Boil on genital lip: causes, symptoms and treatment

Common disease furunculosis can have serious consequences if left untreated. It is a pity that not all the immediately turn with this problem to the doctor. Treatment need to be addressed to avoid complications and side effects. Sometimes the disease is accompanied by severe pain and itching. Especially frustrating when the boil occurs on the skin of the genitals.

For starters, once you find yourself on intimate organs boil, see your doctor. Especially if you don’t know that it popped you on the genital lip. A surgeon can remove purulent rod, if he doesn’t reveal himself, or appoint a local or General treatment.

Boil, otherwise boil, brings a lot of discomfort. It appears due to inflammation in the tissues caused by germs or bacteria-staphylococci. Most often, this problem can occur in those areas of your body where there is hair.

If the immune system is down or does not fully comply with the elementary rules of hygiene, with stress and hypothermia, the body becomes more vulnerable, more susceptible to infections. At this time, and maybe pop a boil.

At risk to get cerium on genitals and those who have suffered trauma or a cut in intimate places. In this place may appear a little crack, and it can develop inflammation and the boil. The reason may be the narrow or sewn from artificial clothing fabrics. It happens that intimate place you can just grate. All of these factors separately or together can lead to infection.

How does

The disease can be recognized by the red painful bump in an intimate area. It hurts and is inflamed, ignore it hard and not be ignored. After a few days in the centre of the tubercle appears purulent the spot. It tingling, rising in volume, hurts, pulls and after a time purulent place opened. On the site of the ulcer appears solid rod. Later it will resolve, but the boil may leave this place the trail.

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Boils on genital lip can even be accompanied by fever and weakness because the body is inflammation. During this period in the blood increased number of white blood cells and neutrophils.

How long will the treatment take?

Alas, the boil does not go fast. For complete resorption will require approximately two and a half weeks. Sometimes treatment can be delayed for a month.

The reasons can develop the disease, are also the increased humidity in the place where you live, metabolic disorders, diabetes, vitamin deficiency. Basically, boils appear in people in the offseason when the immune system is weakened.

With abrasions on the genital lip may also appear swollen, and then this place could very itchy.

The boil must ripen and open. If this happens, you may receive a prolonged inflammation or even blood poisoning.

Such boils in women, mainly single. But when several of them, it is an occasion to sound the alarm to furunculosis is not passed into acute or chronic. This necessarily need to be treated, identifying the reason for which there are boils.

Sometimes the boil in intimate places confused with any fungal infection. In order to identify an accurate diagnosis, need to be tested to rule out a fungal infection, which is assigned a very different treatment.


Before you start to treat a boil, you need to consider the degree of its maturity. Prior to the opening of the boil it is treated with salicylic alcohol or a special ointment. After opening the bandage with healing ointment. If there is a risk of infection, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics in the form of tablets or injections. Well, there are also applications and lotions with calendula and other herbal medicinal plants anti-inflammatory action. In any case it is impossible to squeeze the contents of the boil. It is fraught with health problems in the future, as the boils will appear often throughout the body. There is also a large risk of serious complications — up to multiple abscesses, erysipelas, and cellulitis.

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Treatment can be conservative or surgical. Conservative treatment is an antibacterial treatment, creams and ointments pushing. Sometimes the surgeon may open the abscess. This operation is carried out under local anesthesia. After the doctor leaves a swab with antiseptic. Often, in order that the wound healed faster, you can assign physiotherapy — infrared irradiation, electrophoresis, UHF and others. All this promotes rapid healing.

To get rid of staph, which causes the illness, antibiotics are prescribed. Also use warm compresses to help the boil to ripen faster and speed up recovery. The overlay compress you should close with a clean dry bandage. The Betadine and hydrogen peroxide, all the manipulations you need to perform to complete healing of the wound.

It is noteworthy that the emergence of such infections may indicate the presence of diabetes. In order not to miss the beginning of the terrible disease does not hurt to donate blood to determine sugar content.


To comply with the measures of prophylaxis against furunculosis easy. It is only necessary to observe hygiene of intimate areas, gently shave in the bikini area and do the waxing, to avoid cuts. As well as to support immune health, eat well, not to SuperCool. Take vitamins and immunomodulatory drugs in the cold period to avoid colds, stress and other negative factors. And no he will not dare to disturb you. Be healthy!