Blood from the nose in bismarkian: causes of adult and child

Why nose when bismarkian bleeding?

Clear reasons for a nosebleed in an adult after bismarckiana can be a lot. In any case, it happens to everyone at least once in your life. Most people at the sight of such a situation, do not betray attention and absolutely nothing.

In some cases, this may talk about a dangerous disease which already exists in the body. Moreover, some types of diseases directly threaten not only health, but also human life.

Why bleeding from the nose?

Blood in the nose may occur for several reasons. It can affect not only General factors, but also local. They can be the main causes of bleeding, and indirect: a quick rise in blood pressure, high physical activity, injury, inflammation.

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Nosebleeds are the most common phenomenon in the body. And, often this happens because of the violation of the integrity of blood vessels. If such situations are purely episodic in nature, with no other symptoms, so there is no risk for your health, but consult a specialist should still be.

If to speak about the causes of blood in the process of bismarckiana, there may be several:

  • violation of the integrity of blood vessels, which can occur if excessive pressure during bismarckiana;
  • trauma;
  • anomalies in the structure of the nose;
  • uncontrolled use of means of blood thinners;

How to find the cause?

When was discovered the blood clots from the nose when bismarkian, to accurately determine the cause of this phenomenon can only LOR-the doctor. Only a comprehensive examination of the expert, will allow to establish the true factor that affected the body and caused this symptom.

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If you encounter this problem, a thorough diagnosis will be performed in 3 stages. If at some stage will be able to obtain information, the physician navigates to the treatment, otherwise, go to the following:

  • A visual examination.

The technician turns on the lamp and independently examine the nasal cavity for the presence of any visible abnormalities. If the problem is not installed, for a more thorough inspection, the specialist can take the help of a fiber optic camera.

  • The use of a fiber-optic camera to examine.

If, after a more thorough inspection with the use of a fiber-optic camera, the cause of bleeding from the nose is not detected, the specialist can move to the final stage.

  • Conducting tomography.

This is the final and most informative stage, which is able to provide full information on the status of the sinuses, and to talk about the challenges that may provoke bleeding. Sometimes requires immediate surgical intervention.

Along with all this, at any stage, the specialist may send the patient to the delivery of the analysis on the definition of blood clotting. Sometimes the problem may lie in congenital abnormalities.

First aid

If you don’t know why from the nose in bismarkian bleeding, in any case, it is not recommended to attempt self-diagnosis or treatment. But when the situation is not critical, it is possible to provide first aid to stop the bleeding.

If you have a runny nose and there was nasal bleeding, before starting the manipulation, it is necessary to clean nose from mucus and blood clots, and then start the instillation of the drops.

  1. If the blood went out of the house, you can use the tools that were at hand. Cut the lemon and absorbed in the pipette a few drops, put a few in the nostril, where the blood went.
  2. If the lemon is not, you can make a weak soda solution. Take half a teaspoon of baking soda and mix it in half a glass of water and try to rinse the nostril from which the bleeding.
  3. In the pharmacy you can buy such salt solutions as Humer and Aqua Maris.
  4. At home you can use that to stop nasal bleeding is Apple cider vinegar. You need to take a cotton swab and soak it in vinegar, then carefully enter it into the nasal passage.
  5. If the house showed aminocaproic acid, it can also be used to stop the blood. Thanks to its properties of blood clotting, can be very fast to stop the bleeding.
  6. The most popular method is the cold. You can always take some ice cubes out of the freezer, well, or at worst, something cold and applied to the nose.
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Be careful about your health and use the above methods only in isolated cases, bleeding from the nose. If the blood periodically appears and disappears, it is an obvious reason to seek the advice of a specialist.