Breathe over the potatoes when coughing: how to children and whether you can breathe

How to breathe over the potatoes when you cough?

Infectious or catarrhal disease almost always accompanied by severe cough. To get rid of itching and irritation in the throat is possible with the help of modern medicine or use non-traditional methods of treatment. If in the first case, the parents are afraid of side effects and contraindications, selecting popular ways a list of unwanted processes is extremely small. Therefore, in the formation of the reflex process in the throat more and more parents prefer to breathe over the potatoes dry cough.

Inhalation of steam from the potatoes is the most simple and affordable method of treatment. Its effect is proven, so mom and dad use it without fear of harm to the health of the baby. The main advantage of a couple of potato is a fast therapeutic effect, but is it safe to use this method and when you cough you breathe over the potatoes? Ask these questions in this article.

Impact a couple of potato on the body

Inhalation with the help of potatoes has been known for several centuries. This method allows you to get rid of colds and infections at the beginning of the development of disease and facilitates the well-being of the patient during the acute stage.

In addition to water molecules, the hot steam which is released from boiled potatoes contains a large number of biologically active substances – phytoncides. They have a devastating effect on inflammation and inhibit the growth and development of pathogenic microorganisms.

In addition, in the pair contains a small number of molecules of ethanol. With it favorable ingredients to penetrate into the respiratory tract and facilitate the excretion of sputum. Despite the presence of minimal amounts of alcohol, this method of treatment is not contraindicated for pregnant women.

Volatile together with ethanol have a pronounced antibacterial action and moisturizing of the respiratory system of the patient. In addition, this method warms the mucous membranes and has an antiseptic effect.

Thus, inhalation by using potatoes have the following effect:

  1. Allow you to suspend the development of the inflammatory process.
  2. Have a widening effect on blood vessels in the mucosa.
  3. Leads to normal blood flow.
  4. Reduces swelling in the throat.
  5. Steam allows you to thin out the mucus and facilitate its excretion.
  6. Clears the respiratory system from dust, dirt and other unwanted objects.

How to cure a cough with classical medicine can be found in this article.

When you can apply inhalation

Breathe over the potatoes when you cough, the child should be in the case of the following inflammations:

  1. prolonged rhinitis infectious nature;
  2. in allergic cough;
  3. pruritus and throat irritation;
  4. in the case of infectious or viral cough;
  5. bronchitis;
  6. in case of inflammation of the mucous membranes;
  7. pharyngitis;
  8. in the case of the initial stage of development of sinusitis;
  9. tonsillitis.

Keep in mind that the treatment of potato steam should be only on the advice of a doctor. Independent measures may aggravate the situation and worsen the health of the child.


Steam treatment from the potato is considered a universal method, but even this method has some contraindications.

The main limitations include:

  • should not treatment if the patient is suffering from pneumonia;
  • in case of violation of the cardiovascular system inhalation is strictly forbidden, much as the steam dilates blood vessels;
  • if the child has frequent bleeding, specify how to treat the process in this article. However, any inhalation with the loss of blood is forbidden;
  • don’t spend steam procedure, if a baby has pus or accumulation in the maxillary sinuses.

Inhalations with steam prohibited for the treatment of babies up to three years. This is due to the anatomical characteristics of child, as their Airways are not developed to the end. In addition, pulmonary in this of age can cause burns and damage mucous membranes.

How to perform the procedure

Find out what are the possible risks and consequences of a patient, it is important to clarify how to breathe over the potatoes when you cough. In this case, there are a few tips. Firstly, it is impossible to conduct inhalation immediately after a meal. It is best to wait about two hours and then conduct the procedure itself. Secondly, steam treatments best done in the evening when the child prepares for sleep.

Important! If parents have the opportunity, steam inhalation is best done twice a day.

When conducting inhalation potatoes in the morning hours, the procedures should be on an empty stomach. Immediately after the treatment, the patient must lie under the covers and not talk for forty minutes. Remember that immediately after the treatment, your child should not go outside or stand in the draft.

The duration of one session depends on the severity of inflammation and symptoms. As a rule, the treatment of children continues for about seven minutes. If, at the time of the procedure, the baby got dizzy or have discomfort, the procedure should be stopped.

Mechanism of action

To perform the inhalation, the patient should be prepared. To do this:

  1. Rinse five medium size potatoes. Ensure that the surface of the vegetable was not dirt, earth, rot or other signs.
  2. For the treatment will not work the potatoes green.
  3. The selected tubers should be boiled in one liter of water until tender. This requires about thirty minutes on medium heat. Potatoes-preferably boiled in a deep saucepan.
  4. When the potato is cooked, put the saucepan on the table. Ensure that the baby was comfortable to sit, and his hands were to myself. It is important to predict the burn, so throughout treatment to follow the child.
  5. Before beginning the procedure, verify that the potatoes were not hot and fifty degrees Celsius. Inhalation of fumes is higher than this temperature is dangerous to the mucous membranes of the baby.
  6. Close the child’s head with a large towel or a thick cloth. Leave the baby to inhale the vapors for five to seven minutes.
  7. If the child is weakened, the head should close completely. Leave a small passage for air flow.
  8. After the procedure the child should be wiped with a clean towel and change the clothes to dry.

Important! If the cough is accompanied by mucous formations in the nasal cavity before the procedure, perform the reorganization. To do this, use the drops, Dolphin, Phrase, Aqua Maris.

During the procedure the child needs to inhale the vapors slowly. For best effect you should turn to clamp his nostrils. If the child had a runny nose during inhalation, snot cannot be drawn back. It is best to regularly vysmarkivatsya in napkins.

It should be noted that when you cough caused by bronchitis or laryngitis, you should inhale the vapors through the mouth and exhale through the nose.

For best results, some experts recommend to add to the broth with potatoes oat husks or a tablespoon of baking soda or salt. This combination allows to destroy pathogens in the respiratory system and eliminate inflammation.

For reference! Potatoes with baking soda cough lets you take the germs from the respiratory system, which is useful in inflammation of the bronchial mucosa.

It is also useful to combine inhalation with essential oils. In children treatment choose oils of eucalyptus, pine, clove, peppermint, buckthorn.

After the procedure, you can spend additional treatment with leftover potatoes. If it is to soften and put on a gauze cloth and then apply to the inflamed area happens hot compress. How to apply lotion can be found in this article. This treatment will accelerate the healing process of the patient.


The described method with proper use will have a beneficial effect immediately after the procedure. The bouts of severe coughing will be less, and the health of the child to improve significantly. For full therapeutic result, inhalation is carried out every day for five days. After completion of treatment seek repeated medical attention.

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