Biopsy ovarian: procedure

Biopsy of ovary is-at its core, sampling for studies of biological material for the purpose of its analysis, its structure and composition. Usually this procedure is performed for suspected cancer, although this is not the only reason for her testimony and purpose – an analysis taking as a healthy sample for research, and organ and area of suspected lesion.

The method of fence, such as a biopsy, characteristic of a low degree of injury and allows you to conduct a parallel, deeper, visual inspection of the ovaries, selecting to what exactly is cystic very neobrazovannie related to functional or structural.

Who is the medical procedure

Speaking about who shows the ovarian biopsy, the doctors it is prescribed in case of:

  • in the event of a failure of the menstrual rhythm and the absence of positive dynamics of a course of ovarian stimulating therapy. In this case the method is aimed at diagnosing the causes that led to it.
  • in the case of diagnosing plus a share of the ovaries or their fibroma – usually-fence biomaterial make these incremental shares.
  • in the diagnosis of papillary growths on the surface of the ovary or to confirm or refute the suspicion tecomates.
  • in the diagnosis of such diseases as polkistoza – in this respect, as a rule, surgery is performed as extended biopsy, helping to determine the degree of damage, the complexity of the disease and other important factors for the proper treatment.

We do not recommend the procedure

Speaking of such procedures as biopsy of ovary, then the procedure as a method of sampling of biological material for research may not be conducted if the patient is diagnosed with heart problems or lungs, and the disease itself, stage of decompensation. In addition contraindicated biopsy if diagnosed with a disease like hemophilia and renal failure in the chronic stage or the acute stage.

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In addition, doctors do not recommend the sampling of biological material in the case, if the patient is diagnosed with inflammation of the appendages, as well as overweight and those earlier, less than 40-45 days ago, had an illness caused by an infection or a cold. All of this can lead to the development of unpredictable, spontaneous complications and doctors or postpone the carrying out of the procedure or stop at a different method.

The biopsy of the ovaries.

The procedure of sampling of biological material for the study of ovarian conducted in a hospital – in this case, in ovarian cancer it is surgery and tumor removal.

Besides this, the fence material can be made with the introduction of the needle into the tumor – injected directly into the affected area through the peritoneum, anterior wall or by laparoscopy. In particular, under the mean laparoscopic surgery when the abdominal cavity, make 3 holes, the diameter of which varies from 0.5 to 1 cm.

Inside the surgeon inserts 3 of the manipulator and one of which is equipped with a camera and flashlight, and 2 others hold the tools and remove the cut tissue from the peritoneum. With the aid of such a device is all of the operation, the tumor cauterize or remove, at the end of sewing up the hole input.

In addition, a biopsy of the ovaries and is carried out by directly in the tumor, as mentioned earlier, in this case under the supervision of a special medical CT scanner or ultrasound equipment. If for whatever reason that was stated earlier, a woman can not be operated, as a rule, in this case a biopsy of the ovaries be performed by applying the technique of a needle biopsy.

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If samples are needed for accurate diagnosis of cancer in patients in the accumulation of fluid in the peritoneum parallel doctors carried out and the sample is a liquid. In this case, is a procedure called paracentesis using local anesthesia with a needle attached to the syringe, make the puncture and by typing it in the area of liquid accumulation, make the sampling of biological material for research. After all procedures the place itself puncture or incision process point coagulator.

In the case of diagnosing polycystic ovaries, doctors performed extended biopsy tissue when it is cut off from part of the ovary, the most distant from its gates, plot size of 1.5 – 2 cm, thickness about 1 cm on the Central part of the plot which is taken for the study, capture special scissors and trimmed, removing from the cavity. At the final stage of the operation when the sampling of biological material made from the abdominal cavity, the doctors discharged carbon dioxide gases and sew all made cuts.

Suffice it to say that after the operations and surgical procedures rehabilitation period is quite short, and the work of organs and systems of the pelvis is restored in a short period of time, helping to return to normal life.