Biopsy of the bladder in women: treatments

Biopsy of the bladder in women is appropriate, if there is a suspicion that appeared on education. Histological send a tissue sample taken from the wall of majevica. The result will help to accurately diagnose if there is atypical, inflammatory, and cancerous tissue developing, with the active progression of different pathologies and diseases of the genitourinary system.

Biopsy of the bladder in women: types

Experts use two methods:

  1. A biopsy cold. This procedure is transurethral in nature, is done using special forceps or a two-bladed spoons, penetrating mocevic through cytoscope. During this the wall of an organ not affected by electricity, but this method does not give the specialist the opportunity to see the depth to which the tumor penetrates the wall.
  2. TUR-biopsy. During such a biopsy in women under visual control is removed, all the education in the framework of healthy cells. Here, the doctor is able to determine the depth and the reproduction process, and the result of the procedure. The goal is the correct diagnosis and the liberation of the bladder all tumours. What size of the affected lesion, depends on the plan of resection. In this case, complications can arise in the form of cystitis, perforation of the walls or hematuria.

If education is smaller than one centimeter, it is removed a single unit, capturing together with the formation of part of the bladder wall.

Tumors that have a large size and remove the parts, capturing the region of the wall of majevica and boundaries of the cut off fabric. Further, each part of the tissue in separate containers sent to the morphologist in the study, in order to put the correct diagnosis.

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In the process, do not use the cautery, to avoid the destruction of cells and tissues. Properly and professionally conducted TUR biopsy of the bladder in women is committed to ensuring that appropriate and correct prediction.

Not excluded re-TUR-biopsy in women, especially if the patient has an active distribution entities due to the fact that resection was not conducted completely. Also re-treatment can be conducted at the request of the pathologist, if he after investigation found that the fragment was taken without muscular tissue of the body.

But, anyway, re-doing the procedure only after two or six weeks — it all depends on the health of the patient.

Biopsy of the bladder: production and operation

The operation is the introduction into the body. To procedure high was effective and to minimize the effects, it is important before biopsy, especially before the TOUR the type of procedure to undergo a number of clinical trials:

  • General analysis of blood;
  • blood group and RH factor;
  • blood for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis;
  • coagulation and an electrocardiogram.

Also the study of the vagina in women will help to set the level of education of majevica. It is recommended to visit the therapist, to consult with the anesthesiologist.

Prior to the TUR – biopsy recommended not to eat food or drink water. During the procedure, the urethra is introduced through a resectoscope, followed by the removal of the tumor and the biopsy.

In order to prevent the bleeding in the final stages of surgical intervention used electrocoagulation of blood vessels. Use sterile solution, is the passage of majevica.

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The operation lasts no more than one hour. Of course, after the procedure there may be complications: cystitis, infection, bleeding, formation of blood clots. But the most dangerous and severe is the recurrence of structures in mocovice in women.

Rehabilitation and forecasts after the biopsy

After the procedure, the patient’s measured blood pressure and pulse is necessary to ensure that the General condition normal. Majevica threat of cancer recurrence, so the patient is strongly recommended very frequent examinations by a doctor. You also need to pass tsitoskopii 4 times a year for 3 years after surgery. Further, the frequency of holding the sets of a doctor.

Failure to comply with requirements and recommendations is fraught with consequences. Usually possible at an early stage to identify the tumor and to neutralize that it has not progressed to the stage of the cancer.

During the period of rehabilitation is also recommended to follow a strict diet for the time recommended by your doctor. Do not eat sweet, salty, spicy and sour.

Any exercise and loads is prohibited, do not lift heavy objects weighing more than 1.5 kilograms. Not permitted sexual intimacy. In the day you should drink at least three liters of liquid.

Dear women, take care of your health. Watch it, and especially for urinary system, so you don’t have to feel discomfort and inconvenience that comes with the disease. Visit your doctor regularly and remember about preventive measures.