Bladder exstrophy: causes, diagnosis and treatment

Bladder exstrophy — what is it? The disease can be determined when a newborn baby just born, in that case operation is done. This is the only way to get rid of this problem, and have a chance at a normal life and recovery. Treatment with medicines and other methods in this case gives no relief, but worsen the condition of the child, probably, maybe even death.

Bladder exstrophy is a complex and severe congenital defect. It front wall of the bladder is simply not available. Through defect in the abdominal muscles and the skin emerges out the back wall of the bladder. The degree may be different. Such a defect is found in one case in 50,000 newborns, and more often in infant boys than in girls. In these cases need urgent surgery surgeons. Develops pathology in their mothers ‘ bellies. Approximately 4-5 weeks of pregnancy under the influence of different factors genetics there is a violation cloacales partitions. It interferes with the normal development and formation of the bladder.


Scientists are studying the reasons because of which there is the abnormality. But alas, the final results of the research yet. The main factors that encourage the development of extrophy bladder:

  • The hereditary factor. Foreign scientists have identified irregularities in the genes of some children with this disease.
  • If the child’s mother abused alcohol, drugs, Smoking before conception, or was in a position where there is a formation of all major organs in the little man.
  • Ecological factor. Situation and environmental situation, environmental pollution, various chemicals and radiation izlucheniia affect the mother and the fetus. Pregnant to 12 weeks can not pass x-ray examination.
  • The use of high doses of progesterone (sex hormone) in the first trimester of pregnancy can cause this pathology.
  • Medications can cause bladder exstrophy (include antibiotics). There is a hypothesis that this pathology may occur if parents used reproductive technology.
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What is a Vice?

One of the obvious symptoms of extrophy bladder is the defect of the bladder wall through which you can see the mucosa of the rear wall. In the lower part of the ureters are visible, of which the urine exudes. In boys the penis is underdeveloped. Girls have a split clitoris and labia, the vagina is underdeveloped. If the anomaly is severe, it can lead also to the eversion of the limb. Sometimes the navel of the child. Abnormality causes the state of shock in people who are faced with this problem, and see it. The exposed areas of the bladder and deformity of the genital organs are visible immediately after the birth of a baby.

Manifestations of this pathology of the bladder can also be combined with other deviations from the norm. For example, inguinal hernia, weak anal sphincter, doubling of the vagina, malformations of the kidney and ureter, well-developed coccyx and sacrum, and more.Dr.


To determine the signs of the disease is possible even during intrauterine development of the fetus at first ultrasound. On ultrasound you will see the defect of the anterior wall of the bladder. You can also see other pathology development during the ultrasound. Immediately after the birth of the little man with this anomaly diagnosed and to check the other systems and organs. The main task of a doctor who deals with the treatment of extrophy of the bladder: as soon as possible to be treated and to ensure the newborn a healthy reproductive life in future.

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The treatment is carried out only by surgery. Interference should be held as soon as possible. Doctors believe that surgical intervention with the diagnosis of bladder exstrophy is optimally carried out within 5 days after birth crumbs. During surgery to monitor the condition of the child and it is important to prevent inflammation in this area of the bladder. This place is covered with sterile cloth.

If the operation is carried out in time, then the patient is not threatened, soon the structure of the bladder and its integrity will be restored, and the little man will get better. However, despite this, the child must be under the supervision of a pediatrician, to avoid serious complications of kidney, urolithiasis, renal failure and urinary incontinence.

Bladder exstrophy is treated individually. Approaches to the treatment of this pathology continue to evolve. At the moment, the doctors want to cure the child through only one operation, but it is impossible. For a full treatment requires 2-3 operations within a few years.

Lately plastic bladder has become a frequent surgical intervention. But unfortunately, this problem very difficult to solve. Each case of extropia — unique and individual. Bladder exstrophy is partial or complete, may be 2 of the bladder, where one normal and the other ekstragirovanie. Pathology is often combined with other anomalies — a doubling of the genital organs, one kidney and more.

It is therefore important to correctly and timely diagnose the condition of the baby, can often require additional survey. It is important to find a good clinic and doctors that operate on the bladder extrophy. Parents of such children it is important not to despair and to seek help. Let you and your kids will be healthy!

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