Breast enlargement using iodine: advantages and disadvantages

Beautiful, luxury and chest – this is the pride of every women is a win-win weapon of seduction attracts admiring male glances. But to find a woman who is fully satisfied with their Breasts, is extremely difficult. Many ladies dream of increase your bust by one to two sizes in order to become more attractive. Breast augmentation using the iodine method, which is massively misleading an online publication, and many charming ladies asked the question: is it possible to enlarge the Breasts, applying just the usual iodine, present in every home medicine Cabinet?

The technique of breast augmentation with iodine has gained tremendous popularity among women of different ages. And this is not surprising, because such a way to make bust bigger and attractive does not imply complex surgical procedures or the use of expensive cosmetics. But can the ordinary iodine do to increase breast size?

Before you begin to breast enlargement at home, you should have a clear idea about their anatomy. The basis of the female breast is fat, and also a small amount of glandular and muscular tissue and blood vessels, which is kind of a mesh «cover» the mammary gland. The bust size is directly affected by the following factors.

  1. Genetics plays a crucial role, as in the majority of cases the shape and size of the breast of the daughter is similar to the bust of her mother. Accordingly, if your mother is a bust of the first size, the use of iodine, and other traditional methods of increasing the mammary glands, is completely meaningless.
  2. Hormones in the female body – it is noticed that during hormonal surges the size of the mammary glands often increases, for Example, in the first trimester of pregnancy the Breasts may «grow» one or two size.
  3. The total mass of the body since the breast consists of fat, increase body weight naturally leads to an increase in breast size. But we should remember that each recruited kilogram Breasts «fall» only 20 – 25 g of fat, and so in order to make the bust bigger in size, will have to put at least 8 – 10 kg. Not every girl is ready to make such sacrifices – it is so widespread variety of homemade methods that can help easily and securely to the chest of your dreams.
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Breast augmentation with iodine: the method

The essence of this technique is extremely simple. An ordinary cotton swab dipped in iodine solution, you must draw a grid on the Breasts. Watch carefully to not been affected by the nipple – skin in this area is very thin, delicate and sensitive, and iodine can cause severe burns. Iodine lines should be perfectly smooth and unbroken.

Before you begin the procedure, the breast should be carefully washed, to exclude the presence of residues on the skin cream or body lotion. It is not recommended to use any cosmetic preparations to avoid unwanted interaction with iodine. You should wait about 5 – 10 minutes until the iodine is completely dry, and you can dress. The procedure permitted at any time of the day. To achieve the desired result iodine mesh should be applied once a day. Course duration is individual for each woman: if one is enough for three weeks, then the second one will take at least two to three months.

Breast enlargement using iodine requires extreme caution, because this substance can cause severe burns to the delicate skin of the breast. In order to protect yourself from such bleak consequences, carefully and very gently apply the iodine and carefully ensure that the grid lines were strictly parallel, and in any case do not overlap. The approximate distance between the painted bands shall be not less than 0.5 cm.

The main essence of iodine technique is an enhanced flow of blood and essential nutrients to the milk glands, with the result that they increase.

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Disadvantages of the iodine method

Mammalogy, many experts agree that breast enlargement using iodine has more disadvantages than advantages. The main negative aspects include:

  • the short-term effect – when applied iodine mesh there is increased blood flow to the bust, so that it really becomes more luxuriant., however
  • after a while the blood flow is normal, and the chest returns to its normal parameters;
    the skin on the chest is extremely thin, delicate and sensitive – one wrong move with a cotton swab dipped in iodine solution can cause severe burns; when drawing a mesh must be strictly complied with the above safety rules – but even this does not guarantee the absence of burns;
  • regular use of iodine can have a negative impact on the performance and condition of the thyroid gland, can lead to serious problems functioning of the glands and the entire endocrine system; this procedure, of course, very useful to women with deficiency of iodine in the body, but is undesirable and even dangerous in the presence of an excess of the substance (in case you decide to try this method for breast augmentation, be sure to pre-consult with the endocrinologist);
  • folk medicine recommends women wishing to become happy owners of luxury bust, draw a grid of iodine daily for 1 – 3 months, but this is not good, because constant enhanced blood flow to the mammaries, accompanied by a rise in body temperature, greatly increases the risk of various neoplasms in the breast – that is why you should regularly visit mammologist and systematically to undergo a full breast examination.

How to make breast enlargement iodine a more efficient method?

Breast augmentation with iodine – a simple and affordable way that can be easily used at home. If you want to get maximum results, be sure to adhere to certain recommendations.

  1. Proper nutrition is the key to beautiful and luxurious chest. Does not make sense for every day to draw an iodine grid, if you are on a strict diet with the use of a daily minimum of calories. Daily menu should be full, rich with all the necessary female body with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  2. The increase in iodine can be made even more effective if you combine it with regular breast massage. Manipulation of the bust is great for stimulating blood circulation, make the muscle and breast tissue more elastic. Do breast massage every day – and the result will not keep itself waiting long.
  3. There is a special complex of physical exercises aimed at strengthen and enlarged Breasts. In the result of systematic exercise, the chest has a nice, trim shape, muscle tissues are strengthened and become more elastic. Visually creates the effect that Breasts have increased at least one size.
  4. Iodine has in its composition a certain percentage of alcohol, and therefore extremely dry delicate skin of the chest. In order to avoid it drying out, regular use special cosmetic products for bust and décolleté creams, lotions, serums make the skin velvety, firm and elastic. In addition, many cosmetic brands produce makeup specifically for increase bust size – in the composition of such products include active components causing enhanced blood flow to mammary tissue and supplying an additional portion of vitamins and useful nutrients.
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Be sure to combine the application of iodine mesh with these recommendations and soon your Breasts become the object of admiration and the subject of your pride.