Boric alcohol in your ear the instructions for use, can I drip into the ears of the children, how many drops

How to treat ears boric alcohol?

Otitis media is the illness when the ear «POPs» and severe pain impossible to endure. Otitis media often occurs after suffering colds. In addition to any inflammation of the upper respiratory tract in the form of pharyngitis, rhinitis, laryngitis complicating it by ear infections. In most cases, the infection ascending the Eustachian canal to the middle ear, is there a purulent inflammation.

Despite the fact that modern pharmacology offers a lot of advanced and effective drugs, many prefer to be treated the old fashioned way. Choose the tool that we have all heard and known for a long time, — boric alcohol. Let us consider what properties the drug has and how to treat the ears boric alcohol with otitis media.

Properties and indications for use

The basis of preparation involved boric acid, which, having antiseptic properties, kills harmful microorganisms. Dissolved in 70% ethyl alcohol boric acid indicated for use in acute, uncomplicated otitis media.

Boric alcohol is produced at a concentration of from 0.5 to 5% content of active substance, but to treat ear use only 3% solution.

With otitis media the means used in the form:

  • drops for instillation into the ear;
  • turundae into the ear canal.

Well being absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes, boric acid can accumulate in the body. However, she excreted via the kidneys within 7 days, so prolonged use of the drug is not recommended.

How to drip boric alcohol in the ear

Drop boric alcohol are assigned to the impact of active substances on the surface of the eardrum. The attached instructions for use of boric alcohol recommends instilled into the ear 3-5 drops of the solution three times a day.

Before applying drops, it is important to heat up to body temperature (36-37 degrees), hold them in your hand, or dropping the bottle in warm water. Cool the solution irritates the inner ear, which can result in vomiting and dizziness.

In any case, you cannot pick your ear with foreign objects for the purpose of cleaning the ear canal. Quite often, this involves injury to the eardrum, which, incidentally, is the second leading cause of otitis media. Besides, this violates the self-cleaning mechanism in the ear canal, that is, the migration of cells of the epidermis, and sulfur becomes more.

The procedure is carried out in the following order:

  1. You need to lie on the side or sit with his head bowed to the shoulder.
  2. Burying a drop, pulling the ear up and back to straighten the ear canal.

After the procedure for a minute or two, you need to save the position of the body to give the drops to reach the eardrum. Then close the ear canal with a small cotton swab.

How to make turundas

Turundy (lat., «bandaging material») can be purchased at the pharmacy ready-made or make your own.

They are made in the following way:

  1. It is necessary to take a piece of cotton wool and fluffed it, to stretch the edges. Be sure to pre-wash and wipe with a disinfecting solution or alcohol hand.
  2. Take the middle piece and twist with your fingers flagellum of medium hardness. Equally it is wrong to make too hard or too soft flagellum. In the first case it is possible to damage the eardrum, while the second will be difficult to insert turundas in the ear canal.
  3. The resulting flagellum folded in half and used for treatment.

For these purposes, it is also possible instead of wool to use cotton pad, dividing it into two round halves. Turundy finished length should be about 10-14 mm, and a diameter of about 2-3 mm. Turundas with boric acid inserted into the ear 3 times a day.

Is it possible to drip boric alcohol in the ears of children?

The use of boric acid in the treatment of children contraindicated! Due to the fact that children’s kidneys because of the peculiarities of the development is not capable of outputting large doses of the substance, boric acid for the child’s body can become poison.

Attention! The order of Ministry of health of the USSR from 02.02.1987 States that boric acid is a potentially dangerous substance for children of any age.

Except that boric alcohol in the ear to be dripping, it cannot be used during pregnancy. In this case, the vehicle is prohibited due to the fact that it can cause abnormal changes in the developing fruit. While there are cases of miscarriages in pregnant women.

Contraindications and side effects

Before you start to dig into the ear boric alcohol, it is very important to verify the integrity of the eardrum. When the inflammatory process reaches its peak accumulated pus puts pressure on the eardrum. Therefore, there is severe pain the ear and under the influence of pus may dissolve itself or burst. This condition is described by patients as the fluid leakage from the ear.

While you may experience the following problems:

  1. The instillation of alcohol solutions with damaged membrane can cause necrosis of the sensitive cells of the inner ear, leading to hearing loss.
  2. Boric acid is Abdelmonim poison which is highly toxic to humans. As acid in the body virtually has no property to split, the concentration of large quantities can cause severe poisoning.
  3. Acid, with gonadotropin-releasing properties, can cause weakening of potency and infertility.

Therefore, a contraindication to the use are:

  • disorders of the kidneys;
  • hepatic dysfunction.

In case of overdose of boric acid may experience symptoms such as:

  • diarrhea;
  • vomiting;
  • nausea;
  • yellowing of the skin.

In severe cases, you will need a blood transfusion to the patient, as it may cause collapse and even death.


Despite the fact that boric alcohol is a public tool, it should be used only with the medical recommendations regarding how long and how much to drip drops. Self-medication even when cold and may harm, not to mention the most complex human organ – the ear.

Besides, some drops hard to the end to cure otitis media and to protect yourself from complications. You have to understand that this is a severe inflammatory process, which requires comprehensive treatment and antibiotics.

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