Blowing auditory tube by Politzer: how to lose at home

How to blow out your ears?

The ear blowing is sometimes the only method of normalizing the blood pressure in the eardrum. Such operations reduce the risk of inflammation of the Eustachian tube or to prevent the formation of otitis media. However, most often blowing auditory tube by Politzer or other methods occurs at strong congestion of the ears and to protect the eardrums from perforation.

To perform this procedure, you must consult your doctor, however, in some cases, it is possible to make samoopredelenie of the auditory tube. How to do it and what is the purpose of blowing, will examine later.

On the necessity of blowing

At strong congestion of the ears caused by trauma or penetration of bacteria in the Eustachian tube, doctors often prescribe a blowing ears. In the first place — it is necessary to normalize the pressure in the Eustachian tube and ventilation of the Eustachian tube, which connects with the middle ear.

Blowing ears independently or under the supervision of a physician, you can get rid of many blemishes.

Most often this procedure is carried out with congestion and feeling strange noises and gurgling in my ears.

These characteristics lead to the following inflammation:

  • otitis media inflammation of the middle ear;
  • disease of the labyrinth;
  • various injuries;
  • allergic to long-term use of medications;
  • the penetration of viruses;
  • complications of influenza or common cold;
  • the pressure change in the environment.

It is known that drastic changes in ambient pressure affect the health of the patient. Thus in the ear, the obstruction of the channels and accumulation of mucous discharge which is at a standstill to form a favorable environment for the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

At this time, patients often complain of a feeling of gurgling in the ear, and the pain and congestion. Blowing in this case, it is the only method of getting rid of these symptoms.

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Before carrying out this procedure, you must consult with your doctor to make sure surgery. It is important to understand that one awkward movement can cause serious injury to the organ of hearing and deny the patient the ability to hear for a long time.

Blowing on Polezero prohibited in strong disease of the tympanic membrane or purulent secretions, and when masingita.

A description of the method of blowing

Conducts blowing according to Politzer is necessary when such symptoms as:

  • the formation of extraneous noises and sensations bubbling;
  • a significant reduction in the severity of hearing;
  • prolonged congestion in the ears;
  • the feeling in the head slot;
  • disruption of the vestibular apparatus.

In addition, the blowing according to this method, it is necessary at threat of ear inflammation and to restore General condition of the patient. The procedure is carried out using a special medical device.

When the mucous accumulations in the ears, this procedure is necessary for removing entities, and preventing otitis media.

The procedure should be performed under strict control, as the actions needs to be especially careful.

The result of this manipulation depends on the proper conduct of insufflation.

The blowing is carried out with the help of a special device of the same name.

The device of the Politzer looks like a rubber cylinder, which are sent to the different tube size. The end of a rubber tube introduced into the nasal sinuses and fingers pressed tip to create a seal.

At this time, with the help of an Otoscope connects the external ear canal of the patient and the ENT physician.

After that, the patient should swallow the saliva and repeat a few special words to say to the specialist.

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During the movement of the muscles of the lower jaw, the doctor compresses the cylinder.

At this point in the Eustachian tube gets the air flow that hears and feels and specialist and the patient.

Then the air of the auditory tube enters the drum area.

When purulent or mucous accumulations in the region of the ear there is a sharp intensification of sounds and noises.

The whole procedure of purging can take from ten to twenty minutes depending on the case. The operation must be repeated twice a week for two weeks.

If this method proved to be ineffective, the doctor selects therapy.

How to blow the ears at home

Some patients are not able to carry out blowing in a hospital, therefore they are blowing at home.

With this solution you should understand that an independent blowing can cause formation of perforations in the membrane, and complications of the disease.

Hold blowing by Politzer allowed in the home when properly determining the cause of congestion. For blowing, you need the help of a close person, as to carry out the procedure alone is not possible.

To implement the method to purchase in advance a special rubber bulb, which is sold in any pharmacy at a reasonable price. Pear comes with a plastic tip, resembling the shape of the olive.

If at the time of treatment the patient has formed a cold, use vasoconstrictor drops.

  1. After that, disinfect the device and the tip of a cotton pad soaked in alcohol or vodka.
  2. Tilt the patient’s head forward and insert the tip into the nasal passage of the patient.
  3. Hand press the tip to the septum in the nose.
  4. Next, the patient is required to spell the word «ship». The letter «O» squeeze the bag.
  5. At this time, the air streams penetrated into the Eustachian tube.Remember that your movements should not injure the nasal passages of the patient and a nuisance.
  6. Also, you can’t push the blower too hard, or else in the axils formed by high pressure, which will cause the perforation of the eardrum.

After the blowing, which took about fifteen minutes overall, the patient feels the cotton in her ears, which symbolizes the normalization of the pressure.


The procedure of blowing painless, so do not be afraid of the operation and, if necessary, seek medical help.

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During the procedure, the mucosa is treated with a special solution, so no discomfort does not occur.

If you have no skills blowing, it is not necessary to carry out the operation at home. Especially if this method is required in the treatment of the child.

Thus, you can not only injure the eardrum, but also to bring the virus or infection, and also injure the aisles.