Borjomi with milk during pregnancy cough: can I drink in early pregnancy

Is it possible to drink mineral water with milk for cough during pregnancy?

Barking and hacking cough during pregnancy can be the basis cause of early birth or miscarriage, and also cause oxygen starvation and other dangerous side effects. This reflexive process is dangerous for the mother and fetus, therefore, it is crucial to cure the disease and minimize the risks. To get rid of a cough, doctors prescribed a complex medical treatment of some recipes of traditional medicine.

Borjomi with milk for cough during pregnancy that gives a positive result and does not harm the baby. A mixture of mineral water and dairy product helps to normalize the function of the respiratory tract to relieve cough and to cope with reflexive spasms. These ingredients are known that have strong medicinal properties and beneficial effect on the body. The complex milk and mineral water only enhance the beneficial properties and restore the affected area in just a few days. However, the question of whether Borjomi during pregnancy is still controversial, so let us examine the main points of the treatment in more detail.

Pregnancy and traditional medicines

Treatment of dry cough in pregnancy methods of alternative medicine has a rapid effect and a good effect. Therefore, the prescription therapy with the help of mineral water and milk known many women. Together two ingredients only enhance the healing properties of each other, allowing you to cure the cough in a very short time.

It is known that the mineral water reduces spasms in the upper respiratory tract, and milk improves patency in the nasal cavity and restore the lung function.

Alkaline mineral water extracted from springs of volcanic origin «Borjomi» is useful for a pregnant woman. In its composition many minerals, which affect the entire body, improving its functions. In particular, water improves digestion, functions of the cardiovascular system, and reproductive organs. In addition, mineral water normalizes the genitourinary system and destroys a number of dangerous infections and viruses.

Regular intake of alkaline water, the patient is recovering immune system.

When inflammation of the respiratory system, «Borjomi» helps to reduce the pain in the throat, to restore the mucosa. In addition, water reduces itching and burning, soothes the mucous membrane, and is actively fighting against pathogens in the nasopharynx.

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Milk with a strong cough serves as an indispensable product for the following reasons:

  1. Milk has a beneficial effect on the upper respiratory tract. The product coats the throat and creates a protective layer between the nasopharynx and pathogenic viruses and microbes.
  2. Milk boosts the immune system of the patient.
  3. With a strong cough product reduces spasms, liquefies phlegm and removes it from the body.
  4. The product helps to remove mucus from the bronchial tubes, restoring the work of the organs for a few days of intake of milk.
  5. The tool disinfects the mucous membranes and relieves the severity of symptoms.

Thus, the milk protects the respiratory tract from the adverse effects.

When you can apply a mixture of «Borjomi» and milk

If you mix milk and mineral water can cure a number of diseases. However, before use, you should consult a doctor.

The mixture can have a beneficial effect only if pregnant suffering from dry and unproductive cough.

Therefore, the mixture of «Borjomi» and milk is allowed to apply in the following cases:

  • in acute or chronic bronchitis;
  • in case of inflammation of the tonsils;
  • when you cough, which acts as a consequence of acute infections or influenza;
  • dry cough due to laryngitis or tonsillitis.

If the cough is caused by Colusa, tuberculosis, pneumonia or an allergic reaction, any recipe of these ingredients will be ineffective.

Learn how to treat seasonal or year-round rhinitis with concomitant symptoms here.

When the mixture can not be applied

Treatment of dry cough in pregnancy must be under the supervision of a physician. If you have appointed a mixture of «Borjomi» and milk do not violate dosage and monitor your health.

Remember! Before each use, the beverage need to cook again. Do not store remaining solution, as it quickly loses its medicinal properties.

In the treatment with «Borjomi», it is impossible to combine the drink with other acidic foods as possible and eating disorders.

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Other contraindications include the following notes:

  • if a pregnant woman suffers from diabetes, this treatment is unacceptable;
  • do not use milk and mineral water for all diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • cannot be treated by this method in the case of lactose intolerance;
  • when diseases of the joints and tissues due to the metabolic disorders in the body;
  • when inflammation of a joint or renal dysfunction;
  • in case of inflammation of the lungs;
  • it can’t be «Borjomi» and milk, any change in the temperature of the body.

Additional contraindications include a ban on the use of milk and mineral water in the treatment of infants. But this mixture can be used during lactation kids, as well as in any pregnancy.

Important! «Borjomi» in the early stages of pregnancy is not dangerous for the development of the baby, so you should use this tool without fear.

Usage instructions

Coughs caused by colds or infectious viruses, the use of «Borjomi» and milk will help you feel better and allow the respiratory tract to normal. To do this, you use the product thirty minutes before eating or one hour after a meal.

So that helped, you should follow the rules of money:

  1. Before use it is impossible to heat water in the microwave. Such action will result in the loss of all useful properties, «Borjomi».
  2. To heat the water be in a water bath up to thirty degrees Celsius.
  3. Milk should be boiled and then cooled to fifty degrees.
  4. Before each use of the decoction should be prepared fresh solution. Do not store used vehicle.
  5. The treatment it is important to observe equal proportions of milk and mineral water.
  6. If the taste of the medicinal drink invokes a gag reflex in the broth, you can add one teaspoon of honey.
  7. Drink the tool down it.
  8. If, in addition to the cough, a pregnant woman suffers from severe pain in the throat, in the mixture you can add a small piece of butter.
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Use the product within one week, but treatment should be designed by the attending physician.

How much can you drink «Borzhomi» in the day during pregnancy

As «Borjomi» in the first place medical water doctors do not recommend to use more than twice a day. In pregnancy, the dosage should be reduced to one glass per day.

A violation of this rule can lead to stagnation in the body salts that the fetus is not dangerous, but can lead to poor health of pregnant and deterioration of some organs.


Remember that alternative therapies are effective only for treatment. Therefore, in addition to the above recipe in the course of therapy must enter anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy.

If the cough persists for more than one week, the patient can be treated with antibiotics and a more powerful tablet.