Bow when sinusitis: treatment and whether buried in the nose onion juice

How to treat sinusitis onions?

Sinusitis called inflammation of the mucous paranasal sinuses. If a rapid treatment, the disease will pass without consequences, otherwise it pretty soon turns into chronic. Acute sinusitis is often treated by using folk methods, among which the worthy place is given a simple bow that contains many useful components.

This article will tell about in what cases it is impossible at home to treat sinusitis onions, and reveal the most common ways of this treatment.

In what cases it is contraindicated to treat sinusitis onions

Despite the fact that the onion is widely used for the treatment of sinusitis, there are some situations where its application can bring only harm the already weakened body. Advised to exercise the greatest caution in the following cases:

  1. When the temperature rises above 38 degrees.
  2. If there are signs of sinusitis for 10 days.
  3. When severe pain in the facial area, which continue for more than 3 days.
  4. When purulent nasal discharge.
  5. Swelling of eyelids, face.
  6. Since the onion irritates the mucous membrane, then it should not be instilled undiluted. This is especially true for children under 12 years, as they have mucosa is much more sensitive than adults.
  7. The impact of the bow leads to the mass death of pathogenic microorganisms causing sinusitis. This often provokes extreme treatment burn mucous membrane, the first symptom of which is considered intolerable pain.
  8. If you have too dry mucosa should abandon treatment with this product.
  9. Persons with hypersensitivity to the onions, it is better to stop using it because there is a risk of severe allergic reaction until angioedema.

Important! In the treatment of sinusitis onions must be sure to follow the recipe, otherwise you can provoke a burn of the inflamed mucosa.

Treatment of antritis onions

Many wonder how to treat sinusitis onions, and what effect has this product. Onion is a powerful natural antibiotic, it promotes liquefaction and removal of pathological fluid, relieve swelling, normalize nasal breathing.

Also, be aware that for complete healing should be a holistic approach, combining traditional methods with traditional medicine. Before anyone, even the most innocuous way, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. Most often in folk medicine, used the following methods.


Many people wonder whether it is possible to bury in the nose onion juice in the sinus. This method involves the use of blue bow that you want to pre-chop, then squeeze 1 tsp. of the resulting juice and mix it with 5 tsp of boiled water at room temperature.

An adult in each nostril instill 4 drops of the resulting composition.

For children the solution is diluted with 3-4 drops of vegetable oil.

Also enjoyed success more challenging drops.

For their manufacture should take medium size potatoes and onion, squeeze of these vegetables juice, add pre-melted to a liquid consistency of honey, mix well.

It is recommended that all components take in equal amounts. Instilled into the nose 3 drops up to 3 times per day.

Important! The juice of onion for the backfilling of children should be diluted with vegetable oil, and the need to accurately comply with the recipe, in order not to lose therapeutic effect.

Ointment archery

Popular recipes when sinusitis is recommended to use the ointment, which can have an immediate effect. However, before doing this you must ensure the absence of allergies to the components of the composition.

To prepare the ointment, you should take 1 teaspoon of the following ingredients:

  • of honey;
  • alcohol;
  • fresh onion juice;
  • vegetable oil;
  • milk;
  • grated soap.

All cooked components need to simmer on a water bath until then, until the soap has dissolved. Then all mix well. The ointment is rubbed into the nose in the evening for 3 weeks. If necessary, after 10 day break therapeutic course can be repeated.

Caution! Not recommended for warming ointments purulent sinusitis and elevated body temperature.


Often for the treatment of sinusitis use turunda – cotton swabs that are impregnated with a medicinal solution. The most used are the following recipes:

  • take 1 tsp onion juice, powdered Laundry soap, milk, drugstore tincture of calendula and fresh aloe juice. All components are thoroughly mixed and pour 1 tbsp of vodka. To the resulting mixture should be lower cotton turundy that are placed in the nose for 10 minutes four times per day;
  • take 1 tsp. of grated soap, vegetable oil, milk, onion juice. The resulting composition to heat, then add 1 tsp of honey. After preparation of the solution to moisten it turundy and enter them in the nose for about 5-10 minutes then blow your nose. The procedures are carried out twice for 20 days.

Interesting! For the treatment of children wadded turundy soaked in a treatment composition, are placed not in the nose and ears and left there for the night.


For the treatment of sinusitis also helps the onion inhalation. After the procedure, the next day, there is a possibility of free breathing. To conduct this procedure should take a medium onion, peel and cut it into several pieces.

Then grind using a blender. To breathe into the bow when sinusitis should be with your eyes closed, or you may cause conjunctival irritation. This method can be used to treat sleeping children, just putting beside them a plate with the cooked mass.

Important! During treatment of sinusitis should be inhaled to produce the nose, and exhalation on the contrary mouth.

Onion is a great natural antibacterial agent, which is able to cope even with such difficult diseases as sinusitis.

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