Bioparox in the sinus: how to treat

How to take Bioparox in the sinus?

With the onset of the cold season appear frequently patients complaining of respiratory symptoms. To cure this disease need as soon as possible since complications can be even from a simple cold. Often after the acute rhinitis in patients formed sinusitis, treatment of which requires a specific approach. The treatment of such pathology should be under the supervision of an experienced physician, and as medical therapy to apply only proven medicines.

One of the best medicines for the treatment of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses is considered the «Bioparox». Treatment of sinusitis «Bioparox» allows for a short time to reduce the symptoms of the disease, and one week later completely eliminate the inflammation.

About the drug «Bioparox»

The drug «Bioparox» is an antimicrobial substance intended for topical application. The drug has pronounced antiviral action. Due to the active component of the drug, «Bioparox» reduces swelling of the mucous membranes, promotes rapid removal of mucous secretions and reduces other symptoms of the disease.

It should be noted that sinusitis is best treatable in the early stages.

Start therapy as soon as you notice the first signs of the disease.

In such situations, «Bioparox» will contribute to a speedy recovery.

If the inflammation run, the patient will need more serious treatment methods. In the last stages of sinusitis can not do without surgery, and puncture of the maxillary sinus.

«Bioparox» allows you to restore airway function, reduce swelling of the paranasal sinuses and restore nasal breathing. This effect is achieved due to thinning mucous secretions, which are natural in acute or chronic sinusitis.

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In addition, the active component of the drug can not only reduce the symptoms of the disease. The drug acts on the inflammation, destroying pathogenic microbes and other harmful elements.

«Bioparox» are allowed to use with other medications, which is especially important in the case of the treatment of acute sinusitis, so getting rid of disease only one drug is not always possible.

How to treat sinusitis «Bioparox»

Apply «Bioparox» to me it is necessary only after prescription by the attending physician. Carry out various manipulations without prior consultation with a doctor can lead to complication of disease. So don’t risk your own health. In addition, it is important to determine individual dosage, and using it to set the allowed number of inhalations is not possible.

To perform inhalation using «Bioparox» it is necessary only through the nasal passages.

In some cases, permits the operation of the manipulation through the mouth, but this is only allowed when inflammation acute rhinitis or sinusitis.

Before applying the medication guide hygiene of the nasal cavity.

It is necessary to rinse the nasal passages with a solution of furatsilina, or use approved drugs «and other means», «Rotokan», «Dioxidine».

After cleansing the nose from accumulated mucus, you can proceed to the next procedures. To do this, take the nozzle for the nose, which is sold together with the drug. Not to be confused with a nozzle for inhalation in the mouth. After that install it in the bottle with the drug and click a few times on the top to activate the tool.

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Only then insert the nozzle into the nasal passage and sbryznite tool. Once you must inhale deeper. When you click on the bottle, keep your mouth slightly ajar, and the second nostril needs to close. After the first time, wait thirty seconds. During this time the drug is evenly cover the mucous membranes. Then try pressing again.

After this manipulation repeat with the other nostril. Immediately after the procedure, rinse the nozzle with warm water and dry thoroughly.

To inject you need every day from two to five times. The number of vspryskivaniu and treatment should identify the attending physician, but in the first stage of inflammation of sinusitis, it is sufficient to introduce two vspryskivaniu four times a day for seven days.

To achieve good results, you should inject the medicine into the throat once a day.

Medicine cannot cause addiction overdose or even when used correctly.

But if you increase the dosage or decrease the interval between injections may decrease the effectiveness from the medication.

Do not use this drug during pregnancy and lactation. In addition, carefully read the contraindications and side effects from medication.

The drug has several unwanted effects and often cause different reactions. So do not start treatment «Bioparox» not being sure of the absence of hypersensitivity to the active substance of the medicine, as well as additional components of the drug.

In addition to the high sensitivity to the components of medication, improper treatment may increase the swelling of the mucous membrane, and itching and burning sensation in the maxillary sinuses. In order not to bring harm to their own health should be used «Bioparox» following all the instructions.

Keep in mind that the treatment is «Bioparox» valid in case of sinusitis, acute rhinitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, and various respiratory diseases. But in each case, the doctor in charge.


Apply «Bioparox» should be especially carefully in the case of bronchial asthma, chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses or Airways dysfunction provoked by the penetration of bacterial infection.

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In the treatment of this drug avoid side effects. For this you need to follow strict dosing rules and drug administration in the sinuses. In case of any allergic reactions, you need to stop treatment and to choose the analogues.