Beet juice with sinusitis: treatment at home reviews

How to treat sinusitis beet juice?

Under the sinusitis means inflammation of the maxillary sinus induced proliferation of pathogens. The disease is characterized by severe flow, which the patient experiences considerable discomfort.

Modern medicine has the means to treatment of this disease. Popular treatment of sinusitis beet juice.

Beet juice and sinusitis: is it safe to use

Beet juice can really have a positive effect on the treatment of sinusitis. It is strongly bactericidal folk remedy, influencing and inflammatory processes.

Notable is its composition. First and foremost, this product contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals. It also has fiber, a certain amount of nitrogenous compounds. Rich beets and organic acids.

The tool can be used for the treatment of people of all age groups.

Pregnant women can also use beet juice for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

The composition of a substance promotes the regeneration of tissues of the patient, so that the sinusitis is faster.

The tool has a positive effect on the recovery of nasal mucosa.

The benefits of using beet

Therapy beet juice has a number of advantages:

  • the tool is available, cheap and consists exclusively of natural components;
  • juice is not toxic, addictive to its effects occurs;
  • recipes on the basis of beet can be used for the treatment of pregnant women, which is important, given the impossibility of applying a large number of effective drugs for the treatment of women in this state.

Can I drip into the nose beet juice with sinusitis? Such manipulation will have a positive impact on the patient’s condition, but the substance is not an independent therapeutic agent. It is impossible to cure sinusitis using only this product.

Important! Experts recommend to use the product simultaneously with drugs. In this case, the effect of therapy will be maximized.

Side effects

In addition, you must pay attention to the fact that in some cases therapy juice may lead to complications.

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So, due to the use of substances is possible:

  • develop allergic reactions in the form of a burning sensation;
  • increased emissions from the nasal cavity;
  • deterioration of the General condition of the patient;
  • the manifestation of fainting (in the case of low intracranial pressure).

In most cases these side effects develop in children. However, it is possible their expression in adults. In the case of allergies, fainting or deterioration of the condition of the body, it is recommended to immediately discontinue treatment beet juice and ask for qualified help.

Recipe with beet juice

To treat sinusitis with beets is simple and convenient. It can be applied even to those citizens who have not previously resorted to the use of traditional medicine. There are a large number of recipes designed for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract that use beet juice.

How to treat sinusitis beet juice? You can use pure, undiluted substance. It is enough to wash the root, peel it and grate using a grater. The slurry formed after these manipulations, you need to squeeze with gauze.

The juice should be instilled into each nostril (few drops) three to four times during the day.

Attention! In case of any burning sensation or dryness after application of a pure substance that can boil water, let it cool down and dilute it the juice.

If for some reason the patient can not use a pure substance, you can use one of the following recipes:

  1. To prepare the beet juice (as described above). Add the liquid honey. The resulting solution should contain one part honey and nine parts juice. Before use it is necessary to clean the nasal cavity secretions. Instilled solution should be several times during the day (two to three times). Integrated use of these two ingredients will enhance their overall effect. The recipe can also be used to rinse the nasal cavity.
  2. Bake beets in the oven at a temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees (cooking time twenty to thirty minutes). Wait until baked beetroots to cool, then grind it and squeeze. Use the substance is for the treatment of adults and children. The advantage of this recipe is its softer action, pressed from the roasted root.
  3. Squeeze the juice of the root. To put it in a warm place and leave for three days. During this time, the substance fermented. Fermented liquid has a more mild effect on nasal cavity, due to what this recipe will suit individuals who have a pure substance causes discomfort. After cooking, it is necessary to bury the substance three times a day for six to five days.

Caution! If after using the recipes described above, the patient’s health has deteriorated, you need to stop folk therapy.

In addition to the drops you can use another way to use beets. To do this you must wet the cotton in the liquid of the root and insert into the nasal cavity thirty minutes. This method of use of the substance of the root will have a positive impact on the mucosa of the nasal cavity.

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The majority of citizens leave positive feedback on the treatment of beet juice:

Katya. Saint Petersburg: a Friend advised me to use beet juice for the treatment of sinusitis. Reacted to the Council is skeptical, but still tried. Now in exacerbations constantly use this tool. After the first use nose begins to breathe freely, the allocation of dry. Buried facility and three year old daughter (though in diluted form). Her juice helped too.

Maxim. Voronezh: In the case of sinusitis, use the juice in combination with drugs. After nasal lavage with this compound, the common cold as a hand removes. Of course, you have to first a little stand over the sink, as the snot is flowing like a river. But then the whole day you can breathe freely.


Beets, due to its composition, against pathogenic microorganisms and inflammatory process. The product is safe, can be used for the treatment of children and women expecting a child.

Treat sinusitis at home beets can make her drop, irrigation solution and/or a means for lubrication of the mucosa. Doctors recommend the use of a substance in combination with drug therapy.