Black radish with honey during pregnancy cough

Is it possible during pregnancy is treated radish with honey?

Black radish is famous for a whole list of useful properties, so actively used in folk medicine. Often it is recommended for the treatment of cough and cold during pregnancy instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

It fits particularly well with honey. But the question is, can I use black radish with honey during pregnancy?

Radish with honey: useful properties

The black radish has a very rich composition, it contains mineral salts, and various vitamins, flavonoids and fitontsidy.

It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, decongestant, and many other properties.

In combination with honey they enhance the beneficial properties of each other and mitigate some of the negative effects. That is why they are so often used in folk medicine, including for the treatment of rhinitis, cough, as an excellent expectorant.

In addition, this blend boosts your own immune system, helping to deal with their own illness.

Remember! Radish with honey is extremely useful and affordable tool for the treatment at home.

During pregnancy

While it sounds very appealing, but the question remains, is it possible to use black radish during pregnancy cough.

Here opinions are divided. On the one hand, it contains a number of different essential oils. And that’s why apply it during pregnancy is with great care.

Essential oils, active substances, can cause allergies and other unpleasant effects.

Important! Some doctors believe that radish can lead the muscles of the uterus in a tone that contributes to the risk of miscarriage!

On the other hand, almost any tool, whether traditional or folk medicine, has certain reasons to use it during pregnancy is not desirable. But to treat the cough and runny nose must.

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Many women believe that black radish during pregnancy – a much less dangerous product for the treatment of diseases droplets than different medicines. In addition, statistics indicate that in the quantities in which the radish juice is used to treat cough and runny nose he is not able to seriously harm the pregnant woman and her unborn child.


Of course, there are situations when the use rare it’s worth to refuse.

These include:

  • the tone of the uterus;
  • problems with the thyroid gland (due to high iodine content);
  • individual intolerance;
  • problems of the digestive system.

Attention! In other cases, a pregnant woman, it is possible to apply a radish with honey, but only if she pre-consult with the doctor.


If you do decide to use a radish with honey during pregnancy cough and runny nose, then below are a few useful and simple recipes.


For the treatment of cough is often used radish juice with honey.

To get the healing fluid, you need to choose medium size roots, put it in some container root down and cut off the top.

After that, it make holes and put a couple of tablespoons of honey so that it didn’t fully fill the recess. Should be a place to release the juice.

The resulting notch close cut the tip and put the radish in a dark cool place for 5-6 hours. During this time stand out juice and mixed with honey.

It is drained and put in the fridge, and the top layer of the root is scraped and again recess is filled with honey.

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Instead of honey, if you for some reason do not carry, you can take a couple of tablespoons of sugar. The usefulness of the product will be of a slightly lower, yet the resulting juice will be quite suitable for treatment.

Attention! Make the juice to one spoon 3-4 times a day.

Treatment usually lasts 5-7 days. Drinking radish juice for longer is not recommended.

If the above seems too troublesome, you can just grate the root on a grater, mix it with honey, and then squeeze the juice and put into the refrigerator. Ready to drink radish juice with honey need during the day.

There are other folk remedies for the treatment of dry cough.

From a cold

Radish juice with honey is also effective for the common cold. It instilled into each nostril 5 drops 2-3 times a day.

You can also make hot compresses of radish. For this it is necessary to grind: grated or make it in a blender, mix with honey and flour and make tight dough.

From this mold the cake and put on the wings of the nose and cheeks. After 20 minutes the cake should be removed, minor burns grease Panthenol or a simple baby cream.

If you are still in doubt whether to apply the radish during pregnancy, you can use other people’s money. For example, it is possible to treat a cold onion juice, or planting garlic in the ears.


And best of all, of course, pregnancy is not get sick. And for this it is necessary to pay more attention to prevention.

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First of all, you need to regularly ventilate the room to air does not stagnate. To avoid visiting crowded places, not to communicate with patients. Great importance to health is personal hygiene.

In addition, to avoid contamination, it is better to breathe air with high humidity, and to do this is to purchase a humidifier.