Blocked ears: what to do and the reasons why provides the ear

What to do when ears pop and why is this happening?

The world ceases to be colorful, if a person has violated the operation of any sense organ. We are particularly susceptible to problems with hearing. Even seemingly ordinary ears can be very terrifying person and deliver tangible discomfort: sounds become muted, to the same distorted perception of his own voice.

To eliminate this phenomenon we first need to determine the cause laid by the ears, than to help specialist, and on this basis to proceed to symptomatic or severe complex treatment.

The main causes of blockage of ears

This phenomenon is quite common and in most cases its occurrence is provoked by external factors. In this case, after the normalization of circumstances, the state goes on.

Help. It is also worth considering that the ears can be a symptom of some pathologies, which will disappear after treatment of the cause.

If ears, then the reasons for this can be varied. Further schematically shows the main factors that cause this pathological condition.

The reason Description
Sudden barometric pressure The human ear is arranged so that at sharp jumps of atmospheric pressure, there is such a discomfort. This is because in such conditions the organ of hearing does not have time to quickly equalize the difference of pressure between the ear cavity and external. The phenomenon is also observed when flying in an airplane, ascending or descending in the mountains and riding the rides.
The ingress of water and foreign objects During swimming, especially when swimming, bathing, water can enter the ear, causing congestion. Independently resolve is quite simple. But if the ear hit a foreign object, try removing it at home is not necessary. It is fraught with injury to the ear canal.
Change in blood pressure When sudden changes increased blood pressure, there is this phenomenon that can be felt as calm and in motion. Especially should pay attention to this people suffering from hypertension. Since this is the main reason lays in the ear.
Sulfuric tube Excessive production of sulphuric glands secret ear leads to the formation of ear plugs that can partially or completely block the ear canal. Congestion may occur periodically, mostly in the morning after waking (tube can change its position, completely blocking the ear canal) or permanently (in case of large accumulations of sulfur).
Pregnancy Stuffy ears can occur during pregnancy, and at any time. This is due to hormonal changes in the body of the expectant mother. Usually, this symptom disappears with the birth of a child.
Power physical activity This phenomenon usually occurs because of incorrect breathing during exercise, as well as with no rest between exercises.
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These factors mainly cause periodic congestion of the ears and are easily removed. It is only necessary to determine from which laid the ears, and then take appropriate action.

Why congestion occurs frequently

We have found that if the ear lays intermittently, then there is nothing to worry, however, if this symptom became permanent, it could indicate the development of the disease.

Stuffy ears can be a symptom of the following diseases:

  • otitis media is most often observed in the inflammation of the middle ear, which is accompanied by nasal congestion, pain in the ears and fever;
  • evstahiit – inflammation and swelling of the auditory tube function and equalization of pressure;
  • the flu or the common cold inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx again disrupted the Eustachian tube;
  • Allergy can occur at a variety of irritants (dust, hair, pollen, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals);
  • dysfunction of the jaw joint almost 50% of cases the pathological process is the cause of the discomfort;
  • hearing loss – the development of hearing loss may begin with the noise and congestion in the ears;
  • neuroma – formation of tumoroids of the auditory nerve;
  • brain tumor;
  • otosclerosis.

These pathological processes are quite serious and dangerous. So if you really laid the ear and persists for a long time, you should not treat it lightly.

Important. Constant feeling of congestion should encourage the patient to visit an otolaryngologist, who will identify the true cause of the condition and prescribe treatment.

Such actions will directly depend on the successful treatment and speedy recovery.

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What to do if your ears

Seeing the highlights on what may lay an ear, discuss the steps through which you can get rid of the blockage of ears. However, this applies to simple phenomena.

If there is to be serious inflammation, quickly, and competently be able to handle only the ENT. Attempts home-medication should be left for another occasion.

On changes in the barometric pressure to eliminate feelings of stuffiness can perform the following actions:

  1. To swallow.
  2. Drink water, with small SIPS.
  3. Take a deep breath through the mouth (nose to pinch fingers), and exhale sharply through the nose.
  4. To carry chewing gum or candy.

All these actions will help to adapt the body to the ear to change and to align vnutrishniy pressure.

If the ear is exposed to water, you can just tilt your head sideways and slightly pull the ear, this is usually enough to prevent the water leak itself. If not, read more about ways to extract fluid from the ear, please click here.

If you change blood pressure it is necessary to measure the pressure to know what drugs to take for its normalization.

Waxy build-up are eliminated by washing, which is performed by the doctor using a special syringe. At home allowed the ear to drip solution of hydrogen peroxide (3%), can well soften the tube and facilitates its expectoration.

The inflammatory process in the ear and Eustachian tube are treated only under medical supervision. Mainly for the treatment assigned to the following groups of drugs: antibiotics, ear drops, nasal vasoconstrictor drops, pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs.

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If determined an allergic reaction, the specialist identifies the allergen and prescribes antihistamines.

More serious diseases require prolonged medical treatment, and in some cases can be appointed surgery.


From the causes of this pathological state is mainly depends on how long you can be laid ear. Congestion may take immediately after some manipulation or after a certain time necessary for the treatment of a disease, a symptom of which is such phenomenon.

To any changes in the body must be treated quite carefully. And if we think that the congestion in the ears is a minor problem, it actually can be quite the opposite. If this unpleasant sensation is intermittent, and if not made permanent, be sure to consult a doctor.