Blood from the nasopharynx at expectoration: the causes of

Why do I get mucus out of the nasopharynx with the blood?

Do not try to self-diagnose themselves, if the blood from the nasopharynx. The problem may be more serious than it seems at first glance.

On the other hand, if you’ve had surgery, for example after removal of the tonsils, it is not necessary to panic ahead of time, because to cope with this problem myself, but in any case, you must contact Laura.


If the mucus from the nasopharynx of blood, it can be a very dangerous symptom of diseases such as lung cancer or tuberculosis. In such a situation, you want treatment to a specialist pulmonologist. Therefore, you need to seriously treat the sputum with blood.

Professionals need to conduct a series of tests and process of elimination to determine the cause of blood in sputum. This may be a pathological process in the respiratory system, or the ENT organs.

After specialist examination, the doctor concludes. If the disease is in the organs was not observed, it will be assigned to study x-ray light, to detect the presence of tuberculosis. Also used the CT.

Through these methods, can detect not only tuberculosis, but also other lung diseases that can cause blood in sputum.

In any case, if the blood was discovered, any person should seriously take this signal. It is necessary to approach it with all responsibility. The main goal is to accurately determine the cause.

Possible causes

To the appearance of blood in the sputum, may be involved in the following:

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  1. TB.
  2. Infarction of the lung.
  3. Damage to the blood vessels of the nose (this may be bleeding from the nose).
  4. Oncology.
  5. Surgical procedures on the ENT organs.
  6. Pneumonia.
  7. Damage to the blood vessels of the bronchi.
  8. Cystic fibrosis.
  9. Bronchitis.
  10. Bronchiectasis disease.
  11. Abscess of the lung.

As can be seen from this enumeration list, hazardous reasons can be quite a lot, so it is very important, as soon as possible to diagnose and pinpoint the cause to begin effective treatment.


Naturally, the course of therapy will be administered based on diagnosis, so universal prescription treatment is not. Before going to a specialist, you can only rinse a throat:

  • myramistinum (they can treat the otitis media, read this article);
  • chlorhexidine;
  • Furacilinum.

You can use any other antiseptic. On this treatment on their own should be discontinued. In that case, if the bleeding is too heavy, you should immediately call an ambulance.

Read also about the use of furatsilina in pregnancy.

In milder cases when there is a burst vein under intense coughing, or similar cases, therapy should be limited exclusively to the treatment of pneumonia, COPD, bronchitis and other diseases, which provoke the cough.

In the case of diagnosis of inflammatory processes by the type of bronchitis you have to be ready to use antibacterial drugs. Most often, treatment in hospital with intravenous or intramuscular injections of antibiotics.

When the diagnosis of cancer, the patient will be sent to the appropriate specialist. Assigned to surgical treatment and chemotherapy.

If diagnosed with tuberculosis, used antibacterial and anti-TB treatment. From the beginning of the course, the patient is given about 5 medium, and after 3 months with apparent remission, gradually stop taking 1.

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As for the duration of the course, it may be different in terms of severity, but not less than 6 months. Therapy is quite complex and has a lot of negative effects. In some cases, as the treatment using surgery.

If in addition to the blood, the mucus has unusual color, such as green or yellow, as soon as possible to consult a specialist.

Can be treated at home?

The use of folk recipes for the treatment is possible only when the specialist has determined the reason why bleeding from the nasopharynx in the expectoration. Again, they will be relevant only in pneumonia, bronchitis and tracheitis. In the case of more serious diseases, you need to follow the doctor’s instructions.

The best treatment is prevention of the disease. For this it is necessary to do x-rays, making it possible in the case of the development of the disease, to cure it at an early stage.

With regard to preventive measures for children, it is necessary to minimize the development of catarrh, colds and sore throats. Often for these diseases, may appear blood in the sputum in children.