Bow of a cold: onion nose drops, the recipe and how drip onion juice

How to make and drip drops in the nose of the bow?

A runny nose brings discomfort, reduces the quality of life, affect its performance. Modern medicine has a large number of drugs that eliminates this symptom. Not inferior in this respect and traditional methods of treatment.

There are many recipes and ways of folk medicine, acting against the common cold. Most of them are based on the curative effects the usual of onion juice.

Drops of onion juice: is it safe to use them

In the onion contains a large amount of useful biologically active substances. He is probably the most popular remedy for the common cold in folk medicine. This is justified by its composition.

The SAP of this plant contains large amounts of:

  • enzymes;
  • essential oils;
  • biologically active substances;
  • vitamins of group «b» and «E», «RR», «K», «E»;
  • alkaloids;
  • volatile.

Volatile as essential oils, are actively fighting infectious process. They are able to destroy bacterial wall, thereby further inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Use onion juice treat fungus, so if it is present in the nose, you can use this product as assistant means.

Useful properties and recommendations for use

There are also the following useful properties of onion juice:

  • allows you to facilitate the process of expectoration;
  • a positive effect on pain, some eliminating them;
  • solves the problem of nasal congestion;
  • can restore normal nasal breathing.

In this regard, bow from fever it is recommended to apply in case of:

  • the development of viral rhinitis (the first days).
  • the availability of initial manifestations of a runny nose during a cold;
  • the presence of secretions yellow-green with pus and sinus.


However, it is impossible to exaggerate the use of onion juice.

  1. First, this actually kills bacteria in the nasal cavity. But this applies to all bacteria as pathogenic, and beneficial to the body. Because of this suffering and bacteria, necessary in order to nasal mucosa could function properly.
  2. Second, despite the presence of a volatile bactericidal properties of the nasal mucus is slightly higher, since the latter have often had to fight against infections. This somewhat diminishes the effectiveness of the product because if the nasal mucus are unable to cope with the problem, force the onion juice will not be enough.
    In this case, the onion juice from the cold is an additional measure that supports the body’s fight, but will not be able to perform an independent remedy.
  3. Thirdly, the bow with a cold in adults has a bactericidal effect. However, the number of colds caused by bacteria in the nasal cavity, is quite small. Therefore, in most cases, this tool will be useless.
    Although it works against the virus, the magnitude of this impact is not strong enough for adequate treatment. Accordingly, to apply the remedy appropriate only in the case of bacterial rhinitis.

Important! Onion juice has anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor effect. It is common among the population opinion, is erroneous.


It is strictly forbidden to bury the onion juice in the nose:

  1. Children up to seven years.
  2. If the nasal discharge of blood (even in small amounts).
  3. In the case of allergic rhinitis.
  4. If you experience dryness in the nasal cavity.
  5. In case of presence of mucosal edema, congestion.
  6. For more than three consecutive days.
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It is strongly recommended to avoid prolonged application of drops of onion juice. This may lead to serious violations of the mucosa.

Onion juice can cause irritation, severe chemical burns. He quickly dry mucosa. In addition, in the case of long treatment possible total degeneration of the cilia of the epithelium. A person can lose the sense of smell.

Help! Side effects caused by improper use of a bow may be more serious than the common cold. When the first signs of complications, it is recommended to stop your treatment with onion juice.

So is it possible in the nose to drip onion juice, or should I use another tool? In fact, onion juice can help in the development of cold-induced pathogenic bacteria. In other cases it will act as an additional treatment measure. But long-term use can cause significant harm to the nasal cavity of the patient, which will exacerbate the disease.

Traditional recipes drops of onion juice

In some cases, traditional medicine is permitted to use as drops of pure onion juice. However, you must do so with caution. Pure juice is not diluted with water or other substances, stopping the growth of bacteria that can greatly harm the mucosa. It can be used only in the absence of dryness and burning sensation during backfilling. It is strictly forbidden to bury the undiluted juice of children.

How to make onion nose drops, which will help to cope with the problem? The most secure are the following recipes:

  1. Mix three tablespoons of onion gruel, a tablespoon of honey, ¼ Cup of water. Let the mixture cook (about thirty minutes). Then it should drain. The resulting drops should be instilled up to five times during the day.
  2. Peel the small onion. Cut it in small cubes. Chopped onion, pour six or seven tablespoons of refined oil (sunflower). Give tool it for (about ten hours). Once it is ready, it is necessary to filter the resulting solution. For this you can use regular gauze. Drops several times a day (depending on the complexity of the runny nose) for more than seven consecutive days. The tool will be more effective if in the process of cooking add a little garlic.
  3. Chop the onion finely. To put it in the pan and begin to fry. Once out of the bow to receive the juice, turn off the heat and put the product into the bowl. Fill it three-four spoons (use Cutlery) oil (olive). Stir the mixture, then strain. Bury several times during the day.
  4. Chop the onion. Mix a teaspoon of the product with the dining room about vegetable oil. To give a means to infuse (sufficient one hour). Then strain, and instilled into each nostril three drops of the solution twice a day.
  5. Onion nose drops for kids should be more gentle, so they need to cook in another recipe. A teaspoon of honey mixed with the same quantity of onion juice. Add a tablespoon of physical solution/boiled water. Instilled into the nasal cavity, two drops of the solution three times a day.
  6. Take the fourth part of onions, garlic (three cloves) and soak them in fifty milligrams of vegetable oil. Garlic, onion must be crushed to a pulp. Boil the solution for thirty minutes (use water bath). After cooking medium is to steep for two hours. Next, you need to bury a few drops in the nose three times during the day.

Attention! Recipes drops from the bow, which contains honey, it should be used with caution. In some cases, the substance acts as a medium of reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.

All the tools described above, you must use three times during the day, digging each time three drops first one, then the other nostril (with the exception of the presence in the recipe for specific instructions). In some recipes there is the garlic. It is permissible, however, to separately combine garlic and onion drops is not recommended.

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Thus, one of the most popular folk remedies for the common cold – the juice of onion. Due to its composition, it can really cope with the cold of a bacterial nature.

Attention! In view of the availability of side effects, to use the bow carefully. It is also recommended to pay attention to the list of contraindications.


While the above recipes are safe for health, to cure common cold onion over a long period of time is not recommended. This may harm your health. In addition, to abandon instillation in the nose onion juice should at the first signs of burning sensation or the appearance of blood.