Blood clots from the nose the child and the adult: causes and what to do with it

What to do if the nose bleeding clots?

As a result of damage the cardiovascular system, the body reacts to the formation of an elastic mass which is detached from the nasal cavity at the stage of homeostasis. The mechanical integrity of capillaries, their contents seeping through the soft tissue, as a result, together with mucus secreted blood clots.

Unfounded the formation of blood clots indicates a serious pathological changes, depression of the immune system, blood diseases. The dangerous development of the symptoms, what to do if allocated blood clots from nose in a child or adult?

Causes of blood clots from the nose

Excretion (elimination) of liquid lymph through the outer cavity is manifested not bleeding profusely, mainly due to drying of the inner shell. With a sharp exhalation violated the integrity of the crusts, causing capillary mesh.

The factors that are related to nose and paranasal sinuses standardized to local causes:

  • the effects of surgical interventions. During the rehabilitation period after invasive diagnostic procedures for 2-3 days, the blood is manifested in a small volume. This is a natural reaction of the body to damage the integrity of the tissue structure;
  • the ingress of foreign bodies Objects, solid textures irritate the epithelium, damaging the vascular system. Localization of foreign objects provokes soft tissue swelling, the production myconazole of secretions containing blood;
  • anatomical deformity of the bone and cartilage framework of the facial skeleton. A deviated septum acts as a catalyst immobility, atrophic changes of the mucosa, chronic inflammation, which leads to the formation of blood clots;
  • injuries of the nose. The degree of damage depends on the force of impact and method of obtaining injury. Violation of the integrity of the bony pyramid of the nose is characterized by the development of edema, hematoma, rupture of the mucosa, an open fracture with the bone protruding and bleeding atomtime;

For reference! To provoke a flow of blood from the nose, excessive exercise, emotional upset, hormonal imbalance in a pregnant woman.

  • chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract. On the background of aggravation of the inflammatory process is increased bleeding, decrease the permeability of vascular walls when exposed to pathogenic strains;
  • localization of benign tumors. Excessive proliferation of the mucosa is represented by polyps, angiomas. In rendering the slightest pressure on the modified structure (palpation) responds by secretion of lymph with impurities thick mass of blood;
  • exposure to antigens. Stimulation of histamine receptors of external stimuli manifested allergic runny nose, swelling, followed by atrophy and bleeding the inner lining of the nose.
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Trigger the blood clot from the nose of an adult can the adverse production conditions, at least household.

People whose activity is connected with steel plants, mines, thermal plants, the chemical industry must be extra vigilant to the condition of the respiratory system.

Common causes of blood clots from the nose

A reason for concern for bleeding at the back of the nose. Diagnosis complicates an extensive and diverse list of interior violations that forms blood convolution. To identify the disease, its extent and form lesions in the competence of the audiologist.

Important! Prolonged runny nose with blood impurities fraught with a lot of blood loss, hemorrhagic shock.

The list of common pathologies represented by the following list:

  • Oncology. Malignant tumors inhibit the operation of the mucociliary apparatus, destabilizie immunity. Hypertrophy affects capillary fragility, thinning of the mucosa, resulting in the formation of phlegm with blood.
  • hypertension. Increased blood pressure creates additional strain on the blood vessels of the epithelium, subsequently undergo deformation, the internal or external nasal hemorrhage;
  • cardiovascular disabilities. Pathology are accompanied by sharp jumps in blood pressure, which provokes rapid wear, violation of the integrity of the capillary, the appearance of blood mass;
  • atherosclerosis. Chronic disease is associated with changes in the structure and fragility of blood vessels. Localization of cholesterol on the inner walls of the arteries leads to reduced elasticity and clearance of the arteries, deterioration of the flow of lymph;
  • with bronchial asthma. Pathology is manifested paroxysmal accelerated breaths, the choroid plexus of the brain are in stress, the small capillaries of the nasal projection burst.

Predisposing factor of developing blood clots is a hereditary disease – hemophilia. On the basis of reduced blood coagulation, even from a small wound space implies a large volume of blood with clots that is difficult to stop.

Among the common causes include liver disease, leukemia, renal failure, vasculitis, thrombocytopenia.

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What to do if the nose bleeding with clots

The systematic separation of blood clots requires accurate identification and treatment, otherwise there is a high risk of complications, including death.

The accurate diagnosis of rejection is possible using diagnostic procedures: ultrasound, cytological examination of lymph, blood and urine.

How to stop a nosebleed

Matter how competently and timely first aid depends on the further development of the clinical picture.

For the relief of nasal bleeding clots the recommended sequence of actions:

  1. Make the sitting position, the head slightly tilted forward. This posture prevents the ingestion of blood, seizures, intoxication, provides free removal elastic mass out through the nasal passages.
  2. Gently clean the nasal cavity from myconazole the secret of the clots of coagulated blood with water or wet gauze bundles.
  3. Your thumb to press the affected sinus to the nasal septum. Constricting injured blood vessels, blood clots, discharge stopped after 5-10 minutes.
  4. Put a cold compress on the projection of the nose. Low temperatures provoke the local spasm of the blood vessels, stopping bleeding.
  5. With abundant nasal blood loss to the pneumatic hole, insert a sterile turundy soaked in hydrogen peroxide. In full their content to make replacement on the net. To remove cotton swabs, you should be careful not to damage the blood bundle, which clogs the wound hole.

Nuance! Hydrogen peroxide can replace handy tools: low-concentrated solution of vinegar, juice of yarrow, aloe, lemon, fresh vegetable juices, mineral oil.

As emergency aid is recommended to make use of vasoconstrictor drugs («Nazivin», «Naphazoline», «At»). They facilitate nasal breathing, cropped swelling and inflammation of the soft tissues.

When severe pain take analgesics on the basis of ibuprofen – «Nurofen», «Nimesulide», «Paracetamol».

If you stop the nosebleed has failed you must call the ambulance.


Systematic production aconselho secret with impurities of blood clots indicates progression of the inflammatory process. In the hospital the procedure cauterization mucosa of lactic acid, salts of zinc, solution of nitrate of silver.

Creates a deep eschar surgical diathermy, chromic acid, galvanocaustic.

Widespread in otolaryngology method of cryovalve liquid nitrogen. The therapeutic effect is characterized by local action, the lack of scars.

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Wound place provide a special guard made of PTFE to avoid damaging healthy tissue, affect the AA cryoapplication with vapor-liquid circulation of the nitrogen up to 2 minutes. To avoid the development of homeostatic effect upon completion of the procedure is carried out Campanario nose.

Treatment of ENT diseases in the formation of secretory discharge with blood admixtures is carried out with the help of laser. Phototherapy refers to a safe and painless method of recovery, it normalizes lymph flow, accelerates the regeneration of soft tissues, strengthens the immune system.

For reference! Tamponade medicines medicines only require medical involvement, because there is a risk of toxic shock with the localization of toxic components into the blood vessels.

Blood clots in the morning, nose are formed because of excessively dry air in the room.

To solve the problem, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for a speedy recovery: to maintain optimum moisture percentage (45-55%), drink more fluids, to carry out daily toilet of the nose, sinus rinse saline solution or instilled moisturizing agents.


Causes of blood clots from the nose lie in the pathological changes and the action of external stimuli. If the bleeding is minor as a result of mechanical damage, it is important to know the rules of first aid.

Systematic evidence of violations requires identification of the etiology of the pathogen, making therapeutic schemes or surgery.