Blue lamp for warming up of the nose: how to warm the nose when cold

How to warm the nose with a blue bulb?

In the treatment of inflammatory diseases of great help can have easy heat. There are many various means, able to exert a warming effect. This capsicum plaster, or mustard is a folk remedy, as the grated radish. However, not always and not all such funds may be suitable. In addition, their use may cause burns to the skin. How reduce inflammation apply heat?

In 1891, a military doctor A. V. Minin for the first time used electrical appliance, having a warming effect. It is well-known blue lamp. Today, the reflector of Minin is most often used to warm the nose when cold and such diseases as sinusitis and sinusitis.

What is blue light?

Blue lamp reflector or medical therapy is a simple appliance consisting of a handle, metal, mirror lamp, incandescent 60 watt blue color and cable length of approximately five feet. The lamp will turn on in the socket 220 V. the Blue color light bulbs gives infrared and visible rays.

Do not confuse infrared and UV radiation. Blue lamp to warm the nose gives it the infrared rays, not ultraviolet. The distinctive feature of infrared rays is pronounced the thermal energy which is absorbed and then emitted by all heated bodies.

According to scientists, the human body is vital to infrared radiation. If it is not enough to deteriorate the protective functions of the body and progresses to premature aging.

How to apply a blue lamp?

Blue lamp is used for heating inflamed areas. Through infrared radiation warms both the upper and deeper lying tissue, causing a rush of blood and relieves pain. This therapy can be applied primarily for the treatment of diseases not of a purulent nature. Respond well to thermal effects of the disease of the ears, nose and throat, neuralgia, arthritis.

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Great help bring blue lamp in the treatment of rhinitis. Due to edema of the mucosa and of permanent allocations is a simple disease often causes severe discomfort. Warming up the blue lamp when cold will bring significant relief to the patient. The heat will relieve swelling, reduce of discomfort, accelerate recovery, and the blue color of the lamp will not cause burns to the skin and especially the eyes.

Help. It is proved that infrared radiation not only enhances immunity, but also has a detrimental effect on certain types of viruses.

Warming up the nose helps:

  • the expansion of blood vessels and improve circulation;
  • the removal of edematous state of the sinuses;
  • improve breathing;
  • the removal of the inflammatory process and the immune system.

How to use a blue lamp?

It’s very simple. You need to enable it in the socket and guide to the area that needs thermal effects. Need to keep her at a distance of from 20 to 60 cm.

Heat should be comfortable and not cause unpleasant sensations.

The duration of a session can vary from 5 to 25 minutes.

Before applying blue light to warm be sure to consult with your doctor. Only the true specialist will tell you how many sessions you require and how long they need to hold.

How to warm the nose with a blue bulb?

Warm up the nose, you need to turn on the lamp and direct it into the sinuses. Keep it so that the rays fall on the affected area inclined. The heat should bring comfortable feeling. Eyes need to be closed. The blue color protects the retina from the burn, it is advisable to use sunglasses. To hold a session of warm up, is better lying down or reclining.

Attention! Contact lenses before the procedure, you need to remove.

How much to heat the nose of the blue lamp?

Usually a session lasts 15-20 minutes. In the day you can do up to three sessions. It is important to remember that after the thermal procedures can not go outside, cooling the heated area or breathe in cold air. Such actions can lead to deterioration.

The features of the device in children

How to use a blue light if a child is sick? Very young children can be treated during sleep, previously covering their eyes with a blanket or piece of thick fabric. During treatment it is necessary to constantly control the power of heat with his own hand, so as not to cause the child a burn. Older children can make a mask out of cardboard with a hole for the nose and sinuses and provide treatment in the form of games. The therapy session for kids 5-10 minutes.

Caution! The luminaire gets very hot, so be careful that children do not touch it with your hands.

When you can’t use a blue lamp?

In some cases, to use a similar method of treatment is contraindicated.

It is impossible to warm the nose, the blue lamp:

  • during inflammation, have a distinct purulent character (in this case, heat may worsen the patient’s condition);
  • at the temperature;
  • for bleeding and poor blood clotting;
  • with cancer;
  • in severe abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels;
  • at pathologies of cerebral circulation.

Important! Before you start to use a blue bulb for heating up of the nose, you should consult with your doctor and tell them about existing medical conditions.


Medical reflector of Minin — certainly not a panacea for all ills. In severe conditions, particularly of a purulent character, and with the increase in body temperature, it is necessary to use drugs that the doctor advises. However, when a cold, runny nose, ear pain or neuralgia treatment dry heat will help to relax tense muscles, relieve pain and swelling, improve blood circulation.

After exposure to infrared rays for the rest, it raises the mood and the feeling of tranquility. It’s safe to say that the treatment of the blue lamp is a pleasant and relaxing procedure that is effective and without side effects.