Black discharge before menstruation: causes, treatment

Selection of delicate area – a common occurrence for women and girls. We’re not just talking about menstrual blood. Shortly before the critical days in girls is the «out» clear or dull-yellow slime. If ailments do not exist, to worry about discharge is not necessary. But sometimes it happens that tumors of any reproductive organ or the nervous shock experienced at work, cause the body of the patient to function in an unusual mode. Then special days may be delayed. The most undesirable condition for ladies are black discharge before menstruation. You should know what diseases are accompanied by the black «scribble». Noticing unusual symptoms, rush to the specialist.

The color selections is an important detail!

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are accustomed to thinking of «these» days as an everyday event. Not each lady will pay attention to the color selections. But in vain! There are many cases when a brown or black clots indicated an ectopic pregnancy. A dark foul-smelling «daub» is also often a sequel to infectious diseases.

Brown discharge before period can occur in girls, which in a short period of time lost a lot of weight. The female body is complex and fragile microcosm. Everything in it is interconnected. Don’t be surprised that a strict diet causes a change in the hormonal level. Recall that the unusual discharge may be and in that case, if the lady has dramatically recovered.

Scant brownish discharge in women flourishing age can «honk» on the reduction of gonadal function. Woman can some time not to pay attention at the symptom…. While menstruation does not disappear altogether. And in the process surveys revealed that the patient started early menopause. Premature ovarian insufficiency is not uncommon. Smoking, nervous overload, abortion, obstructed labor may affect the health of women in unpredictable ways.

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If you notice that regular menstruation is late, but instead you have a selection of dark brown color, rush to the gynecologist. You will need to donate blood on hormones. Only the results of the diagnosis, the doctor will be able to judge if everything’s okay with the reproductive system.

What could have happened?

The ladies who only «meet» monthly special days, you may see the black «scribble». Experts say that the phenomenon is not dangerous. It testifies to formation of the menstrual cycle.

Adult girls black selection before the critical days is an undesirable condition.

Let’s call reasons that can cause atypical secretions of the patient:

  • Too rapid intimate contact. In the process of «crazy» sex vaginal mucosa may be damaged. The woman feels discomfort and cramps in sensitive areas. It may appear black discharge.
  • Hormonal disturbances. The improper functioning of the sex glands are able to deliver the woman a lot of problems. Menstruation the patient can stop completely. It is possible the appearance of the secretions of a suspicious hue.
  • The endometriosis. Excessive growth of endometrial tissue appears to manifest in different symptoms. One of the signs of the disease – dark «spotting».
  • Polyphonie education. If the woman had endometrial polyps, it will disturb the pain in the lower abdomen. Dramatically this symptom manifests before menstruation.
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  • Infection of the uterus or gonads.
  • Cystic masses in the ovaries.

What else can «speak» selection?

Black discharge before the critical days – an alarming sign. Even if you do not have pain, weakness and nausea, doctor’s consultation is necessary.

We will remind, what causes dark discharge are cause for immediate surgical intervention:

  • Ectopic pregnancy. When the embryo attaches in the wrong place, women experience various ailments.
  • Benign neoplasm. For uterine fibroids may indicate excessive bleeding. A brownish discharge that occurs a day or two before menstruation, is another «special» manifestation of the fibroids.
  • Malignant lesions of the reproductive system. About this ailment is afraid to know any woman. Note that the black «scribble» that girl in any segment of the cycle, is not always indicative of malignant diseases in the uterus.
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«Capricious» tablet

Birth control pills taken by a woman, often making adjustments in biological rhythms. Wrong selected hormonal contraceptives can make ladies increased sweating, headache, the appearance of black «daub» before the critical days. If you notice that taking a new drug called junk status, discuss problems with the doctor.

Some desperate girls independently prescribe oral contraceptives another brand instead problem pills. Do not do this. Picking up the drug without consulting a gynecologist, you run the risk of adding trouble.

The black «scribble» can disturb the ladies who recently found himself the intrauterine device. As a rule, allocation disturbing colors appear in patients in the first two months after the event. Then, all adverse events are.

What symptoms should pay attention to?

Patients whose black highlight appear for five or six days before menstruation, is to pay attention to health.

List the symptoms that indicate violations of reproductive sphere:

  1. Pain in the lower abdomen;
  2. Cramps and burning sensation in intimate areas.
  3. Scanty menses, alternating with profuse bleeding;
  4. Discomfort each time you have sex;
  5. Fever;
  6. Weakness;
  7. Nausea;
  8. Pain in the lower back.

You need to pay attention to the smell of mucus that you see on the strip. Foul smell and dark discharge indicates an infection. Without proper treatment it won’t.

Possible pregnancy?

Noticing the unusual color selection, any girl will try to find out the cause of the deviation. If a woman did not refuse for sex life, it will arise the question whether it is possible pregnancy. Such a scenario should not be excluded. But it is important to realize that a black discharge that’s bothering you more than a day may indicate a threatened miscarriage.

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Experts say that the most dangerous period for the fetus are the days on which you were menstruating. Any discharge from women these days are a sign of trouble.

Call symptoms that should prompt you to call the team «ambulance»:

  • Suspiciously low blood pressure;
  • Noticeable paleness;
  • Excessive sweating;
  • A semiconscious condition;
  • Sharp pain in lower abdomen.

Things to remember

Menopausal patient encounter unusual phenomena on the part of women’s health. Is menstrual blood the Mature ladies are often observed black discharge. This condition may be accompanied by hot flashes, palpitations, hypertension.

A single dark discharge may be the ladies who took the pill emergency contraception. The same «spotting» can occur in a female patient after abortion. Sometimes there is a situation of incomplete abortion. Highlight to dark colors with repellent odour «signal» that part of the fetus remains in the uterus. Without professional assistance the woman’s condition will deteriorate.

If the menstrual cycle have long been established, but you are troubled with the allocation unusual color, do not tempt fate. Consult an experienced specialist and listen to his recommendations.