Boil in the nose: how to treat at home, causes and treatment

Than and how to treat furuncle in your nose?

Furuncle or a boil in the nose may occur because of many reasons. Inflammation of hair handbags most often associated with penetration into the sebaceous glands of the nose infection. She, in turn, provokes the appearance of a purulent process. This process requires medical help so how to get rid of boils on the tip of the nose alone is not possible. In addition, without medical treatment, this inflammation can lead to sepsis.

Inflammatory and suppurative lesions of the skin often found on the front of the nose. Most often it appears in men, but the formation of furuncle in women is also not an exception. Boils can occur at any age. Regardless of the reasons, it brings serious inconvenience to the patient , as the process of maturation of the abscess occurs painfully and protractedly. For this reason, the question how to treat furuncle in the nose is very important.

The reasons for the formation of inflammation

Furuncle – a serious inflammation, which is characterized by a purulent process in the nasal cavity. He first appears as a small redness on the tip of the nose. After infection in the hair follicle, the formation of growth boil.

At first it may look like a harmless pimple, but with the development of the disease has been spreading malware infection to nearby tissues. After infection with tissue inflammation and affects the sebaceous gland.

This inflammation occurs quite painful, so treatment should start immediately.

But the therapy do not take any antibiotics or other drugs without prior consultation with a doctor, as this disease requires a specific approach.

The causes of furuncle are always different. Most often purulent formation occurs in areas of large concentrations of glands and follicles.

At first the patient notices only little mass, but with the progression of the disease, the patient noted the appearance of painful sensations, as well as the maturation of the abscess.

Usually the process of development of the boil is accompanied by fever, malaise and other symptoms.

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Staph infection

The reason for the formation of boils is of great importance in the further treatment. Most often this inflammation occurs due to the penetration into the body staph infection.

These bacteria cause rapid growth of inflammation, and immediate contamination of the surrounding tissues. Unfortunately, to cure this form of inflammation is heavier than the other. Aureus resistant to multiple antibiotics, it cannot be dissolved in pure alcohol, and also to standard methods of treatment.

The immune system can destroy a bacterium independently.


Another cause of formation of boil – streptococci. They penetrate to the mucous nasal cavity and are attached to the cells with cilia. From the outside this kind of bacteria coated with capsule, so the treatment is quite difficult.

Unfortunately, even the immune system cannot always cope with this type of illness.

It should be noted that such infections are often inside the body. Their proliferation is due to precipitating factors, low immunity.

Other bacteria

In some cases, the cause of formation of boil lies in the penetration of other harmful organisms.

These types of microorganisms non-tuberculous mycobacterial species.

Considered that these bacteria possess a high degree of pathogenicity.

In this period of the disease to get rid of the inflammation is difficult. With the progression of the inflammation they cause profuse secretion of pus. Most often in the body, they are entered with dirty hands.

Other reasons

Boil in the nose may appear in a young child due to frequent touching dirty hands to the face. In this case, there is a serious inflammation in the inner surface of the nose.

Other reasons include:

  • squeezing pimples;
  • incorrect blowing of the nose;
  • a weak immune system;
  • improper diet;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hormonal failure;
  • hypovitaminosis.

Pay attention to the health of a person, if he recently had a cold or flu. Such diseases reduce the immune system, causing the body susceptible to various inflammations.

How is the treatment

The boil can be cured in several ways. With mild for the patient assigned to medical therapy. In this case, the patient is prescribed a variety of medicines, which include anti-inflammatory, antibacterial agents.

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Antibacterial drugs

When choosing antibiotics, it is necessary to trust the professionals, so as to determine the desired product difficult.

You should know in advance about all the side effects funds and possible contraindications.

Only after examining the patient’s blood, he can assign Amoxiclav, Ceftriaxone or Azithromycin.

The dosage is selected individually, but it should not exceed two grams per day for seven days.

Keep in mind that when calculating the dosage the doctor considers the age, height and weight of the patient.

In addition, it is important to determine the presence of chronic illnesses and to pay attention to the individual characteristics of the patient.

Treatment of the skin

In addition to requiring antibiotics, the patient is assigned to treatment the inflamed area of the skin by various means.

  1. In the case of a staphylococcal infection the patient is prescribed Gentamicin.
  2. To provide antibacterial effect it is necessary to use Tetracycline ointment.
  3. Another serious antibiotic — Chloramphenicol. He needed to eliminate the purulent inflammation.
  4. In addition to antibacterial ointments, the patient must use regenerative means. Usually, doctors prescribe the Treatment. It has a mild effect on the affected tissue.
  5. In case of allergic reactions and ointment content of levomicetina need to use Sintomitsina.

In addition, during treatment it is important to decrease the pain. Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent Demuxed.

Keep in mind that without defining the causes of sores in the nose is impossible to find drugs.


If purulent-necrotic inflammation of the skin found serious, the patient is assigned to an emergency operation.

Not to do without surgical intervention if the disease is not treatable medically way.

During surgery is tearing of the inflammation and remove any accumulated dirt, pus, and the rest of the secret.

Besides, it is necessary to remove the capsule boil. Otherwise, the patient has formed a relapse.

Treatment of furuncle in the nose at home

With abrasions at home, be sure to use only means, capable of exerting antiseptic action. They will reduce inflammation and improve well-being of the patient.

To determine what to do with cerium nose at home can only be experienced doctor.

Usually at home you can use the following tools:

  1. For the treatment of the skin, use boric alcohol. It will reduce inflammation and will not allow bacteria and infection to spread to nearby tissues.
  2. To complete maturation of the furuncle doctors recommend use of Balzaminov ointment. This tool will provide a calming effect as well as speed up the healing process.
  3. To reduce the activity of bacteria, use an ointment with a content of fusidic acid. To use such a tool during the ripening of the boil.
  4. If the pain becomes unbearable, apply to the sore area turundy soaked in saline solution. The procedure is useful to throughout time of inflammation, and after the opening of the boil.
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In special cases your doctor may prescribe treatment. But to apply such a method yourself. Heat can only trigger the development of purulent process and worsen your condition.


Treatment of furuncle in all cases, must be under the supervision of physicians. Do not open the tumor alone, and do not try to squeeze it. Such a process will necessarily lead to relapse.