Blood from the nose in rhinitis: why is she going and what to do with bleeding

Why the runny nose from a nose bleed and what to do in such cases?

A runny nose accompanied by blood is always alarming. Very often, this phenomenon is observed in children. Do not panic ahead of time, because this phenomenon is not always about the beginning of a serious disease. Blood from the nose in rhinitis, most often occurs due to the weakening of blood vessels. In the event of such alarming symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.

It is important to distinguish blood clots from bleeding from the nose. As each situation calls for certain measures to be taken. When bleeding — bloody chorus in large quantities, the situation requires emergency care. Why the runny nose is bleeding and what are the reasons? We next consider in more detail.

The blood during the cold

There are many factors that provoke the appearance of blood in rhinitis:

  1. Mechanical injury of blood vessels. It occurs when one makes the effort to bismarckiana. Child injure the capillaries in the nose poking fingers or other objects.
  2. Prolonged cold leads to weakening of the protective functions of the body also to the development of beriberi.
  3. Dry mucous membranes due to exposure to excessively warm devoid of moisture in the air. When a person for a long period of time in the apartment where it is very hot and no humidifier, it negatively affects the condition of the nasal mucosa. The most comfortable room conditions: air temperature 22 o C and the humidity 60%. Learn more about it here.
  4. Hormonal changes in the body that occur during pregnancy, menopause, adolescence.
  5. The presence of acute respiratory diseases in which there is thinning of the vascular walls.
  6. Pathology, which leads to an increase in intracranial pressure. This situation is very dangerous and requires treatment.
  7. The mucous membrane becomes thinner, with frequent use of drops with vasoconstrictor effect.
  8. For increased physical activities it is noted of vasospasm, also this phenomenon can occur when a sharp change of temperature indicators.
  9. Disease neurocirculatory dystonia, in which there is constant noise in the ears and dizziness is also accompanied by bleeding.
  10. The fatigue of the body, insufficient sleep.
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To determine the cause, sometimes it is enough to examine the nasal stroke in front of the mirror. Dry mucous membrane, crusting, slight damage to notice the power of each. If the cold blood from the nose stands out in small quantities, as a rule, it provoked a mechanical failure and treatment is not required.

Necessary actions

What to do when the runny nose if the nose is bleeding in large amounts? There’s not much to throw back the head, because the blood of the masses will flow into the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system. It is not recommended to vysmarkivatsya, it will only increase the bleeding.

Important! If consistency with clots, the blood coming out of her mouth, the visible pallor of the skin, you need to call the ambulance.

If the blood is in small quantity and normal consistency it is necessary to conduct following measures:

  1. First, you need to calm down. If the room is stuffy, open a window or get some fresh air.
  2. You need to sit in the chair and slightly bowed his head. Blood needs to flow freely and not into the throat.
  3. Using your fingers to squeeze the wings of the nose, the breath to take by mouth. In this case the damaged capillary clamps down and after a while the blood congeals.
  4. To the nose to make a cool subject. In this position, hold for about ten minutes.
  5. Continue to check bleeding has stopped or not. If the blood continues to run, try repeating the steps again.
  6. If the bleeding hasn’t stopped, call an ambulance.
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In some cases, it is necessary first to call the ambulance and then to take action to stop the bleeding.

The ambulance cause when:

  • excessive bleeding when the blood stream.
  • small selections, but for longer than 20 minutes.
  • fainting.
  • the presence of serious ailments.

Many people can’t stand the sight of blood, if you experience bleeding just lose consciousness. To return the person to sense you need to apply ammonia.

If bleeding from the nose during a cold is permanent, then the cause is capillary fragility. Only doctor is able to conduct examination and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Blood impurities during rhinitis — a frequent phenomenon, which is not always indicates the development of pathology.


If a person has normal blood clotting, to cope with bleeding just. The frequent occurrence — it is necessary to consult a specialist. Typically prescribers to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Good healing and regenerative properties possess some medicinal plants. Of which you can cook the broth and rinse the nasal stroke (chamomile, calendula, etc.)

Living room and office should be regularly aired, also wet cleaning. A nice option is to install a humidifier, which has beneficial effects on the health of both children and adults.

Don’t overdo it and exhaust yourself with physical activity. Be healthy!