Bioparox during pregnancy: instructions for use

How to take Bioparox during pregnancy?

During pregnancy from disease acute respiratory ailments, no one is immune. It is noted that pregnant women suffering from viral infections and lesions even more than usual. This is due to a weakened immune system and hormonal changes in the body. Catarrhal inflammation may quite negatively affect the condition of the expectant mother and the development of the embryo, as even a cold can trigger pathological ailments in children.

To treat even the most minor inflammation of it is necessary at the first symptoms. When nasal congestion, change in body temperature, the appearance of severe coughing that can provoke an early labor or a miscarriage, the doctors during pregnancy appoint «Bioparox». How to apply the remedy and not dangerous in the development of the baby in the stomach learn on.

The composition and action of «Bioparox»

«Bioparox» is a powerful drug that is indicated in acute inflammations of the respiratory tract. These illnesses include rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, sinusitis and other inflammation. The treatment of such ailments in itself requires a complex approach with the use of antibacterial agents.

«Bioparox» is a antibacterial agent of local action. Sold medication in the form of aerosol intended for inhalation.

The drug has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action that is available due to the composition of the drug.

The active ingredient of the drug — fusafungine. This component destroys the structure of infected cells and removes harmful elements from the body.

Fusafungine is active against fungi, streptococci, staphylococci, and various bacteria from the group of anaerobes.

Despite many positive reviews, use the product only with prescription. The drug has different allergic reactions that provoke the emergence of a strong itching and burning. In addition, the tool could trigger a severe cough, which is dangerous for the expectant mother.

Coughing is often the cause of early births on later stages. If this side effect occurred in the early stages, may cause miscarriage. This is a serious contraindication in pregnancy, so do not use this medication on your own.

Treatment of the expectant mother «Bioparox»

Application bioparox during pregnancy is possible only after a personal consultation with your therapist.

The tool has severe contraindications, so before carrying out the inhalations with a strong fever or the formation of sinusitis, it is necessary to ensure no risk to the fetus.

In the instructions for use «Bioparox» during pregnancy noted that the tool does not penetrate into the circulatory system of the body, remaining only in the mucosa of the nasal passages or the mouth.

According to numerous studies, traces of the drug are not marked in the blood or present in minimal amounts. Without exerting systemic effects on the body, it is believed that the medication is safe in pregnancy.

But despite the many benefits, to apply means the expectant mother needs special care. It should be noted that clinical studies on the effect of the drug on the fetus have not been conducted, but noted no toxic effects on the fetus.

In the appointment of the drug must to see the benefits after a course of treatment «Bioparox» and minimal risk to the fetus. Only after that the expectant mother can begin treatment.

To apply the remedy should not, in the case of mild symptoms of rhinitis or other inflammation at the initial stage.

In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the drugs without antibiotics and alternative therapies.

Often during pregnancy traditional methods have a greater effect than drug therapy.

In the case of acute symptoms of rhinitis, sore throat, tonsillitis or pharyngitis, and sinusitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, exacerbations of chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, the doctor may prescribe «Bioparox».

Keep in mind that the viral nature of inflammation, the treatment does not require antibiotics.

Treatment in the first trimester

«Bioparox» first and foremost, a powerful antibacterial agent, so its use in early pregnancy requires certain clarifications. To assign an exact course of further treatment can only be a gynecologist or a therapist.

As in the first trimester in the pregnant woman’s body is the formation of the embryo, of its entire blood system and organs, treatment with antibacterial drugs can be dangerous.

But «Bioparox» is a group of local medications, so its use is more preferable than systemic drugs.

Dosing in the early stages in each case individually. The standard treatment regimen in this period involves one injection every five hours. A night to inhalation is not required.

Treatment in second trimester

In the second trimester the formation of the body but can be treated with different drugs is easier, because the baby is protected by the placenta.

It acts as a barrier between viruses and your baby, so the negative impact of the drug is minimal.

Treatment from the fourth to the sixth month involves the use of two to three vspryskivaniu every four hours.

Treatment in the third trimester

In the later stages the treatment of a pregnant woman is easier than ever. At this stage the expectant mother can apply practical any drugs. Of course, without a doctor carry out the manipulation is undesirable.

Manual during pregnancy allows treatment, «Bioparox», but under medical supervision. The dosing of the drug from the seventh month of pregnancy involves the reception of three vspryskivaniu medication. You must clear the nasal passages. This rule is true in each case of treatment.


Throughout pregnancy, the treatment of any type of illness takes place under the supervision of a physician. In the case of formation of inflammation in the Airways, the expectant mother is often prescribed «Bioparox», that almost always causes strong perturbations. Because of the antibiotic included in the structure of the drug, many pregnant women are afraid to carry out the full treatment. Therefore, expectant mothers often change the dosing of the drug or arbitrarily alter its counterparts.

It should be noted that healing of acute inflammation is impossible without taking antibacterial substances, but in the case of pregnancy «Bioparox» has no negative impact on the body. It is much less harmful than antibiotics systemic exposure that is guaranteed to get into the circulatory system.

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