, the doctor will do an ultrasound examination that will help determine the form of inflammation and its character.

In the end, the doctor analyzes the data, finds out the depth location of the tumor and its size. Then is assigned the day of surgery.

In each case, the treatment requires an individual approach, so without the help of a qualified physician is not enough.

In the process of diagnosing specialist determines the further course of treatment in order to avoid relapse.

Remember that immediately after surgery the patient will require rehabilitation and comprehensive treatment, which is necessary for guaranteed results.

Radiation therapy

Often patients with the described tumor on nose treatment radiation therapy. This method is ideal for those who have inflammation localized in the region of the nasolabial fold.

With radiation therapy specialist affects the tumor by gamma radiation to eliminate the inflammation in the early stages. In addition, this type of treatment is popular to eliminate recurrent education.

Radiation therapy is often used immediately prior to surgery.

Photodynamic therapy

It is known that to notice a basal cell carcinoma of the skin in the early stages quite difficult, as inflammation has virtually no symptoms.

But if you notice signs of tumors before it was covered with a crust one can undergo treatment with the help of specialized devices.

In most cases, patients choose photodynamic treatment. This method has good reviews, as effective in more than ninety percent of the cases.

From the photodynamic therapy there are certain contraindications. You cannot use this method of therapy if the patient has a hypersensitivity to light.

It is known that photodynamic method removes different sizes of education, eliminating not only the cancer, but infected blood vessels.

The novelty of this method is the impact point at which the action is directed only on the area of inflammation. Healthy cells during such treatment do not suffer.

Laser treatment

The most common treatment of basal cell carcinoma of the nose is considered to be the laser therapy. With this treatment the inflammation is removed without harm to healthy cells in the body. Rehabilitation takes up to five days.

However, the treatment of this disease laser action is relevant only at small dimensions of the tumor.


The most expensive cancer treatment is cryotherapy. However, this method effectively eliminates malignant neoplasm.

Cryosurgery is a method of removing various tumors on the skin by applying on affected area with liquid nitrogen. Almost immediately on the site of the lesion and formed a crust, under which to regenerate healthy tissue. After healing of the affected area, the crust is no longer alone.

The freezing of basal cell carcinoma performed under General anesthesia, as the procedure is quite painful and unpleasant. The duration of the operation does not exceed fifteen minutes.

Plus, this type of treatment is the resolution on the application of liquid nitrogen even for a person after the procedure no rehabilitation period.


Treatment of basal cell carcinoma of the nose requires immediate surgical intervention. Other treatments will not help the recovery of the patient, so do not use the methods of traditional medicine or other therapies. The active impact of the herbs and roots of plants you can provoke the development of inflammation.

In order to avoid such education are not for a long time in the sun, and avoid contact with chemical or radioactive substances.

Do not tighten the treatment of tumors, as it can give a number of complications. Treatment in this case will take a long time and a large rehabilitation.

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