Black wax in my ear in humans: why black treatment

Why the ear appears black and sulfur how to get rid of it?

Earwax has several important protective functions, which few people know. Under natural production it envelops the ear canal, thus protecting the ear from dust, insects, small objects. But in the case of trauma or improper ear hygiene, sulfur may accumulate in the ear passage and to cause a feeling of congestion, pain when eating or socializing, as well as loss of hearing acuity.

In rare cases, sulfur can gain an unnatural brown or black color. This represents about violations in the structure of the organ of hearing. In this article we will examine the question why sulfur in the ears, dark color, more.

About sulfur glands

When the natural production of sulfur has a yellow undertone and a soft texture. It is secreted in the ear canal in small quantities and lubricates the walls, thus protecting the organ of hearing. During normal operation, the sulphur flows into the ear and causes no discomfort.

If in the ear of the person had a black discharge, you should think about the condition of the organ of hearing, as this is the first signal on the inflammatory process. It is necessary to understand the causes and factors of occurrence of the symptom and to choose a careful course of treatment.

It is known that cerumen can cause a lot of inconvenience to the person. It covers the ear canal and because of this, the man is stuffy and hearing impairment. In the formation of tubes, the walls of the ear canal susceptible to pressure, causing a painful reaction.

In addition, sulfur in large amounts can lead to hearing loss or hearing loss.

In addition, the person feels a burning sensation and itching, which can interfere with sleep. Therefore, the person feels fatigue and disability.

Among the side effects of increased production of a sulfur note the appearance of inflammation in the outer and the inner ear or otitis media.

Why in-ear black sulfur

The main function of sulfur is to protect the middle and inner ear. It is known that the human ear is near the brain.

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As a result, the human body should protect the organ of hearing from viruses and bacteria, because such an arrangement is dangerous for the condition of the head.

So, if the inflammation has penetrated to the inner ear, the likelihood of disease of the cerebral cortex is greatly increased.

To protect this organ in the ear of a person, there are sebaceous glands and sulfur. They cover the auditory canal of a specialized grease that eliminates bacteria, appearance of fungi or viruses.

And the secret holds dirt, dust and promotes natural moisture of the ear canal.

In addition, sulfur smell scares insects.

Sulfur is excreted from the human body itself when eating or communicating. The old grease is replaced by new. To sulfur does not accumulate near the external ear is necessary to carry out the cleaning once a week of specialized tools and clean the ears every day.

The increase in the work of sulfuric glands can lead to excess amount of secretions. Usually, she just does not have time to leave the ear naturally. Thus the emergence of cerumen.

In a narrow ear canal there is a large accumulation of glands, which over time hardens and solidifies. For its release has enough simple purification, and medical workers.

The active work of the glands may be associated with improper cleaning of the organ of hearing or with various diseases. To determine the causes and eliminate the tube it is necessary to refer to the otolaryngologist.

You should know that the people whose professional activity is connected with the places of accumulation of large amounts of dust and dirt, cerumen appears regularly.

Because the body protects the ear organ, it produces a greater amount of sulfur which mixed with dust hardens and becomes black.

Another reason for the appearance of the cerumen is brown or black color may be the ingress of water into the ear. So, when swimming, water enters the ear canal and pushes the earwax further down the aisle.

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At this time, a person experiences severe pain and sometimes perforation of the eardrum.

Most often, the blockage appears in children. This is due to inadequate cleansing of the organ of hearing and unnecessary work with a cotton swab. Using additional methods of purification, inexperienced parents can only push the sulfur further along the tube, causing the appearance of congestion.

Over time it stagnates and becomes black or brown.

Symptoms of inflammation

Understand that a sulfuric stopper by referring to the following symptoms. But her symptoms varies, depending on localization, its size, consistency and colour. So, when stale sulphur, it acquires a dark color. Therefore, at external examination it seems black in the ear.

Most often when cerumen person experiences the following symptoms:

  1. Significant hearing impairment.
  2. The resonance of his own voice.
  3. Shooting pains.
  4. A feeling of irritation in the ear.
  5. The person experiences the sensation of a foreign object in the ear canal.
  6. Congestion in one ear or both ears.

If cerumen is formed near the tympanic region, the patient feels pressure on the field. At this time the patient appears dizziness, nausea, feeling of pressure imbalance.

It’s pretty dangerous symptoms, as when idle people may lose the ability to hear.

Black wax in my ear in humans — treatment

If you noticed a black discharge from the ear is not make your own decisions about treatment, consult your ear doctor. In the formation of cerumen is necessary to carry out a course of treatment, softening of sulphur and excretion from the organism.

Entrust the destruction of the black tube specialist. Otherwise, you can only push the tube further in the passage and cause perforation of the eardrum.

Do not attempt to withdraw the stopper with sharp objects or other unskilled manipulation.
An experienced doctor after a visual inspection and conduct the necessary tests to quickly determine the cause of pain in the ear and black ooze.

In the case of formation of cerumen is ear lavage.

This procedure takes about thirty minutes for both ears.

For washing the doctor dials into a special syringe solution medicines which soften the hard black tube and enters the outer passage of one milliliter. To the ear of the patient is applied to a saucer into which the fluid flows. The actions of the physician should be smooth.

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After the ear is prepared, and sulphur is found more soft structure, a specialist with a syringe Jean power washes the ear canal. The black tube should separate from the wall and to flow along with the solution.

After implementing this procedure, the ear is slightly swollen. However, the patient almost immediately feels significant relief and improvement.

It should be noted that lavage through a syringe is an obsolete method, and in modern clinics, there is a special equipment for ear irrigation.

Sulfuric stopper can be withdrawn by yourself at home.

However, to carry out this operation is possible only if soft and loose tube no dark colors, use of drugs, such as «Remo-wax» or «HHonors».

In the case of sulfuric cork black or brown, self-breeding is strictly prohibited.


If you feel in the ear foreign object, or the formation of cerumen is necessary to refer to the otolaryngologist. Thus, you can greatly simplify your life and time to eliminate unpleasant process.

In the case of the formation of the black tube is not recommended to use the methods of alternative medicine and to put your ear to the different tinctures and enter the alcohol solution. So you can provoke burns and exacerbate the whole situation.