Breathe over the potatoes during pregnancy: is it possible and how to do inhalation

Is it possible to breathe over the potatoes during pregnancy?

The state of immunosuppression during pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon. This condition reduces the body’s resistance to respiratory diseases, accompanied by cough and cold.

Alternatively, pharmacological products, women considering the therapies at home, including inhalation of potato steam. But still there is an element of doubt whether it is possible to breathe over the potatoes during pregnancy? Whether this procedure has no contraindications and is absolutely harmless?

Potato inhaled treatments – all «for» and «against»

Inhalation of potatoes during pregnancy is indeed effective and safe method for the treatment of respiratory diseases, not only for the expectant mother but for the child.

Given the fact that the status of women provides for the rejection of most drug products, inhalation of potatoes allow in a very short period of time to restore the health of the pregnant woman.

Among the distinctive advantages of inhalation treatments on potato in pairs:

  • helps to activate the natural cleansing process of the respiratory tract from sputum, its liquefaction;
  • there is a stimulation of the regeneration of the mucosa at the cellular level;
  • relieves inflammation, because of the content in pairs of such substances as tetradecane, ethanol, dipropyleneglycol;
  • eliminates swelling of the mucous membrane, restoring the natural nasal breathing.

The procedure requires coordination with the attending physician. Under the restriction falls the category of patients with a history of the present:

  • epistaxis (flow of blood through the nostrils);
  • hypertension (increased blood pressure in 10% of normal values);
  • circulatory disorders of the brain;
  • inflammatory processes in the pulmonary tissues;
  • hyperthermia (body temperature over 37.5 degrees);
  • acute inflammatory processes in the paranasal sinuses.

Important! Pregnant women are prohibited to use the inhalation procedures shawls. Increased warmth creates an increased load on the cardiovascular system.

The increased therapeutic effect is promoted by adding potato broth/gruel essential oils – eucalyptus, thuja, tea tree, assuming no allergic reaction in a pregnant woman.

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Optimal rate — 1 drop of therapeutic emulsions in one inhalation procedure.

When unproductive cough reflex, stimulation of sputum discharge is recommended to use salt and soda during the preparation of potato decoction (with this method, the roots must be completely cleaned).

The ingredients should be mixed in equal ratio – 1 tbsp for 5 medium pieces root vegetables, add at the beginning of cooking, after the tuber mash.

How to breathe over the potatoes for cough and cold during pregnancy

The effectiveness of the procedure depends on the correct course of action. Observing the simple rules of preparation of decoction, inhalation will greatly ease the condition of the mother and eliminates the risk of burns of the mucous:

  • to ensure that the potatoes are not seethe, average cooking time should not exceed 10-15 minutes;
  • the roots must be the same, medium size;
  • no need to pour the potato liquid to the brim with detergent, the optimal water level to cover the tubers approximately 1.5 cm.
  • once the potato is ready, drain the water, put the container on a flat surface, wrap the pan with a warm cloth;
  • covering the head with a towel, lean to the vessel at a distance of 30-40 cm, thus will be able to avoid burns of the mucosa;
  • to carry out short, sharp breaths through the mouth three times;
  • exhale through the nose.

Important! If you experience unpleasant sensations (dizziness, pain, nausea) inhalation should be discontinued.

Strong congestion of the nasal passages involves the following: to inhale the vapors alternately each nasal passage, previously covering the hand adjacent the nostril. The smooth breaths, shallow.

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Simultaneous with the cough reflex and cold need to take some breaths in through the nose, out through your mouth. Then change the sequence to carry out breath through the mouth, breathe steam by nose.

The duration of the procedure should not exceed five to seven minutes. The optimum temperature of the liquid should range between 30-40 degrees. Therapeutic rate is calculated on an individual basis.

Breathe on the ferry is 1.5 hours before/after meals. After inhalation procedures, you must refrain from walking within 60 minutes.

Women’s views

Judging by the reviews pregnant women, this popular method really works.

Marina. Sick with the flu at 3 months pregnant. Native immediately began to advise traditional treatments, in particular inhalation of potatoes. Without consulting the doctor did not dare to do, and just getting good, took a course of five treatments. I want to say that the method is really quite effective. The first day there was a relieved breath, he stopped to sneeze endlessly.

Anna. The old fashioned way – a couple of potato inhalation. When he realized that he was sick, very scared. As in the early stages of pregnancy is not recommended to take any medications. Due to the alternative method of inhalation of potatoes quickly eliminated the inflammation, breathing became much easier, and the cough has receded on the 3rd day. 7 days stood on his feet without the use of pharmacological agents – only inhalation, bed rest and plenty of fluids.


Inhalation of potato ferry passed the test of time and proved effective healing for many generations. Following the correct sequence of actions, you can be sure in absolute safety of the procedure and quick healing from colds.

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