Black spots on labia: possible causes and treatment

Blackheads and pimples is a common phenomenon that women consider a serious cosmetic defect, bringing them aesthetic displeasure with their appearance. But in some cases black dots may appear on the skin of the labia – in this case, the aesthetic problem is the considerable discomfort. Pimples in the bikini area can RUB on clothing and underwear can cause irritation. Woman shy to undress, which affects their intimate life. What is the cause of pimples and blackheads on the labia, and whether they require special treatment?

Why black dots appear?

The basic principle of the formation of acne and blackheads in bikini area as follows: in the subcutaneous fat layer, which is in all parts of the body are the so-called sebaceous glands, when blockage which occurs the formation of unsightly dark spots. Duct of the sebaceous gland clogged the increased amount of subcutaneous fat and dead skin cells, resulting in comedones and appear in the medicine called black dots on the surface of the skin.

Increased blood flow to the pelvic organs naturally leads to increased sweating crotch. And this is one of the main reasons for the development of comedones. It is established that in the main group of risk of development of aesthetic defect – the owner of oily skin. Such women should, with particular attention to the hygiene of the external genitalia. The crotch should be thoroughly washed with soap and water or with a special tool for intimate hygiene at least 2 times a day. Especially careful should be hygiene in hot weather when sweating increases, and also during menstruation. Don’t forget to regularly change the pads or other hygienic means – not less often than every 3-4 hours.

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Causes of black spots on labia

Cause the formation of comedones on the skin of the external genitalia can be not only inadequate hygiene of the intimate area. Is allocated and a number of other less common reasons:

  • The constant wearing of underwear made from synthetic materials that do not allow air to circulate normally in the genital area. Subsequently there is a blockage of duct of sebaceous glands with subsequent formation of comedones. The optimal solution would be wearing underwear made with quality materials of natural origin.
  • As mentioned above, the common cause of pimples on the surface of the genitals is insufficient genital hygiene. But too much hygiene can also trigger the development of blackheads. Due to frequent washing, especially with the use of ordinary soap, sensitive mucous surface of the vagina is damaged, the normal microflora is disturbed, which allows various pathogens to easily get inside the sebaceous glands.
  • Very often, the appearance of black dots on the surface of the labia caused by inflammation of the hair follicle. In the process, wrong hair removal bikini hair follicle is damaged, the skin around it is red, infected, appears purulent pimple or comedo.
  • The appearance of various rashes, purulent pimples or black dots in the crotch area may visually indicate infection received through sexual contact. But in some cases black spots on labia be the result of an allergic reaction to intimate deodorants, perfumed wipes, latex condoms, gels or lubricants used during sexual intercourse.
  • Hypothermia, as well as overheating of the intimate zone, often provoke undesirable eruptions on the surface of the labia.
  • Hormonal imbalance in the female body can be a factor that triggers the formation of comedones and pimples on the labia. Such eruptions often occur in adolescent girls and women in menopause. If the black dots Napoletana and do not cause much discomfort, they are recommended to treat the skin condition of the labia independently normalized after restoration of hormonal background.
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In some cases, you need medical help?

Visit to the gynecologist or dermatologist is recommended in the following cases:

  1. Black spots or pimples on labia not disappear for 10-14 days, while the affected area is growing rapidly. Increased the number of comedones is a serious reason for visiting the clinic.
  2. The rash is added to the peeling, redness, swelling or itching of the perineum.
  3. If black spots on labia you notice immediately after intercourse with a new partner, you should not postpone the visit to the venereal diseases, because in this case we can talk about sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. On damaged skin begins to form painful ulcers or erosions.

Treatment and prevention of rashes in the intimate area

The necessary treatment for black spots on labia appoint a specialist on the basis of complex examination and determine the cause of the rash. In order to avoid the appearance of acne or pimples in the bikini area, should be thoroughly and regularly wash the vulva. For hygiene it is best to use special cosmetic products, having in its composition fragrances and perfume components. Use only your personal towel, applying it only for bikini area. The same applies to the pads.

When rash on labia should categorically refuse the use of ordinary soap, scented pads and wet wipes to replace the latex condoms for other barrier method of contraception. Best of all for the period of treatment to completely abandon the sexual contacts. Follow these simple rules and health of the genital organs is guaranteed.

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