Bioparox in the nose from the common cold to children, reviews and analogues

How to take Bioparox from a cold?

Catarrhal inflammation of appear suddenly and entail a lot of unpleasant symptoms, of which a runny nose is not the only one. Soreness in the throat, inflammation of the nasal mucosa, fever, strong cough and other symptoms also occur in colds and flu. To treat the inflammation and get rid of the listed symptoms must at the very first stage.

Otherwise SARS will provoke the emergence of more serious complications, e.g., acute otitis media or sinusitis. To get rid of inflammation, many doctors recommend to use «Bioparox» in the nose from a cold. But to use such a drug it is necessary only in bacterial lesions of the mucous membranes, as the structure of this generic formulation includes antibiotics.

What «Bioparox»

«Bioparox» — is an antibacterial drug intended for use in various ENT inflammation. The drug contains the powerful antibiotic local action – fusafungine, and additional substances include various aromatic additives, rubbing alcohol, saccharin, methyl ethyl ketone, propellant, and tetraborate.

In a single combination of active ingredients and auxiliary agents, nasal medication eliminates bacteria and infection, as well as exert anti-inflammatory effect.

The drug is active against many viruses of the group of anaerobes, fungi, and some strains of influenza.

The active ingredient of the medication has a strong effect and reduces the activity of bacteria.

Thus, there is an anti-inflammatory effect.But in spite of this, taking medication can be done only after personal consultation with the doctor.

The drug has a powerful effect and may be contraindicated in some cases.

Available in several forms, but for the treatment of rhinitis is best to use inhalations. With their help, the course of treatment will be reduced to five days, and the body will recover much faster. After inhalation application the patient feels lightness of breath and the outflow of mucous secretions. This effect is achieved due to uniform distribution of the active component of the drug on the surface of the mucous membrane of the nose.

When it is possible to spend inhalations

To use the drug to reduce the inflammatory process is necessary in the case of following ailments:

  • laryngitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • inflammation in the cavity of the ear;
  • acute rhinitis;
  • nasopharyngitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • sinusitis.

In addition, use the «Bioparox» is possible in the treatment of inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract, as well as during the rehabilitation period after surgical interventions on nasal cavity and in the treatment of the maxillary sinuses.


In the treatment of be vigilant and watch carefully for condition.

The drug has a number of contraindications. Immediately before performing the procedures, follow instructions for use of the medication and verify the following items:

  • apply «Bioparox» in the nose it is prohibited for children under the age of three;
  • at the risk of the formation of laryngospasm;
  • do not use the drug in case of high sensitivity to active ingredients or even to one additional substance medications

To apply the medication, be careful in case of hereditary predisposition to various allergic reactions, as well as in case of asthma and bronchitis.

Side effects

The drug has been plagued by numerous side effects, so taking medication should be supervised by the attending physician.

The manifestation of any of these factors, it is necessary to stop the course of treatment described medication and to pay attention to counterparts.

It is noted that the drug is very often provokes the emergence of various allergic reactions.

Improper treatment may experience itching, burning, swelling of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, scabies and frequent cough that irritates the throat.

In addition, there is bad taste in the mouth, dry mucous membranes, which causes a reflex cough. Such consequences can be dangerous for people prone to allergic reactions. In this case, many people have manifested a strong feeling of irritation of the throat and nausea, and in special cases – vomiting.

Rarely mentioned problem with the body’s immune system and anaphylactic shock.

The respiratory system is not excluded education the following side effects:

  • asthma attacks;
  • inflammation of bronchial asthma;
  • dyspnea;
  • angioedema;
  • severe swelling of the larynx;
  • laryngospasm.

The manifestation of allergic reactions, to resume the course of treatment is not necessary, as such treatment may lead to serious complications, until falling into a coma. Education at risk of anaphylactic shock, the patient may develop symptoms that require an injection of epinephrine.


In the treatment of «Bioparox» it is especially important to follow all the rules of medication, because of possible overdose.

In violation of the required dosing, the patient may be circulatory failure, pain in the throat and the formation of the burning sensation.

It is not excluded severe dizziness, nausea, vomiting, numbness in the mouth.

In this case, symptomatic treatment under the strict supervision of several doctors.

In the treatment of an antibacterial drug «Bioparox» you must adhere to all doctor’s appointments. Including do not disturb the course of treatment, which should not exceed seven days. Apply antibiotic necessary in accordance with the standard rules of treatment.

How to be treated «Bioparox»

To the course of treatment was correct, it is necessary to study the instruction manual.

Following it, you need to apply medication for the treatment of rhinitis only in the form of inhalation through the mouth or through the nose.

Choose a venue should follow individual preferences.

Dosing in patients with the following:

  1. Adult patients prescribed four sprays in the mouth, or two inhalations in each nostril not more than five times a day.
  2. For the treatment of inflammation of the young children from three years, the use of no more than three inhalations through the mouth and no more than two inhalations in each nostril three times a day.

Before the introduction of the first medication, you must activate the spray by pressing on the base. Repeat click four times.

Prior to implementation, procedures perform the oral hygiene of the mouth and nose.

To the medication has worked correctly, follow all the rules of treatment and follow the prescribed doses. Do not interrupt the treatment after improvement of health, and bring the implementation of the procedures to the end. Remember that premature discontinuation of treatment could provoke a relapse. So keep the medication in a purse or place it in a case.

After completing the course of treatment, you must consult your physician to assess the effectiveness of treatment. In the absence of a result, the patient should report any symptoms of the disease.

Do not use the drug after a non-storage. Shelf life «Bioparox» is two years.

Analogues «Bioparox»

«Bioparox» according to its composition and structure is considered a unique drug, but there are several drugs that are similar in their effect.


Among the analogues «Bioparox» nose noted the drug «Izofra».

This tool, which is a powerful antibiotic — framizetin sulfate.

The drug has a bactericidal effect and destroys many viruses and bacteria that caused the inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.

The antibiotic included in the group of aminoglycosides, so «Izofra» is intended only for topical administration.

To use the tool is important only in strict compliance with the dosage. Usually when inflammation of the upper respiratory tract is assigned to one vspryskivaniu up to six times a day. The dosage depends on the form of inflammation and of its severity.


The second similar action of the drug «Bioparox» is «Polideksa».

This drug has a broad spectrum and comprehensive effect.

The composition of the drug includes two antibacterial agents — neomycin and polymyxin.

The combination of active ingredients and additional ingredients can destroy a lot of harmful elements.

In addition, «Polideksa» to reduce swelling of the mucous membranes and constrict blood vessels.

To apply the medicine «Polideksa» we need three times a day. At one time, you cannot apply more than one inject. Treatment medication should be no more than five days. If after this time the patient does not feel the effect, your doctor may replace the medication or increase the life of the application.


Prior to conducting inhalation «Bioparox» in the nose read the reviews. They, for the most part, positive.

Inga Valieva: «Treated «Bioparox» acute bacterial rhinitis. On prescription conducted inhalation every day for three times. It was quite uncomfortable to carry out the procedure in the afternoon, as was always at work. But the doctor said that if violation of rules of treatment of inflammation may become chronic stage. After five days became much easier, but to prevent treated exactly seven days. The result was me».

Louise Kryukov: «acute laryngitis with copious mucous secretions the attending physician appointed «Bioparox». To be treated with antibiotics I didn’t want to, but at that time I had no choice since the inflammation was very acute. Spent inhalations four times a day and also took other antibiotics. Seven days later everything went.»


In acute inflammations of the upper respiratory tract, treatment should be immediate. Otherwise, the patient may form the chronic form of the disease, treatment where more difficult and prolonged.

When applied correctly, «Bioparox», observing all instructions and dosage, can achieve brilliant results on the fifth day of treatment. «Bioparox» can be combined with many medications, therefore, in the treatment of acute diseases the treatment will be faster.

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