Boric acid in the ear: treatment and use in ear pain

How to apply boric acid in the treatment of ear?

In case of illness of the ears with various viruses and infections, it is necessary to start treatment, because even the simplest disease can lead to serious consequences, such as otitis media.

Some medical professionals if symptoms suggest to bury boric acid. This remedy has many positive factors and is used for several decades. Today we look at the issue of the use of boric acid in the ear in more detail.

Ear treatment boric acid

Boric acid or boric alcohol has effective disinfectant properties, which is easily soluble in water and are successfully used in medicine for a long time.

It should be noted that the use of boric acid with pain in the ear is allowed only in the form of drops.

This antiseptic has many useful factors. Including antibacterial and disinfecting effect.

It is important to know that boric alcohol in diluted form has a strong effect, can aggravate the situation.

Remember that a concentrated form of the medication can cause burns on the entire surface of the ear. Therefore, when using this drug, it is recommended to dilute with purified water in the ratio of one to one.

There are several types of boric acid:

  • acid in powder form;
  • composed of seventy percent alcohol;
  • a three percent aqueous solution.

For the treatment of ear inflammation, to the use of the recommended three-percent solution. All other types can cause damage and aggravate the situation.

In addition to treatment of ear infections, this medication is approved for use in diseases such as:

  1. Inflammation in the outer ear.
  2. The formation of ulcers and eczema.
  3. Disease of the auditory canal.
  4. Colds.
  5. For the prevention of diseases.

In addition, the drug is allowed for use in the formation of acne and other dermatological problems.

Due to its low cost, this medication has a high popularity not only in local therapy, but also among alternative medicine.

However, many doctors do not advise to take treatment boric alcohol to children under five years of age.

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Due to the anatomical structure of the ears in babies boric alcohol can pass into the Eustachian tube and cause serious burns.

But this antiseptic in diluted form is allowed without restrictions to the use of adults.

At long application of boric alcohol, the body can accumulate toxic and harmful elements. So before you purchase this medication, consult individual dosage of the doctor.

Is it possible to instill ear boric acid

It is known that for the treatment of external otitis and other inflammations in the hearing aid is a specialized solution of boric acid. Many people worry about the question of whether drip into the ear boric acid?

Based on the antiseptic action of this drug is intended for insertion into the ear.

However, the drug can be taken only externally, as it is toxic. Therefore, keep tool out of reach of children.

Remember that boric acid can be applied only for treatment of external otitis.

Accordingly, in inflammation of the middle ear or Eustachian tube dysfunction the use of drugs is prohibited. This is due to the fact that the drug can penetrate into the blood, thereby causing a severe overdose.

It is important to know that in this case, the tool removed from the body at least one week. This contributes to the abundant accumulation of toxic substances and poisoning of the whole organism.

In case of ingress of medicament into the blood consult to a medical facility.

Among the side effects noted the strong disturbances in the functioning of the heart, blood vessels, liver. In addition, suffers from the Central nervous system. In extreme cases, possible death.

Boric acid in the ear — instructions for use

An important issue is how to drip boric acid in the ear. Regardless of the causes of disease, with instillation of boric acid in the ear should be familiar with the safety precautions and correct method of instillation.

  1. First swipe cleaning of the external ear. You can use the specialized drops «Remo-wax» or «HHonors». If the home kit of these funds is not found, perform the hygiene of the ear with hydrogen peroxide.
  2. After purification from contamination and excess sulfur the ear should be carefully washed in warm water and then wipe dry.
  3. After the procedure, put the patient on one side.
  4. Preheat the jar over a steam bath or RUB it in your hands. Thus, the warmer liquid will be faster at the destination and will not irritate the delicate skin of the organ of hearing.
  5. The affected ear should be drip the number of drops as appointed doctor. In the case of external otitis or viral diseases commonly used for three drops.
  6. After drug administration the patient should keep the pose for fifteen minutes.
  7. After that, turn the patient on the other side. Previously in the area of the head should lay a clean towel. All the liquid will flow out naturally.
  8. Repeat with the other ear.
  9. After the passed time, the ear should be wiped with a dry cotton swab.
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This operation should be repeated within five days three times a day. After each use of boric acid, close the ear point for twenty minutes.

An additional method and time of use

In addition to the instillation of the ear, there is another method of introduction of the drops into the ears. This requires turundy. You can buy them at the pharmacy or make your own.

Next, moisten turundas in a three-percent solution of boric acid. Carefully press and enter in the sore ear.

Determining how much to drip boric acid in the ear in the form of alcohol, you should study the following question: how much to keep in the ear boric acid in the case of using turundae?

Keep turundas in the ear for three hours. After that you need to take a break for six hours. It is required for recovery of the ear skin and to avoid causing burns.

After one time operation can be repeated.

Remember that any ear inflammation must be treated comprehensively. In the case of otitis media is commonly prescribed thermotherapy and laser therapy. In more advanced cases assigned antibiotic therapy.

Any self-medication and methods of alternative therapy can cause serious harm.

In the case of illness of a child, be aware that this tool is strictly prohibited. Applying boric acid in the child’s ear, you can lead to this disease such as hearing loss.

It is important to know that with an average and internal otitis is prohibited not only drops, but also lotions of boric alcohol. They can cause serious burns and worsen the health of the whole person.

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The end

It is important to know that the treatment of otitis media and other viral diseases in the ear should be comprehensive. Therefore, when the first symptoms consult a specialist.

Do not take the drug are described independently, otherwise you can cause deep burns. And in the case of otitis media or perforation of the eardrum seriously aggravate your health condition.

Remember that treatment is boric acid is prohibited for children. Due to the anatomical structure, the ears kids not intended for such rough treatment. In the case of self-treatment you can inflict the deepest injury, up to deafness.