Black radish sinusitis: how effective is the treatment of it and what are the recipes

How to treat sinusitis black radish?

Sinusitis disease is serious and familiar to the person for a long time. And, therefore, different ways of treating this disease invented by myriad .

So, in Ancient Egypt used black radish from sinusitis. How efficient is this popular method of treatment?

What is sinusitis

Our skull, as we know is not a monolithic bone. It consists of a whole set of bones and various sinuses. Especially a lot of the sinuses of the face and nose.

The largest paranasal sinuses are called the maxillary or maxillary.

Any inflammation of the maxillary sinuses is called sinusitis.

While the cause of the inflammation can be bacterial or viral infection, abnormal anatomy of the maxillofacial bones goes untreated the teeth, and more.

Important! In any case, sinusitis is a complex and dangerous disease that requires immediate treatment.

The symptoms of sinusitis

Symptoms of sinusitis can be cold, particularly prolonged, with severe. However, sniffles, usually not enough to suspect yourself sinusitis. They are usually accompanied by fever, headache, deterioration of olfaction General weakness.

Useful properties

Radish is a small, acrid and pungent root vegetable.

The same species are radish and daikon, but only to the black radish, the burning of their brethren, is suitable for treatment of sinusitis at home.

This is possible thanks to a very rich composition.

In the radish easily get along with a variety of minerals, including iodine, vitamins, especially vitamin C, micro and trace minerals and salt. What beneficial properties does it have?

  • due to the content of lysozyme and various volatile it has antibacterial properties;
  • a large amount of potassium helps to remove excess fluid and therefore relieve swelling of the mucous membrane;
  • it contained flavonoids contribute to the restoration of cellular metabolism, removal of toxins and overall reduction of intoxication;
  • it also possesses a weak analgesic effect.
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Important! The treatment for better to use fresh fruit, but will fit and root vegetables, carefully stored since the autumn, provided that it is the winter variety, and they were stored correctly.


Recipes folk remedies from rare to me

As a rule, black radish from the common cold and sinusitis are used in a variety of compresses. Among the most popular and effective are two of the recipe:

  1. Radish in a medium size grind by using a grinder, blender or usually float. Better to do it with the skin. The received weight lay between two layers of thick gauze and applied to the cheeks and wings of nose in the area of maxillary sinuses. Keep this compress can be no more than 10 minutes.
  2. Crushed, as in the first recipe, radish mixed with two spoons of honey and flour. When mixed it turns a kind of dough. From it formed a cake and also impose a problem. Because the action is in this case mitigated by additional komponentami, the compress can be kept to 20 minutes.

Regardless of which of these two recipes do you prefer, before applying radish, the skin should be lubricated with vegetable oil or baby cream. This will help to avoid severe burns.

After compress it is useful to apply it on the affected area Drier or similar tool.

Attention! Despite all precautions to avoid redness of the skin will fail so that the compresses is recommended to apply before bedtime.

Another important point, radish and honey – two very strong and active means, each of which separately can cause an allergic reaction. What can we say about their joint use. Therefore, it is recommended to do a test on a small area of skin.

Important! To prevent allergic reactions before you compress, you can take an antihistamine.

In addition, before and after a compress can and should rinse the nasal passages with saline.

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This would be especially helpful after the procedure as warmed up sinuses will immediately begin to clear of accumulated slime, and washing will simplify this process.

Treatment of black radish sinusitis is not exhausted by the wraps. Radish juice alone or mixed with other substances can be instilled into the nose.

If you dilute it with boiled water, this solution can moisten a cotton swab and enter into the nasal passages.

However, it is not only a folk remedy for sinusitis. About other methods of treatment can be read here.


Do not forget that even popular media can have its contraindications. In the case of black radish not so much, and yet they are.

Her hot juice is contraindicated for small children with delicate, not fully developed mucosa. Also, do not make these packs for people with sensitive skin.

In addition, it is not necessary to treat in this way purulent sinusitis. The warming of the sinuses in the case of bacterial infection can have the opposite effect. But when sinusitis associated with dental causes of the radish is simply inefficient.

Important! Radish can be used as a Supplement to the treatment prescribed by the doctor, but can not completely replace him.

In any case, if traditional remedies don’t help within 5 days, continue treatment radish is not necessary. Otherwise, you can delay the treatment, and to do without a puncture of the nose has not come out.