Breastmilk in the nose of an infant from the cold: whether it is possible to drip

Is it possible to drip breast milk in the nose of the baby?

A runny nose in a small child is a real disaster. Blow your nose the baby itself is not yet able to wash the nose, too, is impossible, and not all means of a cold you can apply at such an early age.

That’s call mother to traditional medicine. And be sure someone will advise to use to treat the mother’s milk. Let’s see if you can drip breast milk in the nose?

Treatment cold breast milk

The most compelling argument in favor of this method is that the composition of breast milk. In fact all young parents themselves pediatricians very hard to tell that the milk forms the initial immunity of the child.

It contains antibodies from the mother’s bloodstream, which do not allow infection to penetrate the body of a child, and if it penetrated, it help to quickly get rid of it.

However, it is important to understand that the antibodies work properly only if absorbed into the bloodstream from the stomach. Thus is formed the overall immunity of your child, and not the local.

It turns out that the benefits of instillation of the nose in breast milk not. And, therefore, necessary in this procedure too.

Please note! Itself nasal mucus contains a lot more of the various components, increase local immunity than milk!

So the food is still food. Breast-feeding a baby, talk to him at that time, strengthen communication and overall immunity. So it will be much easier to cope together with the disease.

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Benefit or harm

But if it was just that breast milk at a cold in infants is not helping, everything would be much easier.

The fact that the lactose contained in milk, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

That is, dripping milk into the nose of the child, you can hurt him.

If the nature of the common cold virus, after the milk drops may join them and even bacterial infection. If the original cause of the common cold was it bacteria, then receiving additional nourishment, they may further grow.

With the possible spread of the infection deeper in the nose, throat or even ears.

The children of this soil easily develops otitis media.

If this course of treatment you decide to use an adult, the consequences can mark a variety of sinusitis, including sinusitis.

Important! It is not necessary to bury the breast milk in the nose of an infant or adult, the consequences can be very unpleasant.

What should I do?

First of all, if your baby started to cough, call the doctor and observe all of its destination. If you want to keep a sick child until the arrival of the doctor, better squeeze him in the nose a saline solution or a solution of common salt.

Such drops liquefy the snot, and they themselves will soon emerge. You will only need to wipe them. The child will be able to breathe, and he can wait for the doctor.